Vishaka Nakshatra

Vishaka Nakshatra

Vishaka nakshatra is positioned 16th out of a total of 27 nakshatras according to vedic hindu astrological beliefs. Lord Indra is the governing deity of Vishaka nakshatra. The last quarter or pada of this nakshatra falls under the zodiac sign of Scorpio, while the first three falls under the sign of Libra. Since Vishaka nakshatras bridges between the signs of Libra and Scorpio, it represents new initiatives and transformations in life. Natives of this have an amazing way of living their lives and this depends on which pada moon is present in the birth chart. On the Scorpio side native will be secretive and intense, while on the Libra side native will be social and extrovert.

Triumphal archway is the symbol of Vishaka nakshatra and it indicates celebration after attaining triumph and the success wheel represents ceaseless movement and transformation that a person has to undergo and the patience they need to possess in order to move ahead in their life. The tiger is the animal symbol of Vishaka nakshatra. It is ruled by the planetary forces of Jupiter.

Since the first letter of a name also produces a vibration, so according to Vedas it is advisable to name the new born with a starting letter that creates harmony between the human and the universe, in order to give all the happiness and prosperity to the person which is mentioned in the birth chart. Name of a Vishaka nakshatra native must start with one of these as their first letter, Ti, Tu, Te, To.

 Basic Information About Vishaka Nakshatra

Indra and Agni are the rulers of Vishaka nakshatra which symbolizes position, power and authority. And therefore this nakshatra possesses similar traits as of their ruling forces. This nakshatra is well known for signifying motive. Poison vessel, branched or forked are some of its other meanings . One of its other meanings is “Radha” which represents delightfulness and also it happens to be the name of lord Krishna’s love interest. People born in Vishaka nakshatra have honest and unrestricted love for everybody. They also own abundance of wealth in their life.

Basic Characteristics Of Natives Of Vishaka Nakshatra

The natives of Vishaka nakshatra have got striking physical characteristics. They have a bright and round face and acquire a bewitching personality. Other than their nice appearance there are other personality attributes too of these individuals attracts the people around them. They are extremely zestful and are full of robustness and vitality. They have a mighty belief in god and have a strong inclination towards the religion. They acquire brainpower, honesty and they lead   life with their own principles. They dislike orthodox thinking and modernity or adaptation of modern ideas is their another important positive personality trait.

Natives of Vishaka nakshatra possess an exultant personality and therefore they bring in a wave of happiness and celebration wherever they go. They respect the opinion that others have and give sufficient consideration and weight to their views and this behavioral trait makes them good listeners and learners. They are inclined towards religion but they don’t believe in blind faith on religious rituals and procedures. Another important belief of these natives is their trust in the Gandhian principles of austersity and non violence.

Positive Traits

Natives of Vishaka nakshatra are sharp witted and eager to learn new things, due to these characteristics they are more likely to be believers of modern thinking and critics of orthodox beliefs and procedures. They are peppy and quite single minded. Their another positive trait is, if they decide to something they become extremely dedicated towards it work really art to complete the goal and will cross any level of obstacle that comes in the way to success.

Negative Traits

While mentioning the negative traits of Vishaka nakshatra natives, it is very important to state that since they are highly dedicated towards achieving their goal, any wrong influence on them will make them lose path and they might get indulge in unsocial activities like drug abuse, sex and alcohol habit. They are fidgety and they are never satisfied by their achievements, it never soothes them as they always want to keep moving towards a bigger, this is positive trait but unending hunger of better achievement makes them lack the calmness many times and therefore it might lead them to frustration and continuous stress about what they lack, instead of being pleased with what they have and appreciate it.

Natives of Vishaka nakshatra have a weird habit of making simple stuff complicated and the way around and to achieve goals  they have to often pass hurdles and obstacles created by no one else but them. Their continuous search of something subsequent leads them to the quest of the greater truth.


Dosha means what type of disease will affect the native of a nakshatra. Natives of Vishaka nakshatra are dominated by Kalpha. The main work of Kalpha is to guard the body by holding the bones, muscles and fat together.The natives of Vishaka nakshatra usually enjoy a good health, but they should take care of their stomach and must be alert about respiratory issues

Career Interests

Natives of Vishaka nakshatra have varied career interests. They have inherent skills of a good orator and they possess the ability to charm people with their interesting speeches. This quality makes them suitable for a political career. Other careers in which they have a good chance of attaining success are independent business, high responsibility jobs like those of the administrative arena and teaching field or mathematician.

Compatibility And Incompatibility of Vishaka nakshatra

Since Natives of Vishaka nakshatra do not usually get an abundance of love from their family particularly from their mother due to some kind of reasons, it is essential for them to choose their life partner with care. The nakshatras those are compatible with the Vishaka nakshatra are Swati nakshatra, Ashwini nakshatra and Bharani nakshatra .The nakshatras those are incompatible with the Vishaka nakshatra are Ardra nakshatra, Purva nakshatra and phalguni nakshatra.











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