Sade Sati Phases

Sade Sati Phases

Sade-Sati Phases 

Sade Sati has been given huge importance in Vedic astrology since ancient times due to its adverse effects on human lives. One can find a lot of details in the ancient Hindu texts and literature regarding Sade sati and the formation of the tenet that causes it. It is estimated that the tenet of Sade sati will be diversifying its experiences and will act as help in expanding the knowledge in the coming years. Not only in knowledge, but it may also help the astrologers in finding solutions to the adverse effects of sade sati and reducing them to a great extent. Although, the effects of sade sati on a person’s life entirely depends on their deeds and the results of actions they have taken in their life. The planet Saturn is known to be a judge who gives you according to your deeds as well as a teacher who makes you learn through your tough life experiences. 

However, people have a lot of fear and myths about sade sati that it makes one’s life miserable. Although there may be a lot of struggles in this phase, people who are going through a phase of sade sati are advised to fear too much about it. Sade sati is not only about hurdles and problems. It also brings a lot of opportunities for the natives as well as good health, wealth, job, marriage, children, etc. Moreover, planet Saturn is also known for giving salvation or moksha to the natives if their lives deed as all good and positive. That is why we must not think of sade sati in the negative aspects only. The outcome of the sade sati will depend on the natives and their karma. But if the effects are too adverse and there are a lot of problems, then one can consult an expert astrologer so that they can provide you with remedies.

Sade sati is seven and a half years after Saturn transits. We can divide this transition of Saturn into two phases or ‘dahiya’ which can be stated as 2.5 years of transits over three zodiac signs. As of now, Saturn is positioned in the Sagittarius moon. So, when the lord Saturn transits in the Scorpio moon sign, then the sade sati of Sagittarius moon sign starts. Then the period of sade sati for the Sagittarius moon sign will end when the Saturn in the Capricorn moon sign in the year 2022. if we add the to and fro movement of the Saturn, then we can evaluate that it will add up to approx 7.5 years of Sade sati.


Here three moon signs I.e. Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn will be under the influence of Sade sati. However, not all these signs will experience the same drastic effects. Sade sati will affect each of these signs differently. The influence of sade sati on these signs can be categorized into three parts I.e. the Rising phase, Peak phase, and Diminishing phase. So, based on these phases and their effects, an expert astrologer should determine the Lagna, moon sign of the native, and nakshatra to conclude how the sade sati is going to influence the native.

Rising Phase: The starting of the phase of the planet Saturn’s sade sati is known as the rising phase. In this phase, Saturn will transit in the twelfth house from the native’s moon sign. During this period, the native will go through a lot of financial problems. Enemies around you will rise and will try to harm you. Moreover, there will also be a lot of expenses on unnecessary journeys which will further restrain your finances. Your relationship with your seniors as well as colleagues may also become sour which will make it tough for you to concentrate on your work at your workplace. The environment at home will also feel negative and disagreements and disputes amongst family members will increase. It is advised to you to keep track of your expenses otherwise you may further dwell into the bad economic conditions. So, in the rising period, it is suggested to apply the remedies given by expert astrologers to reduce the adversity of the sade sati.

Peak Phase: At the peak phase, all the adversities of the rising phase will increase multiple phases and will make the life of the native a lot tough. In this period, Saturn transits over the natal Moon which will increase health problems, relationships, deteriorating mental health, etc. It will become very tough for the natives to complete their tasks or achieve their goals. They will feel neglected since none of their efforts and hard work is getting the recognition it deserves. The chances of having severe chronic diseases rise. Therefore, at such times it is advised to adopt a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and exercise to prevent yourself.

Setting Phase: The setting phase is the last dahiya of the Saturn transition which will be around 2.5 years. In this period, the native’s financial and domestic relationships will be affected due to the transition of Saturn in the second house from the natal moon. However, this phase will not be as tough as the above two phases and the effects will be not as adverse. Only your financial health will experience a drastic downfall. You may get results of your efforts. However, it will take a lot of time. By proper management of resources, natives may be able to overcome your problems.

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