White Opal Gemstone

Why White Opal Gemstone Is Important For You? 

Opal Gemstone is a gemstone which is suggested by astrologers to people who are facing a lot of struggles and extreme problems in their life. This stone has strikingly similar features as of diamond and is associated with the zodiac sign Libra and is the birthstone of the October born. The literal meaning of the word ‘Opal’ is ‘Precious.

As standing up to its name, it has many physical and cosmic properties that affect the life of the wearer. It is also almost as rare as diamonds. If the opal is worn along with diamond, it will be very effective for the Venus planet.

It's hard to find this stone and because of its rarity, it's quite expensive too. That is why, whenever you are advised to wear an opal gemstone, always cross-check whether it's real or not since the market is full of fake ones.

Opal has a very unique charm and is considered quite beautiful. And because of its beauty and rarity, this stone has quite a demand in the market. 

Opal As The Birthstone Of October

According to astrology, opal is the birthstone for October born. That is why it is advised to people who are born in the month of October to wear this stone. Opal is also the gemstone for the planet Venus(Shukra). In astrology, Venus signifies to the romantic desires of people. Therefore, wearing opal benefits the wearer with many different aspects like love, relationship, marriage, sex-life, fertility, etc.

Opal also signifies to comforts, luxuries, and materialistic accusations of a person. The person wearing opal will receive the benefits in the form of happiness and joys, wealth, glamour, beauty, luxurious vehicles, high-class status, expensive jewelry, all sorts of entertainments, etc.

Therefore, people with either Taurus or Libra zodiac signs, and those who are born in October should wear opal gemstone. People who are going through the effects of Mahadasha or Antardasha should especially wear this stone as it will help them ease the ill-effects of these dashas.

Why Should You Wear Opal Gemstone?

  • Wearing Opal gemstone will have a positive effect on your love life and romantic relationships. Moreover, your marital life will also be blissful. If your relationship or marriage is going through hard times or is on the verge of separation or divorcee, then it can prevent it from happening.

  • This stone also provides major health benefits as it helps in keeping the Endocrine System healthy as well as maintains proper hormonal secretions.

  • Moreover, it also strengthens the Urinary System, mainly Kidney.

  • People who have businesses in luxury and comfort items or brands like clothing, cars, jewelry, or like to own them enjoy a lot of benefits from the opal stone.

  • Opal stone provides major benefits to people who are in creative careers like acting, music, art, theatre, etc.

  • It adds value to the already existing charm, beauty, and personality of a person.

  • If you are facing some ups and downs in your relationship and there are a lot of misunderstandings with your partner, then this stone may help you with clearing up those.

  • It also helps in waving off all the problems related to marriage like misunderstandings, frequent arguments, infidelity, sexual compatibility, etc. It will help the couple bring long lost happiness and excitement back to their marriage.

  • Regularly wearing an opal stone will provide you with all the love, luck, happiness, and success you need in your life.

  • Moreover, if you are having frequent nightmares, you can wear opal stone to get rid of them. It will vanish the bad dreams and bring you the good ones so that you can have a peaceful sleep.

  • Your social reputation also improves by wearing opal stone.

  • Your overall personality will improve and people will be more attracted to you.

 Negative Aspect Of Wearing An Opal Stone

  • One thing that everyone should keep in their minds is that they should not wear any stone if it hasn't been advised by an expert astrologer.

  • So, if you still wear opal stone even if it hasn’t been advised to you by any astrologer, it will only negatively affect you.

  • It will drain your energy and you will constantly feel lazy and tired all the time even if you have had enough rest.

  • You will have to go through face related problems like your skin will become yellowish and dry and itchy and you may also get acne or pimples.

Process Of Wearing An Opal Stone

Whatever stone you are going to wear, you have to follow a certain procedure for wearing it. Every stone has its own different process. That is why it is suggested to consult an expert astrologer before wearing any stone. In the case of Opal gemstone, you have to follow the below-given process:

Opal Stone should be worn in the form of a ring attached within the metal gold.

If due to any reason, gold is not available, we can switch it to silver as well. We can also wear it with Panchdhaatu.

One should always wear this gemstone on the index finger of their dominant hand.

The auspicious day and timing to wear an opal stone are on Fridays before 12 PM during the Shukla Paksha.

Prepare a mixture of one spoon of curd, honey, Gangajal, Tulsi leaves, and ghee in a bowl and soak the stone in it for around 10 minutes before wearing it. 


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