The Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Positive And Negative Side Of The Blue Sapphire Gemstone 

The planet Saturn and ‘Shani’ have a huge influence on the lives of humans. Depending on its position on the horoscope of the person, it provides the extremes to them. It means if it is in an auspicious position, the native will be extremely successful, their growth will be unstoppable and everything will run smoothly without any obstacle. However, if there is a negative influence of Shani, then native has to go through hurdles and obstacles in every step of their life. The gemstone aassociated with the planet Saturn is Blue Sapphire. 

Blue Sapphire or ‘Neelam’ (in Hindi) is the gemstone that represents the planet Saturn. Both of this gemstone as well as the planet possess the same powers of granting their natives the most extremes in their lives. However, one of the most common myths surrounding blue sapphire is that people think that wearing this gemstone will instantly give them success and fame and make them rich. However, this should not be the way one should perceive a gemstone and judge its powers.

According to astrology, wearing of blue sapphire should only be advised if the Saturn is positioned in an auspicious house. When the Saturn of a person is strong, then only blue sapphire can give good results. If a person wears this gemstone despite having weak Saturn will have to face severe consequences. They will have to face a lot of problems in every aspect of their life and their life will become very miserable.

Therefore, if a person is considering wearing a blue sapphire, then they should first consult an expert and read their horoscope. Through this way, they can see the accurate position of Saturn and analyse whether blue sapphire will favour them or not and decide if they should wear it accordingly. If your astrologer suggests that Saturn is in a strong position, then you should wear it to receive all the blessings and benefits of wearing this gemstone.

We should not be blinded by the potential and strength of the blue sapphire and how it can affect one’s life. If you have an extremely strong Saturn, then only you can reap the benefits of this gemstone. 

Pros of wearing Gemstone


  • Wearing Blue Sapphire will get you social recognition and you will gain respect from the members of your society.

  • It helps in curing blood-related problems like Anaemia and ensures the proper level of haemoglobin.

  • Wearing it increases your chances of going to a foreign country and settlements there.

  • It protects the wearer from accidents and ensures their safety.

  • It also protects the natives from dangerous life-threatening diseases.

  • If you have been strangled in any court cases, then wearing blue sapphire will help you turn final decisions in your favour.

  • It helps you defeat and overcome all your enemies.

  • It helps in resolving the land or real estate issues.

  • It shields the businesses from unhealthy competition and the hurdles it comes in its course.

  • It helps in getting a promotion and wage hikes. It also helps the native if they are planning on switching their jobs.

  • Student natives are highly benefited in their academics, helps in securing ranks in competitive exams.

  • It helps you find the right career paths for you and ensures you move forward with prosperity and success.

  • If you have been facing problems in getting married or delayed marriage, then it can be resolved.


Cons Of Blue Sapphire

There are instances when the blue sapphire stones do not meet the standards and parameters of the Vedic astrology. In such cases, it may generate some side effects on the lives of natives. Therefore, one must test them under the Blue Sapphire tests available to check if the gemstone is fit to wear or not.

Following are the types of defeats one may see in the Blue Sapphire that makes them unfit to wear:


  • If the stone consists of dust particles, then it will give you bad or negative results.

  • If the stone has cracks, net-like lines then it can cause accidents.

  • If the Blue Sapphire has any kind of white spots or strips then it can give eye-related problems.

  • If the stone has bubbles of different colours in it, then it results in the upheaval of mental peace as well as a disturbance in the lives of the children.

  • The presence of holes in the stone will cause diseases or accidents.

  • If the stone is dull or not shining much, it will directly suck the happiness out of the native’s life.

  • Milky spots on the surface of the blue sapphire will negatively affect the financial health of the native.

  • If by any chance, the stone emits two colour tones, then it is extremely harmful. Because of it, enemies of the natives will rise and they will overpower them.

So, if you are considering buying a Blue Sapphire, then you should do it only from the trusted brands or names. 


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