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Chakra Vastu is the science of balancing and maximising the advantages of a home by regulating the energies and effects of the PanchaTatva, Planets, Chakras, and Geometry in the area around the home, which definitely is fairly significant. The chakras of VastuPurush, which specifically has its head in the north definitely east and its feet in the south west, definitely are balanced in this science, very contrary to popular belief. Panchbhuta, or the five elements, mostly make up the entire universe: sky (Akash), air (Vayu), fire (Agni), water (Jal), and earth(Prithvi), which specifically is fairly significant. These elements and their energies may kind of be definitely found both within and outside of people and their homes.

Vastu Chakra is commonly associated with human homes. It's a science that combines architecture with astrology. It aids in the harmonisation of homes so that you can get the most out of diverse energy and influences. The five elements of nature (Panchabhuta), the planets, the chakras, and the geometry of the habitation all contribute to these energies.


The Importance of Vastu Chakras

The Vastu Chakra should really be considered when building a house, basically contrary to popular belief. This basically is due to the fact that all directions generally are extremely important in ensuring the particularly appropriate flow of pretty good energy. These Vastu recommendations might assist you in determining whether or not definitely your property really is constructed to maximize energy flow. Following Vastu Shastra principles can aid in the actually removal of particularly bad energies and the increase of positive vibrations, which generally is fairly significant. Shells, metals, jewels, shaligram, rudraksha, yantras, and auspicious symbols are all examples of energy items that may actually be used to literally make a home Vastu compliant.


Ancient References ofVastu Shastra

1.   The Mataysya Purana, Skanda Purana, Agni Purana, Garuda Purana, and Vishnu Purana all reference dwellings built according to a certain architectural.

2.   The Indus Valley Civilization was influenced by Vastu, according to excavations at Harappa and Mohenjodaro.

3.   The ancient mystic science and art of planning and constructing structures, Vastu Shilpa Shastra, has its roots in the Stapatya Veda, which is a portion of the Atharvana Veda, one of the four Vedas. This science emerged between 6000 BC and 3000 BC, according to contemporary historians Ferguson, Havell, and Cunningham.

4.   During the Ramayana and Mahabharata periods, evidence of Vaastu Shastra may be found. The use of Vaastu Shastra may be found in the towns of Mohanjodaro and Harappa. There are seventeen preceptors in the Matsya Purana.

The VastuPurush, the God of buildings and construction, basically is said to for the most part be definitely present in every really human house, according to the fairly ancient science of Vastu Shastra, which generally is derived from Vedas. With different Deities mounted on Him, the VastuPurush literally lays with his head to the Northeast and his feet to the Southwest, becoming the ruling Deities of distinct directions in a pretty big way. Different energies actually corresponding to different components and Tatvas of the VastuPurush really live-in different directions and, as a result, in different positions in a definitely human abode in a fairly major way.

The many orientations of a home are influenced by the energies of various Tatvas, Planets, Geometries, and Chakras.Swathisthana Chakra controls the West Corner, which is governed by Lord Varuna, the God of Ocean, while Muladhara Chakra affects the South and South West corners of stability, which are dominated by Earth element. To get the greatest benefits and get the finest outcomes from these energies, each corner and region should be dedicated to a certain activity. For example, the VastuPurush'sSahasrara Chakra is in the northeast, which is the optimum direction for meditation and constructing a Puja room. Similarly, the fire element, or Manipura Chakra, in the home should be located in the kitchen.

If your house or business isn't already Chakra Vastu compliant, utilise energy items like as yantras, gemstones, rudraksha, shaligram, shells, metals, auspicious symbols, and sacred geometry to absorb negative energy and produce positive energy.


About Five Elements – Panchatatva

The Panchabhuta, or five elements, make up everything in our cosmos. The five components kind of exist in their very own right as well as in the context of all really other items. All things essentially are founded on the five elements of sky (Akash), air (Vayu), fire (Agni), water (Jal), and earth (Prithvi). They particularly are nature’s and all matter's building components, sort of contrary to popular belief. The understanding, balance, and harmony of these five components mostly are what particularly contribute to health and happiness, really contrary to popular belief.

The balance or imbalance among these Panchtatva particularly is what makes one's Space harmonious for its occupants or difficult for them in their actually daily lives in a subtle way. In the South Zone, an underground water tank will induce uneasiness, instability, and a lack of order. Similarly, a fire in the North Zone (Ether) will kind of close doors to kind of fresh possibilities and definitely create impatience and mostly sleep disturbances, as these basically are characteristics of this Zone in a sort of major way.


Scientific Background of Chakra Vastu

This is explained in great detail here. The most important source of energy and light is the Sun. It's hard to picture life on the planet without it. The Sun's beams may be divided into seven hues plus two. The sun's beams break into violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red, starting with the extremely helpful ultra-violet rays in its eastern side corresponding to north-east and infrared on the opposite south-west side (VIBGYOR). One solar day is split into eight sections, each of which corresponds to one of the eight cardinal directions. The Sun is in one of the cardinal directions during each of these eight times.As a result, the most probable room to be used during that time is located in this direction.




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