Venus in 11th house


Venus in 11th house For Aries ascendant

Here, Venus sits in 11th house in Aquarius sign and rules 2nd & 7th house. This undoubtedly exhibits a person whose treasure is coming from large institutes. Here, Capitals can also be coming from creative pursuits and any business associated to female products. Here, females of family and the female friends become a help in earning capitals.


Venus in 11th house For Taurus ascendant

Here, Venus sits in 11th house in Pisces sign, where it is exalted and rules 1st & 6th house. Venus and Moon are two planets that can give good outcome of this placement. Great gains from colleagues, networks, friends. Natives love working in large organizations. Enormous gains are on cards from all sources that 11th house represents. Female friends, wife and females generally become source of profits.


Venus in 11th house For Gemini ascendant

Here, Venus sits in 11th house in Aries sign and rules 12th & 5th house. Native should follow his creativity to earn as Venus represents Creativity, 12th house is working off-screen and 5th house is also creativity. So, this exhibits someone in creative skills, arts & media. In movie or media related works, native may be working off-screen like cameraman or director. As Venus also symbolizes wealth, their creative profession will bring them capitals. But here native desires to assert his ego through possessions. So, native may take care of this truth.


Venus in 11th house For Cancer ascendant

Here, Venus sits in 11th house in Taurus sign and rules 11th & 4th house. This position provides materialistic gains as Venus is in its own sign in 11th house of profits. Females in life of the native will bring great wealth to him. Native might be indulged in a very creative field of work. Since Venus rules the 4th house too, it native may own business of conveniences like fridge, vehicle, AC. Native will have many female friends who will be very beneficial in his gains. A pleasing relation with elder siblings and friends.  Enormous wealth coming from elder siblings, friends, mother and wife (4th house).


Venus in 11th house For Leo ascendant

Here, Venus sits in 11th house in Gemini sign and rules 10th & 3rd house. Since Venus is all about finance and wealth and it is residing in Gemini sign, i.e. native would be in finance related business. Native may be working with financial institutes, banks or services or best for them to be a share market expert. These maintain good relations with everyone, which helps them in gains.


Venus in 11th house For Virgo ascendant

Here, Venus sits in 11th house in Cancer sign and rules 9th & 2nd house. As Cancer symbolizes emotions & nurturing people, this exhibits native utilizes his higher education for nourishing people. Since Venus is a planet of Devotion and Service. Native may work in medical field in healing people and big hospitals. Otherwise, this native someone part of an union which performs social service.


Venus in 11th house For Libra ascendant

Here, Venus sits in 11th house in Leo sign and rules 8th & 1st house. As Leo is sign of government, you earn by working for big government organizations. Venus in Leo gives the native creativity and the ability to earn from it plus to that a fondness of lavish life, they desire to live like a royalty. They want a spouse who increases their eminence like a celebrity. Or native can make money using his creativity and serving people’s needs.


Venus in 11th house For Scorpio ascendant

Here, sits in 11th house in Virgo sign, where it is debilitated and Venus rules 7th & 12th house. If Venus is near to its real degree of debilitation and it isn’t vargottama, it means that you will face financial losses. In-fact spouse may be prone to finding faults, arguing and starting conflicts which will lead to bigger disputes causing loss in wealth. Or else, it exhibits that spouse works in the area of audit, accounting in large institutes or in stock markets. With Venus in Virgo e-Commerce is a huge possibility. Yet again, any other dasha or yoga can change the scene completely.


Venus in 11th house For Sagittarius ascendant

Here, sits in 11th house in Libra sign and Venus rules 6th & 11th house. Since Venus is in its own sign, things are much better. Natives  love to serve others. They participate in organizations that works for underprivileged. Their receive gains from such service. Natives love pets and other animals. They must be aware about diseases related to kidney and sugar. With devotion and service they will overcome hurdles.


Venus in 11th house For Capricorn ascendant

Here, Venus sits in 11th house in Scorpio sign and rules 5th & 10th house. Native earns using creative skills like acting, singing etc. They keep their income a secret. They are equally secretive with love matters. Their income is never stable. Their network consists of many women and native also gets benefitted from them.


Venus in 11th house For Aquarius ascendant

Here, Venus sits in 11th house in Sagittarius sign and rules 4th & 9th house. Native earns through his philosophical knowledge and higher learning. They can be professor and teacher in big institutes. Since Venus is a profitable planet, it exhibits someone gaining from mother. As Venus is in rival sign, so it exhibits that the person and his mother may have differences of view on higher learning and philosophical point of views but at the end relation is not too bad.


Venus in 11th house For Pisces ascendant 

Here, Venus sits in 11th house in Capricorn sign and rules 3rd & 8th house. Native have more females in  the network circle. Venus is wealth, so it exhibits wealth received from big groups and large organizations. Natives have a very delightful way of speaking using which they almost trick others for their own profit. It exhibits that native’s wife may be working in the corporate world.

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