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Retrograde planets in astrology

By definition, a retrograde planet is one that is moving backward in the sky. According to the real facts at least one planet is in retrograde motion about 80% of the time. The significance of the retrograde planet is much deep and complex in Astrology. In Vedic Astrology, also known as Vakri Graha in Jyotish the meaning and effects of the Retrograde planets is a subject to diversity of opinion. In order to understand the effects of the retrograde planets, we must know about the movements of the planets. According to Vedic Astrology, the sun and the moon are always in direct motion that is they never move backward. Rahu and Ketu always move backward that is they are in retrograde motion. There are five planets that have both direct and seemingly retrograde motion, those planets are, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn. 

Meaning of retrograde planets in astrology

In the solar system, the planets are revolving around the sun with their speeds varying. Our planet earth is also doing the same thing. The earth is taken as the reference point while doing all the calculations. A planet seemingly moving in the backward direction is an illusion, as all the planets revolve around the sun in the same direction. When there is a relative difference in the speed of the planet, they appear to be in the retrograde motion. When a planet appears closest to the earth, in that apparent moment the retrograde motion occurs. This is the particular moment that a particular planet is called a retrograde planet. Let’s explain the concept of a retrograde movement through an example. Two trains are moving in the same direction in parallel tracks. Call them “A” and “B”. If B’s speed is less than A then to the passengers of A, train B would appear to be moving in the backward direction. Basically, retrograde motion is an illusionary side-effect of planetary proximity. In astrology what we see is more important and acceptable. The effects of the planets should be based on this particular logic. 

Depending on the different looping shapes there are at least eight different types of retrograde for each planet. The planets which are closest to the earth for them the loops of shapes vary more than the planets far from the earth. When the planets Venus, Mercury, and Mars come closer to the earth they all come in their respective retrograde, and they penetrate the interior heart space. Their loop shapes are more exaggerated as they are more extreme in the distance the planet moves away from the ecliptic. We can conclude that the retrogrades of the just mentioned planets are the most personal, the most challenging and require the biggest adjustments.    

Impact of Retrograde planets 

The most difficult parameter to judge in a Horoscope are the retrograde planets. They sometimes give many unexpected results. It can be both good and bad. Since the retrograde motion is radically different than the normal one, it is often considered as disruptive. Does the question arise that whether it is a good disruptive or bad one? It could be experienced as less disruptive when we know it’s coming and plan for it in advance. Relaxing our expectations, taking less granted, and becoming more observant can prove to be some of the beneficial practices. The problems we perceive due to retrograde maybe because we are too close to someone or something to see it objectively. Changing our perspectives, taking off some time, getting a little distance, these activities could prove to be beneficial. 

The retrograde misadventures can sometimes become worth it and transformative. The karakatwa or significations of the retrograde planets in Vedic astrology suffers a lot. The house occupied by the retrograde planets does not function at its best and the energy of a planet is not allowed to flow normally.  Retrograde planets, also known as Vakri Graha, often bring some amount of unfulfilled desire from the past life. We need to learn the karmic Lessons attached to that planet in this life in order to experience fewer effects of the retrograde planets. 

According to the karmic lessons,we have some unfulfilled work related to the significations of the Vakri Graha of our chart and we need to fulfill the work in this birth and in course we tend to learn some karmic lesson out of it. We have to understand that the unfulfilled desire is very intense from the past life if the Atmakarka Planet is a Vakri Graha in the horoscope. Let’s get an insight to the concept with the help of an example. Suppose we see a Beautiful car on the Road. In a particular situation, we sometime may want to stop and look back to see the car again. Our desire to see the car was not fulfilled with one glance and so to fulfill the desire we again look back the car again, in order to satisfy ourselves. The Retrograde planets are also very much similar to this. It also indicates the unfulfilled desire or pending karma from previous birth regarding the significance of that Planet.

Retrograde Mercury:  

Mercury is considered to be the significator of Communication, Logic, grasping ability, intelligence, etc. in vedic Astrology.Therefore, it will affect intelligence, communication skills, etc. When Mercury is shown as Vakri in chart it shows that some sort of karmic lesson regarding the communication, intelligence, etc. needs to be understood in this life.

Retrograde Mars:

Mars is considered to be the significator of War. It signifies anger, courage, aggression, etc. in vedic astrology. It is the planet of Action. It is the warrior or commander. When Mars is shown as Vakri in chart it shows that some sort of karmic lesson regarding the anger, courage, action, etc. needs to be understood in this life.

Jupiter Retrograde :

Jupiter is considered to be the significator of wisdom, expansion, wealth, etc. When Jupiter is shown asVakri in birth chart it shows that some sort of karmic lesson regarding Self-development needs to be understood in this life.

Venus Retrograde:

Venus is considered to be the significator of luxury, comfort, beauty, the spirit of joy, romance, etc. When Venus is shown as Vakri in birth chart it shows that some sort of karmic lesson regarding the misbehavior with the spouse needs to be understood in this life.

Saturn Retrograde:

Saturn retrograde in a chart represents the neglecting of responsibilities in the past or previous life. When Saturn is shown as Vakri in birth chart it shows that some sort of karmic lesson regarding the unfinished responsibilities needs to be understood in this life.

It can be concluded that the results of retrograde planets in Vedic astrology are contrary to expectations. They are always inconsistent and unpredictable.


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