Venus in 7th house

Venus in 7th house


Venus in 7th house For Aries ascendant

Here, Venus rules 2nd & 7th house and sits in 7th house in Libra sign. Since Venus resides in its own sign, it exhibits a really good and unbiased relationship with spouse as planet of relation is present in the sign of relation and also in the house of relation. Natives will be highly leaning towards any business associated with arts, creativity and hobbies etc.


Venus in 7th house For Taurus ascendant

Again, for both the Taurus & Libra ascendants of Venus, Mars ruled sign (Scorpio & Aries respectively) rules the 7th house. In this case, native holds love desires. They want partner like those in the romantic movies. They desire a super model as wife or a stud muffin as a husband. They must be sensible in relationship and pragmatic about marriage. Since Mars is getting drawn in, passion will be high in love but simultaneously aggression and dominance may be a part of the relationship.


Venus in 7th house For Gemini ascendant

Here, Venus sits in 7th house in Sagittarius sign and rules 5th and 12th house. Since Venus is karaka of relations, this position is the strongest setting for a person to marry a foreigner. It will be a love marriage case. Spouse will be very good-looking and relationship will be pleasurable. As Sagittarius symbolizes higher learning, Spouse may be a professor sort of person. Person himself is fond of higher education. Relationship must be based on higher ethical grounds. A lot better position in the 7th house.


Venus in 7th house For Cancer ascendant

Here, Venus sits in 7th house in Capricorn sign and rules 11th and 4th  house. This exhibits someone who is either into finance/wealth related business or business linked with female products. Such kind of work will provide them their authority in world as Capricorn symbolizes authority. Marriage will be delayed as Saturn is in 7th house still the relationship will be beautiful. It exhibits wealth from other people/spouse or network circle.


Venus in 7th house For Leo ascendant

Here, Venus sits in 7th house in Aquarius sign and rules 3rd and 10th house. It exhibits that native is either indulged in any work related to social welfare, higher goals or working in large organizations from where earns. It exhibits good relations with business partners or spouse. If they get into Business, they will deal with products associated with females or new technology and extreme creativity.


Venus in 7th house For Virgo ascendant

Here, Venus sits in 7th house in Pisces sign, where it is exalted and rules 2nd and 9th house. It exhibits that spouse will be from another ethnicity, especially for a guy as Venus symbolizes wife. It exhibits an extremely spiritual spouse and a relationship on spiritual values basis. When Venus is in Pisces, they try to seek a completely devoted spouse, which might be complicated and unreasonable in this day and age. So, they need to think practically here.


 Venus in 7th house For Libra ascendant

Here, Venus sits in 7th house in Aries sign and rules 1st and 8th house. This exhibits that spouse is brings the issues of 8th house into marriage since Venus is residing in aggressive sign of Aries. So, stress, arguments and sudden events may influence the marriage. Here, spouse will maintain his/her individualism. That is they won’t be dominated. They may prefer to keep their possessions and wealth distinct, which might be a problem.


Venus in 7th house For Scorpio ascendant

Here, Venus sits in 7th house in Taurus sign and rules 12th and 7th house. Here it exhibits a beautiful spouse, someone from a wealthy family. They may be in any economics linked business. They may also be dealing with the business of beauty products. All the beauty and wealth in life will be brought by spouse.


Venus in 7th house For Sagittarius ascendant

Here, sits in 7th house in Gemini sign and Venus rules 11th & 6th house. Again, energy is exchanged between 2 affable planets of Mercury and Venus. It exhibits a love filled and beautiful relation in general with some little minute disagreements. Native should be cautious about taking loans since that can ruin the marriage. With both the positions of Venus, native needs to be cautious against diseases of sugar and kidney.


Venus in 7th house For Capricorn ascendant

Here, Venus sits in 7th house in Cancer sign and rules 10th and 5th house. Whenever Venus falls into such position, it definitely exhibits a person involved in creative fields like theater or cinema, arts and takes their art to public. They will be remembered for playing emotional roles. In love subjects too, they are emotionally connected with their relationship. Their prosperity is coming from masses.


Venus in 7th house For Aquarius ascendant

Here, Venus sits in 7th house in Leo sign and rules 9th and 4th house. Venus as 7th house ruler or in 7th house always gives a very good-looking spouse and the relation also is excellent and peaceful but when Venus is present in Leo it exhibits a spouse who desires all the best things in his/her life. As Leo is symbolizes Royal-hood, spouse will never be contented with average things in life and would claim the best car, best home and best social status which may cause disputes in life.


Venus in 7th house For Pisces ascendant

Here, Venus sits in 7th house in Virgo sign and rules the 8th and 3rd house, where it is debilitated. If Venus is nearby the real degree of debilitation then this position exhibits someone lacking love interest in relationship. Which means their married life is nothing like a bollywood romantic movie but it’s based on the practical facts of life like the bank balance sheet etc. So may be this won’t be a passionate relationship but it will be long-lasting as it is based on practical situations, especially if Venus is in Virgo again in Navamsha , then it becomes Vargottama.

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