Shri Yantra Placement

Right Way To Do Shri Yantra Placement 

In Hindu religion, Vedic astrology has been given a huge importance since ancient times. It has also been mentioned in the religious scripts called ‘Vedas’. So, Vedic astrology has a huge significance in our culture. It has been a huge help to have a deeper insight into our futures and determine the right and wrongs for an individual or a group as a whole. It has always helped people understand what is good and what is bad for them, what their future beholds for them and offers remedies in case of any mishappenings. Most often, the remedies offered by astrology are to be performed by individuals that test their endurance and patience like fasts, chanting mantra and slogans, and doing poojas. 

What is Yantra?

The literal meaning of ‘Yantra’ is simple; it means a ‘machine’. A machine is made with a purpose to help others ease their work. A lot of energy and brain is devoted to curating their design, determining their size or its geometrical form.

When we are talking about the ‘yantra’ here in astrology, the thing that is given the due importance is the deity sitting at the centre of it. That is why, everyone must be respectful towards the yantra. Moreover, we also have to ensure that the power of the yantra continuously enhances. 

There are different types of yantras that serve different purposes. There are yantra for all the nine planets. Different kinds of yantras like Kubera yantra, Rahu yantra, Shri yantra. Amongst all those yantras available in Vedic astrology, Shri yantra is the most sacred and powerful one. 

What is Shri Yantra?

A Shri Yantra is a spiritual chakra yantra which is basically a diagram or an object most prominently used in the Hindu culture. It has a very intricate design as it is made up of nine interlocking triangles that are joined surrounding a single central point. This point is known as ‘Bindu’. Each and every triangle has its own significance. They represent cosmos as well as the aspects of human life like health, wealth, property and other achievements.

The other name by which shri yantra is popular is ‘Nav Chakra’ because of its composition of nine chakras or layers.


How Should One Establish Shri Yantra?

Usually, people set-up Shree Yantras at their homes, offices or at their workplaces. The strong energy this yantra emits attracts the positivity, happiness as well as prosperity in the lives of natives.

To establish Shri yantra for the first time anywhere, we first have to soak it in water overnight. Then in the morning, take it out of the water by chanting the mantras 108 times and set it up at the desired place.  

The following mantras should be chanted while establishing Shri Yantra:

“Om, Shreem Hreem, Shreem Kamale Kamalalaye Praseed Praseed”

“Om, Shreem Hreem, Shreem, Om Mahalakshmaye Namah “

The most accurate position for yantra is to establish it facing the eastern direction of the workplace or home, while chanting the mantra at the same time. Apply tilak of kumkum and saffron after you place it in the desired position. After placing it, you should chant the mantras on a daily basis at least once a day.

It should be noted that the above given mantra is only for the Hindus. For Non-Hindus, the procedure is almost the same. However, with the slightest change, they can place the yantra alongside their holy book while chanting the following mantra:

“Om, Shreem Hreem, Shreem Kamale Kamalalaye Praseed Praseed”

“Om, Shreem Hreem, Shreem Mahalakshmaye Namah”


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