Vasi Yoga

Vasi yoga

This is an essential Yoga that was created with the help of the Sun. Vasi Yoga is fortunate, and its occurrence in a horoscope bestows optimism and prosperity on the native. The Lord Sun brings good fortune to the native of the auspicious Vasi Yoga.

When any planet other than the Moon occupies the 12th house from the Sun, Vasi yoga is produced. Depending on the planet in the 12th house, this yoga has auspicious or unfavorable effects. The benefic planet's position in this house makes its inhabitants intelligent and virtuous. Under the auspicious Vasi yoga, a native is competent and wise, and develops the art of communication. It bestows on its inhabitants a joyful and prosperous family life.

A malefic planet in this house, on the other hand, causes poor memory and a greedy mentality. A native may lack empathy for others and may be forced to live apart from his or her family, which in turn will result in a variety of issues in their life.


How vasi yoga is formed in astrology

Vasi Yoga is produced when one or more planets are in the twelfth house of the Sun in the birth chart. This Yoga will be cancelled if the Moon is present along with other planets. This is a beneficial Yoga that yields positive outcomes.


Results of the vasi yoga

Those who practise Vasi Yoga are financially secure and get notoriety. These people speak in a limited number of words. These people are diligent and mathematically gifted. They are well-liked by their peers. They are extremely devoted to their family. The government helps these indigenous people.


Vasi yoga formed with Jupiter in astrology

The natives of Vasi Yoga are religious when it is formed with Jupiter. They strictly adhere to conventions and traditions. These indigenous people value their relationships and remain dedicated to them. They are honest and dedicated to their task. They are collectors of priceless items.


Vasi yoga formed with mercury in astrology

The indigenous are intelligent and work with a clear head when this Yoga is developed with Mercury. These indigenous might be arrogant and egoistic at times. They are intelligent, but they will never harm others. They are devoted to their families and to society as a whole. These natives will be criticized by the other people, and they will also face financial difficulties in their life. These indigenous are compassionate and soft-spoken by nature.


Vasi yoga formed with mars in astrology

When this Yoga is combined with Mars, the native becomes charitable. These people are capable of putting in long hours and are always at the forefront of any endeavour that requires physical strength. They are courageous and daring. They have a tendency to act rashly and make blunders. As a result, they may find themselves in uncomfortable situations. These natives often get physically harmed or injured.


Vasi yoga formed with Venus in astrology

The inhabitants will be drawn to worldly pleasures if Vasi Yoga is created with Venus. These natives are drawn to the arts and creative fields. Their own inventiveness also generates a lot of new ideas. They are gentle and easily mingle with others. In terms of money, they are fortunate. They are also given a name and a reputation. On the other hand, these natives are fearful and openly engage in sexual acts.


Vasi yoga formed with Saturn in astrology

When this Yoga is combined with Saturn, the native becomes hard-skinned but good-natured. These people can't live alone and require a spouse of the opposing gender. They have to deal with public shame and embarrassment on occasion. They appear to be elderly and are frequently confronted by senior citizens. They are always at the forefront of religious issues and devote themselves to their work.


Effects of Vasi yoga

A fortunate and beneficial Vedic Yoga in the horoscope is an important aspect of living a fulfilling life. Yoga is the term used to describe the joining of two or more planets or their particular location in such a way that the combined effect is far higher than the sum of the individual planets' effects. The Sun is the source of life; it is your Soul Energy. A well-supported Sun, one that is immaculate, unaffected by malefic planets, and in conjunction with benefic planets such as Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury, gives a boost to your outwardly evident personality. The Vasi Yoga is built, for example, when the planet Sun is in the resident's cancer and the planet Mercury is in Gemini, which is the second house from the planet Sun. Mercury's position is significant in Yoga.


If the Vasi Yoga is positive, it indicates that the resident will begin his life in a pleasant manner, with qualities like as kindness, fairness, and stability. In accordance with the type of positivity, the resident's first consciousness will be positive. Benefices that make up Vasi Yoga will nevertheless guide problematic and imbalanced features in line with the sort of positivity, even if they are harmed in astrology or navamasa. The resident's capacity to start the things he wants in life has been harmed as a result of this. Because the injured planets participate in Solar Yoga, there is a potential to become stronger. This yoga's residents are happy, prosperous, open-minded, and well-liked by the governing elites. The resident is knowledgeable and skilled, and under the guidance of the holy Vasi Yoga, he develops the art of communication. It assists its residents in having a happy and prosperous family life. The resident of this yoga will be able to live a joyful and prosperous life all at the same time.



Vasi Yoga's quality is determined by the strength of the planet associated with it, and as a result, this Yoga produces results. If this Yoga is generated by a debilitated planet or in conjunction with malefics, it will not produce productive results. If this Yoga is created with favourable planets, the native has favourable results and rises in social rank.


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