Sun Transit 2021

Sun Transit 2021

Sun Transit 2021




The powerhouse of the solar system is the sun. It is the most important planet and, thus, in astrology, its transformation holds considerable significance. The sun's transition cycle is for just one day, but it spreads light on many issues of the native's life in this short time only.

The sun stays for a month on a zodiac sign. In astrology, there are 12 zodiac signs. In all zodiac signs, this means it takes a year for the sun to complete a complete round.

Since the sun is so strong, its effect on various zodiac signs depends on the house in which it resides. In the life of the local, the movement of the sun on the same house as the native moon will contribute to health problems and financial stability. The Sun is of vital importance in Vedic Astrology, and is regarded as the energy of the soul. It is in the leading position as the sovereign of the Divine Cabinet.


Sun Transit 2021: Aries

The Sun stands out in this hot-headed symbol of Mars. As per Saturn Transit 2021, the dynamism and energy within you will be drawn out. You will be on your toes and put all the tasks in your hands with your best efforts. You will be able to delegate the duties and get the job done in your professional life.During this time, you will be goal-oriented and highly ambitious, as well as creating new possibilities for your better work and a higher standard of living. Company owners will have a favourable time, as they will be bursting with new ideas and executing them on the offset, which in the future will bring prosperity.

Strong in confidence, you're going to be good at providing advice and will be successful at carrying out all your efforts. During this time, your relationship with your father and your fatherly figure in your place will be good. During this time, you will have an urge to visit religious places and understand mythological reality. During this time, you may have an inclination to visit religious places and understand mythological reality. To quench your quest, you can also make short pilgrimages with the elders of the family. This transit would be beneficial for natives with Cancer, Leo, and Sagittarius.


Remedy: Feeding cows with jiggery, especially on Sundays.


Sun Transit 2021: Taurus

 As per Vedic Astrology's 2021 Sun Transit Predictions, during this time, you will be more optimistic and stubborn. Without giving a second thought to it, you will be assertive and will perform all your tasks. During this time, your penchant for family and home affairs will increase. Without giving a second thought to it, you will be assertive and will fulfil all your duties. During this era, your penchant for your family and home affairs will rise. In the office, you will be extremely accountable and will accept responsibility for your colleagues and team members. When not actively engaged in work, you will still be lazy.

You can go out for a leisure trip or a relaxing vacation with your family. You will be on a materialistic plane and during this time you will spend a great deal on comforts and luxuries. Because of the high expenditure and desire for more money, you may feel a little stressful. Those in the banking sector, gemstones and administration will have a great time, as you will be able to conduct your work with the utmost excellence, which will promote cash and kind encouragement. In your culture or society, you will appreciate your social circle and gain goodwill. The best results for Aries, Aquarius and Pisces can be obtained via this transit in 2021.


Remedy: Offer Arghya every morning to the Sun.


In the flirtatious sign of Mercury, the dominating Sun is an illuminating combination and, as per the Sun Transit 2021 Prediction, brings positive improvements in people's lives. Your communication ability will strengthen and you will be strong enough to manipulate and convince individuals according to your choices.

In your professional life, this consistency will be beneficial, as you will be able to reassure your prospective customer and will be able to grow your company in the longer term. During this time, those who are into marketing, management, media or advertising profiles will thrive as you will have a strong command of your job and will be able to convince your subordinates and customers of your point of view. Also, during this transit era, those who are in the teaching profession or pursuing astrology as career decisions will see some growth in their career.

 You can be versatile and adapt easily to your surrounding environment and situations, so if you intend to do something different, during this period you can consider doing the same as you will adjust in a spur of time to the changes and new beginnings. At the parties, you will enjoy socializing and holding safe, intellectual discussions.


Sun Transit 2021: Cancer

The Lord of Cancer is the Moon, and the Sun is the Moon's mate. During this time, as the Sun transits into Cancer as per Sun Transit 2021, you will be very emotional and this could hurt you very much. You're not going to be able to comfortably trust someone and make your new friends with the utmost care. Really, it will be your mates who can sympathizes with you. You will be emotional while in a relationship and your partner might even deceive you in a lot of instances. Most of the time, you would choose to remain at home as you will feel confident and comfortable there.

You will be full of energy when you are at home and will entertain everyone around you. Professionally, you would be good whether you are working in the hotel or hospitality industry, or as a scientist. Success, however, won't come easily for you and you'll have to work hard for it. You're going to be a family person and care for everyone at home. Often, during this transit process, when attending to the needs of others, you can neglect your own needs. As per Sun's 2021 Transit Predictions, at this time your decision-making capacity will be poor and most of the days during this phase you will not be able to come to an end. For Taurus and Gemini, the transit will be a favorable one.


Remedy: Eat every day after your meals with jiggery.


Sun Transit 2021: Leo

The Sun is the god of knowledge, meaning life force, father, creator, trust, and authority. And Leo is the symbol of sunny outbursts, where the Sun is its celestial master. As per the 2021 Sun Transit Predictions, when the Sun is in Leo, you will be very compassionate and will love everyone around you. You would be brave enough to take chances, and during this time, you may also expect to open a start-up.

At work, you will work really hard and you will be respected by people. In order to achieve your endeavour, you will believe in yourself and you will not leave any stone unturned. Time and money will be spent on your friends and family. You're not going to think anyone's sick, because in exchange, no one's going to get upset with you. From a new view, you will see more and you will get many fresh ideas. You're not going to think anyone's sick, because in exchange, no one's going to get upset with you. From a new view, you will see more and you will get many fresh ideas. You can get egoistic at this point, however, which might injure others, you should be careful in this regard. If you are in a position of authority, for example, a leadership position or in the government, you will be effective.


Remedy: Add Kumkum tilak everyday to your forehead.


Sun Transit 2021: Virgo

You will be very dynamic and impulsive in nature when the sun is in Virgo. A friendly one can be considered to be the relationship between these two planetary bodies. You're going to be on the journey of self-improvement. You should set yourself a target and you will work towards the same goal. Many that are in a very responsible role will be effective professionally. Many that are in a very responsible role will be effective professionally. Writers and teachers would also find success in addition to this. You will aim to change your diet, your patterns of eating and wellbeing, and your period of sleep.

As per Vedic Astrology, you will be very tidy and will be punctual, and expect the same from others as projected by 2021 Sun Transit. You will expect the best of others and support to do the same. You will get discouraged and tense if anything does not work according to your expectations. In such cases, you can use the aid of yoga and meditation in your lifestyle to be at ease. You're going to be very realistic and dislike any nonsense from others.


Remedy: Vishnu Sahasranama Recite.


Sun Transit 2021: Libra

The sun represents your individuality in Vedic Astrology. It means your drive for your wants and desires while the Sun is in Libra in 2021. During this time, you will be inclined towards the philosophy of justice and fairness for all. You will believe in the law and strive to bring peace to all the people around you. You're not only going to believe in such things, but you're going to act on it as well. You're not only going to believe in such things, but you're going to act on it as well. To turn your conviction into practice, you can attempt to use user social links. You will be very social and attempt to maintain good ties with others, as per the Sun Transit 2021 Predictions.

Sometimes you may lose your focus from what you want and what you are looking for and begin to think about what others think of you. During this time, you will also be judgmental. At times, you will become too self-involved, and you will only be concerned with your own respect. You will suffer from a money shortage at this time and make erratic choices.


Remedy: Offer on Sundays red cloth and pomegranate in the temple.


Sun Transit 2021: Scorpio

As per the Transit 2021 predictions, you will have an urge to discover the truth when the Sun is located in the sign of Scorpio, because Scorpio is the sign of depth and secrets. It's not only going to be the facts about the universe, but about yourself as well. During this time, you will learn from experiences and try to integrate any new teaching in your life. If you are a portfolio manager, investor or investment planner, stockbroker, or someone who guides people with their money, you will be professionally successful. People who are in analysis, strategy planning, risk management will also succeed because of your enthusiasm to find the truth at this time.

For whatever you do, you'll expect appreciation. You're going to have an outstanding sense of dressing up that is clearly noticeable from your outfit. Often you will be very realistic and will struggle to communicate your feelings. You can be dependable and if they need any assistance during this time, you will always be there for your mates. Your friends will appreciate your business as you have a strong understanding of the company.


Remedy: Grow a plant with a rose and nurture it.


Sun Transit 2021: Sagittarius

Sun Transit 2021 forecasts that, during this phase, you will become a very responsible person when the Sun is in Sagittarius. You will be curious to learn about different cultures, gather knowledge, and learn. At this time, you can also make some travel plans. During this period, your generosity and honesty will be at their peak.

As a father does, you will care for everybody and you will expect the same respect as a father should get. As you may suffer from acidity and burning sensation, you will love food and may eat a lot of junk food as well as what you should avoid. Professionally, you will do good for others if you are a manager, or in some authoritative position, and individuals will respect you for that.As a teacher or a banker at this time, you will also do good. You may become restless if you have to complete some work.


Remedy: Each day, recite Aditya Hridya Stotra.


Sun Transit 2021: Aquarius

In their ascendant, Aquarius natives can see the Sun taking up a nest that represents our character, identity, appearance and self-expression. This Sun's planetary motion would be important and is likely to offer full benefits to the natives born under the air sign. Professionally, you will be ready to start putting behind all the concerns and pressure you experienced during the Sun's last cycle. In this building, the presence of the sun will give you an aristocratic aura and confidence.

 During this time, with increased self-belief, energy and excitement, you will be at an advantage. As your understanding and camaraderie with your partner will increase during this time, those who own the company in the form of partnerships are likely to achieve profits and benefits in this period. As the seventh house represents society, your standing within your circle will be enhanced by this time.


Remedy: Take blessings before you leave from the father and the elders of the family.


Sun Transit 2021: Pisces

You would be very adaptable and understanding while the Sun is in the last zodiac sign, i.e., Pisces. Jupiter rules the Pisces, and Sun and Jupiter are good to each other. As per the conditions you will face during this time, you will be a good listener and easily adaptable. However, if you work in the field of art, music, teaching, where you have to express yourself, you will be successful. At this time, you can become careless and be late for meetings for appointments that may not make a good impression at work.

You would be worrying about what people think about you, which may cause you to be worried and distressed. At such times, it is recommended that you adapt your lifestyle to meditation. Some of you may also want to practice religious and spiritual practices. For the natives of Cancer, this transit will be fine.


Remedy: Every day, recite Aditya Hridya Stotra.

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