Venus in 3rd house

Venus in 3rd house


Venus in 3rd  house For Aries ascendant

Here, Venus sits in 3rd house in Gemini sign and rules the 2nd & 7th house. These circumstances are much like earlier one as Venus and Mercury are interchanging energies in 3rd house. Native will have the most elegant way of communicating. Native will do finance and wealth related business. Natives are also extremely creative people and can make great capitals through creative arts. They can be very nicest singers or good actors.


Venus in 3rd house For Taurus ascendant

Here, Venus sits in 3rd house in Cancer sign, which can make someone an excellent singer. They own a beautiful way of communicating. They earn by making speech and communicating. Love life may be biter in the beginning but will be good 30s onwards. Here, Venus also rules 6th house of obstacles and diseases. So, siblings may have obstacles, which they have to deal with. It also exhibits a career in nursing. Profession largely depends on Amatya Karaka, Atma-Karaka and Dasha person going through.


Venus in 3rd house For Gemini ascendant

Here, Venus sits in 3rd house in Leo sign and rules 12th & 5th house. Native may be in business of female related products. Native may be very beautiful in communications. They will be fond of lavish life and mostly it they get it in foreign lands. It exhibits a natural love for Siblings. Simultaneously, this position may cause trouble as native prefers glittery things, they may become very demanding.


Venus in 3rd house For Cancer ascendant

 Here, Venus sits in 3rd house in Virgo sign, where it is debilitated and rules 11th & 4th house. If Venus is nearby the exact debilitation degree, then native may get into a business with friends/siblings, especially female, and lose the wealth and business as Venus is in puny placement. Else-ways, native may go into Business of wealth and finance. They can be in financial institutes, banks or stock traders on their own. Venus in Virgo makes someone a decent stock broker but their relations may suffer.


Venus in 3rd house For Leo ascendant

 If it is Leo Ascendant, Venus sits in 3rd house in Libra sign and rules 10th & 3rd house. As Venus is in its own sign, it exhibits that native has a very pleasing and sensible way of speaking. It exhibits someone in a creative work field. These natives follow their hobbies and interests as Career. It can be any artistic field from movies to media to TV to ads.


Venus in 3rd house For Virgo ascendant

Here, Venus and sits in 3rd house in Scorpio sign and rules 9th & 2nd house. This exhibits that person finds love in different ethnicity, especially for a Guy. Natives love communicating about higher occult, philosophy and mysticism but as Venus is in the Scorpio sign, it exhibits that native will face some most troublesome relationships before they ultimately settle down in life. Their early life relations are full of ups/downs and hectic events.


Venus in 3rd  house For Libra ascendant

 Here, Venus sits in 3rd house in Sagittarius sign and rules the 1st and 8th house. Natively naturally likes and gets indulged in the dark and hidden side of life. Venus AD/MD becomes transformational in terms of relations. They fantasize occult and higher learning specially higher learning. Only knowledge can impress them, not looks. They communicate pleasantly. If allowed, they will love to spend their life reading books and discussing about them.


Venus in 3rd house For Scorpio ascendant

Here, Venus rules 7th & 12th house and sits in 3rd house in Capricorn sign. Venus is in affable sign here but as 7th lord is in sign ruled by Saturn, it may be a case of tardy marriage. Spouse will be gorgeous. Communications between them would be very pleasurable. Spouse may be indulged in business that concerns wealth, beauty and female products and by which they will try to gain authority. Venus in Capricorn exhibits love for authority in easiest sense. Native would love to be the authority and will prefer to only talk to authorities.


Venus in 3rd house For Sagittarius ascendant

Here, Venus rules 6th & 11th house and sits in 3rd house in Aquarius sign. Native earns by serving in large organization. For such kind of works, they have to far lands. Native will be delighted working in job setup and helping others. They have a very pleasing way of talking, and they win others with their communications.


Venus in 3rd house For Capricorn ascendant

Here, Venus sits in 3rd house in Pisces sign, where it is exalted and rules 5th & 10th house. This exhibits a person who has a heavenly way of speaking. They are indeed into dramatic arts, theaters etc and since Venus exalted here, they will earn good fame and name from their arts. If they are involved in acting, they will be remembered for spiritual roles. If they are into singing, people will remember them for singing devotional songs. Wife for a man who possesses this will be extremely emotional.


Venus in 3rd house For Aquarius ascendant

Here, Venus sits in 3rd house in Aries sign and rules the 4th & 9th house. They speak very beautifully. They prefer to keep their home in the most scenic and convenient way. If they get indulged in business, they will do business in conveniences related things. They can also deal in cosmetics and such stuffs. They can write novels and great love stories.


Venus in 3rd house For Pisces ascendant

Here, Venus sits in 3rd house in Taurus sign and rules the 3rd & 8th house. As planet of creativity is residing in the house of adroitness, hobbies and interests, it exhibits someone who is highly artistic and earns wealth from their creative pursuits. They own a very pleasurable way of speaking and share a beautiful bond with siblings. They can perform very well in fields like cinema, theatre and arts. Wealth source will be their wife.

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