Shami Plant

Shami plant for getting the blessing of shani dev

As each God and goddess has their own vehicle and weapon, there are also plants and trees, such as Lord Vishnu's favourite, the banana tree. Lord Shankar and Lord Ganesh both prefer the Bel tree, and Shani Dev likes the Shami tree. Shani Dev spreads his blessings on his devotees by praying to the Shami plant, and none of the planets cause any problems for the devotee. Shami is a very helpful tree with therapeutic benefits. Every God and Goddess has a residence, and this tree is particularly close to Lord Ganesha and Shani Dev. People who are experiencing a lot of problems as a result of Shani Dev's unfavourable influence should pray to the Shami tree at their home or temple as soon as possible.


How to pray the plant of shami

If feasible, the Shami plant should be grown at home, but it is not required; you can also visit Shani Dev's temple and worship according to the proper protocol. Keep turmeric, Roli, Chandan, Kalava, an oil lamp, and a jug of water in one utensil. After offering water to the plant, offer Roli and Chandan in the temple, and then ignite the oil lamp after tying the Kaleva. Shani Dev will be pleased and bestow his blessings on you as a result of this.


Astrological significance of shami plant

Two plants are mentioned in Hindu holy literature as aids in reducing the effects of Shani. The Shami tree and the Peepal tree are two different types of trees. It is thought that worshipping these two trees can help to diminish Shani's influence. A Shami tree should be planted around a person's home to counteract Shani's negative impacts. A mustard oil lamp should be lighted under the Shami tree every Saturday. Aside from that, the blooms and leaves of the Shami tree can be used to soothe Shani's adverse effects. Planting a Shami tree in the home is thought to protect against negative energy and the effects of black magic.


Astrology benefits of the plant of shami

·  Shami plant is just as beneficial as Tulsi plant. Shani Dev's negative effects can be reduced by using the fruits, leaves, roots, stamps, and juice of this plant-like flower.

·  Planting a Shami tree can bring happiness, tranquilly, and wealth to the home, as well as protect it from the negative energy of others.

·  It is said that all gods and goddesses kiss their lips in this tree E and bestow blessings on the path of happiness, peace, and success. This plant is also beneficial according to Vastu Shastra.


Which direction should shami plant be placed

Shami's plant should be oriented to the south. If there is no direct sunshine, keep it toward the east or northeast direction. Otherwise, place Shami's plant outside in such a way that it is on our right hand whenever you leave the house.


Importance of shami plant

In the Ramayana, the importance of the Shami tree is also mentioned. Lord Ram, according to the Ramayana, prayed in the presence of a Shami tree before unleashing war on Lanka. Similarly, Arjuna hid his heavenly Gandiva bow on a Shami tree when he assumed the guise of Brihannala during his exile, according to the Mahabharata. Shami leaves are also employed in Lord Ganesha and Goddess Durga's devotion.


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