Saturn In Taurus

Saturn in Taurus

Saturn and Venus, Taurus' governing planet, have a good relationship. Karma is ruled by Saturn. It’s a symbol of endurance and release from the humdrum domain of material existence. Luxuries, material comforts, desire, sexuality, and possessions are all associated with Venus. In Vedic Astrology, those born with Saturn in Taurus are always divided between these two forces: spiritual emancipation vs. material existence, or detachment vs. pleasure, also known as Yoga versus Bhoga. In order for the native to be happy and content, Saturn in Taurus also creates a strong demand for emotional and material security.


Traits of Personality for Saturn in Taurus

Saturn's path is one of perseverance and conquering our fears. Even if the coffers are full, a person with a second-house Saturn can be afraid of lack and poverty.

You might sell your soul for safety or a large sum of money (but you can't really sell your soul). You may feel stuck and work hard at tasks that limit you complete expression or that feel harsh and tire you down if Saturn is in the second house. Saturn's worries can trap you in employment that isn’t aligned with your genuine life purpose.

There may be interruption to the structure that prevents you from growing during particular Saturn crossroads (such as the Saturn return). You are tremendously motivated to succeed when you connect yourself with your actual values toward calm, steady improvement.

With Saturn in second house, worldly gain is a huge problem. "A well-positioned Saturn in this domicile implies someone who may get the most from investing the least” writes Alan Oken in his Complete Astrology book, "but a poorly placed Saturn might deprive a person of fortune or at least bring some anxieties over the use of money."

What is the source of this? It's one of Saturn's many riddles and lessons in our lives. Look to the ruler of Taurus, Venus, in your horoscope for more ease, enjoyment, and ways to improve your well-being. Is it possible to work hard at something you enjoy? 

The sensual Taurus, the sign of carefully maturing toward a secure future, rules the second house.


The "Work" House

Saturn is well-positioned to work in Taurus' second house and establish firm roots. Success is achieved via a strong feeling of motivation and a willingness to make sacrifices and persevere.

Traditional astrology aligns you with what is tangible or "real" in nature. Real estate, working with the land, construction/contracting, apprenticeship/crafts, or mastery of an art form is all Saturnian impulses.

Other options include establishing a business, working as an architect or landscape architect, and engineering, becoming an interior designer or caterer, becoming a restauranteur, or opening a microbrewery, shop, salon, or herbal product or aromatherapy line. Venus is powerful here, yet she has been given shape, structure, and definition.

Saturn, as we all know, can be a demanding taskmaster. All work and no play is a recipe for burnout, resentment, stress, and poor health. You become exhausted. Some people who have this Saturn think they're on their alone. Seek for collaborators with whom you can share the work and the benefits.


Your Personal Values

Taurus and the second house are all about personal ideals. The eighth house, which deals with shared values and investments, is just across from this one.

With Saturn in this house, you have high standards and prefer to do things your way. There's a strong sense of self-sufficiency and a desire to maximize your innate abilities.

If you notice how this is a continuation from the first house of identification, you are establishing yourself in a grounded, earthed manner in the second. You're honing your skills and demonstrating your values.

Your strong desire to establish yourself and develop a strong, solid foundation might lead to inflexibility and resistance to change. If you don't have control of what you have, you may be afraid of losing it.

However, once you let go of that fear, you discover delight in sharing what you've produced and being at peace with the life you've established.


Effect of Saturn in Taurus for love and relationship

Saturn will present you with trials that will allow you to appreciate the love you already have in your life. Your marriage will endure obstacles with Saturn in Taurus, but with devotion and consistent communication, you and your spouse will find a way to make things right.


Effect of Saturn in Taurus on Career

Your career and Saturn in Taurus are inextricably linked. Keep in mind that the decisions you make in life will influence whether or not you succeed in life. Make sure you're clear about your goals and that you're continually pursuing advancement and growth.

You must make certain modifications in order to advance in your career. You can't stay in the same spot indefinitely. Engage in activities that will help you grow and improve. What role does Saturn play in Taurus? This placement will provide you with all of the assistance you require to progress from one level of your career to the next.



Saturn in Taurus insists on having complete control over their lives because to their strong ideals. When they aren't, they will wait as long as they can till they can get it back. However, if things continue to spiral out of control for an extended period of time, you will witness their rage.

Fortunately, Saturn in Taurus isn't enraged for long. It doesn't make sense for them to restore their discipline this way. It does, however, make it harder for them to go with the flow. Aside from their close social circle, the beauty of tangible goods is the only thing that provides them joy in life. They value elegance and tremendous beauty as an earth sign and are willing to pay for items that truly speak to them. Taurus Saturn, on the other hand, seeks to keep their finances solid in order to maintain a comfortable lifestyle and will go to any length to do so.


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