Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio

Mars, who rules the fixed water sign of Scorpio, is in a harmonious square aspect with Venus. Scorpio is a sign of passion and sensuality, and Venus, the planet of love, rules this sign. Venus in Scorpio increases a person's desire for sex, romance, sensuality, and love in that sign. When it comes to getting their way, these people are fairly pushy. Mars also makes them aggressive in romantic relationships. These locals are capable of enduring love and loyalty, but if they are betrayed, they will become vengeful and sting like a scorpion.

These natives are tenacious and forthright. Their goals in life are very obvious to them. But when it comes to matters of the heart, people frequently keep their feelings to themselves. Despite their possessiveness and jealousy, they may be very passionate at times. Natives are not to be trifled with. They seek sincere dedication. They have a tendency to be rather haughty and demanding. Additionally, there is a propensity to start fights. They take pride in who they are. However, their bond with brothers frequently deteriorates. This placement also encourages craftiness and creativity. The person in this position is also at danger for a venereal disease.


Traits of Personality for Venus in Scorpio


Intense is the adjective that best describes a Scorpio. And when Venus transits through Scorpio, these individuals acquire significant relational and romantic power. Your devotion is considerably more intense, as are your feelings. You don't want to share a lot about who you are. And others find this mysterious aspect of you attractive.


Positive traits of Venus in Scorpio

Water sign Scorpio must deal with a variety of emotions that others can only imagine. Scorpio is hence sensitive to love in its most basic form. Because of this, you share same love with others.

You take a straightforward strategy that demonstrates your honesty and integrity. You are filled with many mysteries and secrets that you rarely reveal to anyone.

You become a force to be reckoned with in bed, displaying your love's burning fire. This passionate behaviour is what most of your lovers remember about you.

Your lover will experience the most pleasure from your acute intuition, which has the capacity to read anyone's mind like you are reading a book. This is the moment when you let your guard down and express your deepest feelings for your lover. You will remain in the emotional sea if you are not willing to voice such feelings.

Therefore, it becomes a vibrant experience if you know how to emerge from this sea of emotions and allow others to feel the wave of this sea. When your spouse has no difficulty going to extremes for you, love becomes a delightful treat.

People with Venus in Scorpio are always concerned about their families. When Venus is in Scorpio, depth and closeness become very important to you.


Negative traits of Venus in Scorpio

Only if their spouse fully commits to a Scorpio, since that is what a Scorpio will do for them, can a partner keep a Scorpio happy in a committed relationship. You are either passionate about love or you are not; there is no in-between. You do not know any other way to communicate your love. Someone near to you ought to be capable of attempting to maintain your happiness. You will remove them from your social network if they don't. 

You become agitated over a small error. And at that point, everyone ought to be aware of you. You value loyalty; therefore if someone doesn't uphold it, you will forget about them but not forgive them. Additionally, it implies that you seek to exercise control over other individuals. You require security and sturdiness in your life.

Venus in Scorpio makes you possessive and envious. You are enigmatic and dislike having your privacy invaded. However, you also want to know everything that goes on in your partner's life, violating their right to privacy. People with Venus in Scorpio are always concerned about their families. When Venus is in Scorpio, depth and closeness become very important to you.


Effect of Venus in Scorpio for love and relationship

Because they have a hardwired sexuality and a brave, focused yearning for intensity with others, people with Venus in Scorpio attract people easily. By extension, everyone in their interest group is aware of it (and may find it hard to resist their explosive energy). Though they do not permit this laser-beam analysis to be directed back at them, there are no limits to the amounts of closeness they want (they are secretive and guarded AF). Once they start liking you, they become nearly completely fixated on you. If they miraculously know the name of your great-grandfather or third-grade teacher, don't be shocked. Their research is complete.

All this sound a little too serious to you? It might be too much for some individuals, and it often is. When Venus is in Scorpio, her loves can be savage, cutting, and seductive. However, they are also a true powerhouse in bed, deeply loyal, and interested in their partner on many levels. That is to say, life will never be boring! Do you dare date one?


Effect of Venus in Scorpio on Career

Venus in Scorpio could lead to bad luck. Such natives might owe money. He may perform better in the police, army, and medical fields.



However, they are also incredibly devoted and will go to any lengths to defend the people they care about. Since Scorpio can be highly possessive of them, some people may find their close relationships to be too intense. Others, though, are captivated by these obsessions and can't get enough of them. To keep up with their ferocity, you need a strong personality.

Despite their fear of the worst, the Scorpio Venus person nevertheless desires a partner who is equally as powerful and strong as they are. However, if you can reassure them of your loyalty, you'll only receive unwavering adoration in return.


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