Sun in 7th house

Sun in 7th house

Sun in 7th house 

Sun in 7th house For Aries Ascendant

Assume the map has an Aries Ascendant and Sun dominates the 5th house with the Leo sign and is debilitated in the 7th house with the Libra sign. These people convert their love into a marriage, only to discover that it isn't functioning when the Sun melts the objects associated with the house in which it resides. They could not be able to find work in the government or administration.

Sun in 7th house For Taurus Ascendant

Assume the Ascendant is Taurus, and the Sun dominates 4th house with the Leo sign and resides in the 7th house with the Scorpio sign. Since the Sun is in the Karmic sign of Scorpio, it indicates a tumultuous yet transformative relationship with parents and partner. It demonstrates that your parents wanted to meddle so much with your married life that your relationship with your partner deteriorated. It also demonstrates that the person has a large ego, which leads to relationship conflicts.

Sun in 7th house For Gemini Ascendant 

Suppose it is a Gemini Ascendant chart and Sun rules 3rd house with Leo sign and sits in the 7th house in the sign of Sagittarius. It's also worth noting the Fiery Sun is in the Fire Sign. Father of native may be interfering in relation.

Sun in 7th house For Cancer Ascendant 

Assume the map is a Cancer Ascendant chart, with Sun ruling the 2nd house with the Leo sign and sitting in the 7th house with the Capricorn sign. This indicates that you and your family, including your father (as Sun represents father), are having difficulties or disagreements about your marriage choice. In terms of how you can marry, your father's will takes precedence over yours. Since the Sun reflects self, it indicates that the friendship will struggle as a result of ego conflicts. It also demonstrates that a lot of money is spent on the partner. Your father and family want to sabotage your life.

Sun in 7th house  For  Leo Ascendant 

Assume the map has a Leo Ascendant and Sun is in 7th house of Aquarius. This status also causes ego clashes between partners, as the Sun is essentially a King, and there is no Kinghood in a relationship. It gets difficult for the Sun here because it is all about ego. As a result, this posture denotes a person who is having difficulty adjusting to new situations.

Sun in 7th house  For Virgo Ascendant 

This indicates that the person's partner holds a position of authority in foreign lands or companies. Spouse may have a Spiritual Ascendant perspective on life, but since the Sun reflects the ego, it will reveal someone fighting with their spouse over ego issues, which will break the relationship. It has the potential to sabotage the relationship in the future. It demonstrates that the father plays a significant role in the selection of a partner.

Sun in 7th house For Libra Ascendant 

Assume you have a Libra Ascendant map, and Sun dominates the 11th house with the Leo sign and is elevated in the 7th house with the Aries sign. Exalted Sun, independent of the house it is in, will have a government job or an authoritative position. This job prepares a person to be an excellent people manager.

Sun in 7th house For Scorpio Ascendant 

Assume the ascendant is Scorpio, and the Sun dominates the 10th house with the Leo sign and resides in the 7th house with the Taurus sign. They will overpower their partner while they are married. Ego fights will wreak havoc on relationships. However, this role is ideal for a public manager.

Sun in 7th house For Sagittarius Ascendant 

This could lead to personality clashes and a breakup of the relationship. In a relationship, a person's father becomes a thorn in the side. On the basis of continuous harmonious contact between partners, a relationship will last.

Sun in 7th house For Capricorn Ascendant 

Assume the ascendant is Capricorn, and the Sun dominates the 8th house with the Leo sign and resides in the 7th house with the Cancer sign. This indicates a partner who is emotionally invested in you. The partner would be nurturing, compassionate, and motherly. However, your in-laws can be egotistical and want you to do a lot of things to appease your ego, resulting in egotistical conflicts. As a result, the in-laws could end up sabotaging the marriage.

Sun in 7th house For Aquarius Ascendant 

Assume the ascendant is Aquarius, and the Sun governs the 7th house with the Leo sign and resides in the 7th house itself. It demonstrates that both you and your partner are egotists. It implies that your partner is a high-ranking official or works for the government. That may even be the case with your dad. You want your partner to help you grow your ego and authority in the world, but the Sun destroys whatever house it lies on. As a result, ego conflicts between couples can diminish the significance of marriage. Couples should let go of their egos and try to sustain a positive relationship.

Sun in 7th house For Pisces Ascendant 

Assume the Ascendant is Pisces, and the Sun dominates the 6th house with the Leo sign and lies in the 7th house in Virgo. When the Sun is in the 7th house, it causes ego problems in marriages, and because the Sun also controls the house of fights and conicts, it indicates that major ego wars will occur in marriages and relationships. It also demonstrates that the individual has a proclivity for finding flaws and delving into the minutiae of their spouse's behaviour, something no one enjoys. It also demonstrates that native's father becomes an impediment to native's marriage. It also depicts ego conflicts and disagreements with the father.

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