Ruby gemstone

Ruby- The gemstone for prosperity and strength

Ruby: The Gemstone for Prosperity and Strength

Rubi Gemstone which is also known as ‘Manikya’ is considered as one of the most powerful gemstones according to Vedic astrology. Ever since older times, this stone is considered not only as powerful but also mystical and influential. That is why it is one of the most important gemstones of amongst all the nine stones. However, one should not wear it just because it is looking good or beautiful. Gemstones are suggested to people according to their horoscopes and each person has different compatibility level with different stones. So, always consult an expert astrologer before buying any gemstones. 

Physical Attributes Of Rubi

You can find Ruby as a red and sparkling. However, its colour ranges from red to pink as well and it’s so shiny and glimmering that it can attract the attention of any person. It gains its colour from the presence of chromium in its element. According to experts, the high-quality ruby has pigeon blood red colour and they are very smooth, however, with sharp edges. 

Who Should Wear Ruby

Gemstones are usually suggested when a person is going through some hard times of their life. However, they cannot just wear any gemstone and expect their problems to just vanish. Before buying any stone, they should consult an expert astrologer and get to know which gemstone suits their horoscope the best and which is going to help them and bring luck and fortune to them. Astrologers suggest gemstones based on the planetary positions at the time of their birth and the effects of different planets on these people. It is believed that every person carries some kind of unique energy around themselves and due to this, an energy field is generated around them. So when a person is wearing a gemstone, it supports and strengthens their energy circle.

Ruby is suggested to people who have negatively placed malefic planets as Rahu, Ketu or Shani positioned along with Sun. One should also wear this gemstone if the planet Sun is deposited in the 6th, 8th and 12th houses of the horoscope of the person since these are malefic positions which will negatively affect their lives. 

Astrological Advantages Of The Ruby

  • If a person is going through long term skin related problems, then they should wear a ruby gemstone. This gemstone removes the root cause of the problem and permanently cures it. It will be beneficial especially in the case when the Sun is deposited in between Rahu and Ketu as well as conjoined with Ketu.

  • Ruby improves the reputation of the wearer in the society as well as at their workplace. It provides them with the confidence and the power to love themselves. With the help of Ruby, the wearer can overcome their low self-esteem.

  • Wearing a person makes you powerful and influencing. It will keep the favours of higher authorities and government towards you.

  • Not only with physical health, but wearing ruby gemstone also helps you with your mental health. If a person is suffering from depression, they should wear this stone. It will help you control your emotions as well as help you understand your thoughts and take you out of the dark.

  • Ruby gemstone was a sign of royalty in earlier times. It was only worn by kings, nobles, etc. Therefore, if a person wants to achieve high status or huge financial gains, then they should wear this stone. With the influence of ruby, they will be able to gain all the luxury and materialistic they desire to achieve in their life.

  • The influence of ruby is so strong that it gives immense self-worthiness to the wearer. They self-reflect and try to improve themselves more and more. Due to this, they achieve higher success as well as reach higher levels in their life.

  • If a person is going through the tough phase of their life where they are only meeting failures and not being able to push themselves up, then it is advised to them to wear a ruby gemstone. This will help them have strong will power and let them sort out what they want to do in their lives. It will also give them the strength to do the hard work required to achieve their dreams.

  • In terms of physical health, it provides strength to bones, making them stronger. It cures all the bone-related issues like tuberculosis. So, if anyone is suffering from bone-related problems, they should wear ruby.

  • Ruby also adds passion in your love life. Since the colour of ruby is red, which is often associated with love and romance, wearing this gemstone helps you find the love of your life or improves the love or understanding between you and your partner.

  • Ruby contains the positive and negative energy of the Sun inside it. Therefore, when a person wears a ruby gemstone, it helps them receive positive energy in their horoscopes. 

Process Of Wearing Ruby

Since every gemstone has its unique process as well as rules and regulations of wearing, ruby has its own too. They are as follows:

  • First of all, the most primary thing you have to do after purchasing a ruby gemstone is to purify and activate it. To do so, you have to prepare for a mixture of milk, honey, gangajal, curd and sugar and keep the ruby in it overnight. This process is done to remove the negative energies from the stone.

  • In the morning, you have to perform puja of the lord Sun to receive his blessings. While wearing ruby, chant Surya Mantra “Om SuryahaNamaha” for 108 times.


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