Rahu and Venus Conjunction

Rahu and Venus Conjunction


Rahu and Venus Conjunction in Astrology - Effect In Each House

These 2 planets are very closely connected. Venus governs love, relationship, luxury, fame, and money while Rahu increases these things of Venus to a great degree. This combination makes an individual good looking therefore tending to magnetize the opposite sex more. These people develop an obsession for love and relationship. They can cross the limits for an individual they are in love with doesn’t matter geographical or cultural distances.

The existence of Rahu increases the possibilities of falling in love with an individual having a far-off geographical background. Energies of these 2 planets together make an individual slightly obsessed with comfort, love and money. The individual with this combo gets very sexually active. The individual has attractive looks. They desire undivided attention of their companion. They believe in perfect relationship and crosses limits to fulfill that view. Remaining single isn’t in his nature.


Rahu and Venus in the first house

•The first House signifies appearance, self-expression, temperament and ego.

•Person has magnificent looks. The woman is very beautiful and possesses an attractive personality.

•Person becomes highly ambitious about career and victory which will make him attain financial stability at a really early age of life.

•Man will fall in love with an attractive woman really easily.  At times, he will be carried away by her beauty, ignoring internal qualities.

•There are great possibilities of having extramarital affairs because individual gets easily disinterested in partner. He holds a powerful want for love and physical relationship and will by no means compromise on it.


Rahu and Venus in the second house

• The second house represents possessions and income. Herein, person receives whelming results.

• Rahu and Venus make an individual risk bearer. This can also fetch financial success. Person might also steep down to such level where he earns wealth via illegal methods.

• Person suffers from marital discord that will leads to many disagreements in marriage life.

• Second house will bring enough wealth for luxury and comfort life from his regular job. Job will give good return of money.

• The combination in second house can give birth to Vani dosha and native tends to use offensive words which can act as an obstacle in his personality.


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Rahu and Venus in the third house

• Third house negatively affects the self-confidence of a person.

• Natives will have to face many troubles in regard to luck in his life. He is estimated to be blessed with many sisters.

• Native’s relationship with kin might also get affected due to their nature and trust issues.


Rahu and Venus in the fourth house

• The fourth House is the habitat of all the worldly luxuries and possession. Herein, this combination is somewhat incredibly prosperous in terms of money.

• Native will be blessed with a luxurious vehicles and house.

• Natives might face a problem with studies often due to lack of focus and distraction.

• The mother of the individual having this combination will counter health issues and will fall ill frequently.


Rahu and Venus in the fifth house

• Fifth house is renowned for Purva Punyam. Rahu in 5th house symbolizes Upasana of Kshudra devata. However when Venus is the overriding element of this house this can guide to having a physical relationship with more than 1 woman.

• The issue in begetting a child will be encountered and to cure this person will have to do remedies.


Rahu and Venus in the sixth house

• Person will face many diseases and therefore he should be very careful of his health. He will have discord with his co-workers.

• Person will encounter several of mental health issues and tension due to a lack of peace.

• His co-workers or partner might cheat him.


Rahu and Venus in the seventh house

• The seventh house signifies all types of partnerships whether personal or professional.

• Person indulges in extramarital affairs. Person tends to marry someone from a different geographical background or caste.

• Person’s partner might have a short life.

• Person might face unexpected losses in business.


Rahu and Venus in the eighth house

• This is the house of longevity and death.

• There are possibilities of having diseases such as AIDS and disease concerning the lower part of the body. Person should be careful about his health and take appropriate care.

• Person might indulge himself in tantra and mantra.

• Person will be attracted by outer beauty and will ignore other qualities.


Rahu and Venus in the ninth house

• Person can switch from 1 religion to another.

• Support of father is much required to attain success and maintain fortune for the person.


Rahu and Venus in the tenth house

• The tenth House is dominion of career and profession. Person attains the ultimate success.

• 10th house with this conjunction supports careers like entertainment, media, acting and dance. If talent is used properly tremendous success can be attained.


Rahu and Venus in the eleventh house

• The eleventh house signifies finance. It is Dhana Bhava.

• Huge financial triumph and fame are attracted.

• There is a likelihood of gaining wealth via illegal means due to the need for earning wealth and obtaining luxurious comfort.


Rahu and Venus in the twelfth house

• 12th house signifies self-undoing. This combination here is a blast.

• Here, this combo can lead to poverty. Nonetheless, mercifully, there are remedies for the same.

• Regardless of the challenges, person has a likelihood of settling abroad.

• Spirituality can fetch balance in financial standing and can cure poverty.


Profession related to the conjunction of Rahu and Venus

This combo makes person interested in film production, acting, beautician etc. Occupation tremendously returning fame-money will always fascinate anyone with this conjunction. Person might pay the cost of cheating in his profession. They will possess diplomacy in their method of dealing with stuff.


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