Solar Eclipse 2022

Solar eclipse 2022

The Sun represents our soul in Astrology, whereas the Moon is our subconscious mind. During the eclipse on new moon night (Amavasya), it is stated that our soul (Sun) and emotional energy (Moon) are captivated by the energy-draining potential of Rahu and Ketu, creating surges of emotions and energy that touch us all. Although the eclipse will not be visible in India, it will have an impact on our lives.


Solar eclipse effects on the zodiac sign in 2022

Aries: Consider reinventing yourself and investing in items that will help you achieve confidence in your life. Perhaps you've been looking for a new look or attitude. If it is true, go for it. Don't be scared to brag about your achievements on and off the internet. It's time for you to really shine. Make the most of the attention you're getting.


Taurus: It's time for a vacation from the daily grind and some much-needed rest for your hyper-sensitive mind. Put your phone aside and enjoy your favourite food, or whatever else you've been putting off if you're up for it. It's time to relax and unwind.


Gemini: Examine who you know in your work life and how they might be able to connect you with new opportunities. As a result of revising your CV, you may receive a rush of new employment prospects in your inbox. You might even be able to reconnect with old coworkers who are ready to pass on their knowledge and experience.


Cancer: Keep an eye out for fresh opportunities; the one you've been waiting for could be around the corner. You might find out about a new position, a raise in income, or other opportunities at work. Start applying for employment right now because it's a good time to do so. It's time to either walk the walk in your career or plan a makeover.


Leo: Your goal should be to discover something fresh and intriguing. The universe is urging you to leave your comfort zone and take some risks by taking a leap of faith. Take a road trip, vacation, plan a trip with friends, or hike along a different path. These activities will broaden your horizons.


Virgo: Making major financial decisions can be stressful. You can use this as a source of inspiration and motivation to keep going with whatever task you're working on right now. You have command and control over your assets. Keep your health and life insurance policies up to date to protect yourself and your loved ones.


Libra: Listen to your heart and trust what it says without overthinking things. Be cordial and giving in your interactions with others, even if you don't think it's necessary. It will undoubtedly pay off, and your partner will be grateful. If you operate from a place of goodwill, you will improve your relationships and put others at ease.


Scorpio: Begin the process of creating a new daily routine, which involves adjusting your sleeping and working habits. You've probably noticed that you've been distracted recently. That is why setting a particular goal for oneself is so important. You should feel a sense of accomplishment as you tick something off your to-do list.


Sagittarius: Inside, a need for change and acceptance is growing. It's possible that there's a strong longing for romance in the air. If you're looking for love, now is the moment to step outside of your comfort zone and wear your heart on your sleeve. If you've already made a commitment, be honest and transparent with your spouse about how you really feel.


Capricorn: You're an explorer with your heart in the right place. However, you must now focus on your current residence and make some positive improvements. To refresh the mood in your home, get rid of any old and worn items. Spend quality time with your mother and listen to what she has to say.


Aquarius: Look for ways to close communication gaps. Recently, your interactions with friends and family may have been sporadic or one-sided. It’s the time to connect with yourself. Be expressive and share your opinions with those around you. The long-term benefits of air purification may offset the immediate expenditures.


Pisces: Re-align your financial goals with your long-term life ambitions. Set realistic goals. Spending money on something you'll come to regret later is a bad idea, but it's not so bad when it comes to family needs. Examine your investment portfolio and make changes when market conditions change. Consolidate your profits and invest them for the long run.


Know the do's and don'ts during solar eclipse 2022

Do’s one must follow

· During the grahan, chanting Lord Shiva's mantra can help protect you from the grahan's bad effects.

· Taking a bath after the grahan was a long-standing tradition in most Indian households.

· Pregnant ladies should stay indoors to avoid sun exposure.

·     Cleaning the home and sprinkling Gangajal after the surya grahan is an age-old practise. It is thought to offer optimism to the surroundings and defend against the grahan's negative effects.


Things you must avoid

· Cooking and consuming food should be avoided during the grahan.

· Don’t look at the grahan with bare eyes or to go outside to watch the eclipse.

· If you have cooked food at home, either throw it away or cover it with a holy basil (tulsi) leaf to counteract grahan's bad effects.

· To avoid any negative effects, place holy basil leaves in water containers.

· Avoid sleeping, stepping out, or exposing yourself to sunlight.

· Using sharp tools such as knives or scissors during the eclipse can be dangerous to the baby.

·  Finally, use curtains to block the sun's rays from entering the house.


Solar eclipse 2022: date and time

According to panchang

First Surya Grahan: 30 April, Saturday (12:15 pm to 04:07 pm).

Second solar eclipse: 25 October, Tuesday (16:29:10 to 17:42:01)


Solar eclipse 2022: totality of path

The trail crosses the southeast Pacific Ocean and southern South America.


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