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Predicting The Spouse Name

Marriage is something that fascinates everyone. People of marriageable age always think about how their partner will be like, what will be their name, how will be their behaviour. Through astrology, we can help you predict your spouse’s name. With the help of astrology, you can get the answers to all your questions related to your marriage as well as a life partner. So, if you want to read about the name of your future spouse, you should read this article:

Predicting The Spouse Name 

Predicting the name of the spouse with the help of a horoscope may be a little complicated task. This is even a bigger problem since people nowadays do not name their children according to Rashi or Lagna. However, you need not worry. Astrology will get you all the answers.

The house related to the marriage partner is the 7th house. With the help of the 7th house, the lord of the 7th house, the depositor of the 7th lord and the nakshatra lord of the 7th house, we will be predicting the name of your spouse in astrology.

Different nakshatras denoted different names. Therefore, according to these letters, the name of the future spouse is determined. 


A, E, U
V, O
V, K
 Ardra G
Punarvasu K, H

H, D
Poorva Phalguni
Uttara Phalguni
S, N
P, R
R, T

Y, B
G, S
S, D
Uttarabhadra D, J, C, T

There are chances that the spouse will have a middle name if the 7th house or the 7th house lord is placed in a double-bodied sign like Sagittarius, Gemini, or Pisces. 

The name may also be related to the names of the rivers if the 7th house or the 7th house lord is in watery signs. 

If we want to know the first letter or name of the future spouse, then we have to look into the Lagna chart. In the Lagna chart, the position of the 7th lord, planets, Nakshatra and its pada and the lord of the nakshatra direction should be taken into consideration. It will determine not only the name but also nature of the spouse. Then the next step is to check the lord of the nakshatra and the position of the lord of the nakshatra in the horoscope.

Along with all these, the following is the list that should be ready to reveal the name of the future spouse: 

For Males: 

The name of the male house will be related to religion with the influence of the House of Tapa and Moksha in the 9th house, which is a house of Dharma and luck.

When the planet Jupiter (Guru) is in Rahu nakshatra of 3 pada, the spouse will have his name starting with R since Swati nakshatra is associated with the letters Ra, Ro, Ru, Re, Taa. 

For Females: 

There are various conditions for determining the name of the females. One of those is Hasta Nakshatra. Hasta Nakshatra is ruled by ‘Pu’ Sha’ ‘Na’ and ‘Tha’. therefore, if the 7th depositor is in the 1st pada in the hasta nakshatra, then the females will have their names with these ‘Pu’ ‘Sha’ ‘Na’ or Tha’, most specifically starting with ‘Na’. and since Hasta Nakshatra is sitting on the dual sign, the chances are that the name will be a combination of two names.

The Personality of the Spouse

If a person wants to know about their future life partner more than just the initial letters of their names, then they have to consider the Upapada Lagna. This Lagna reveals the nature and personality of the future spouse.

The other name of the Upapada is ‘Arudha’ of the 12th Bhava’, which is used to indicate what will the native think or how they will take their spouse. Moreover, the growth of the relationship between the native with that of their spouse depends on the relationship between the lord of the Upapada and the Lagna lord. If the position of the Upapada is on the auspicious location like in Trines or in Kendra along with its position on the Trine to the Lagna of the spouse, then the marriage is considered very good.

However, the position of the lord of the Upapada in the 12th house indicates that the native and their future spouse has fewer chances of growth together. It is also an indication of the problems and the hurdles that the marriage and the people involved in that marriage have to go through. This involves delays in marriage, unnecessary disputes, fights, etc.

The indication of the personality of the spouse depends on the nature of the planet placed in the Upapada. For instance, if the Moon is deposited in the Upapada and the basic nature of the Moon is emotional and caring, then the nature of the future spouse will consist of these traits. 

Furthermore, we also have to take the Rashi of the Upapada into consideration. It should be in an auspicious position along with the Lagna of the native. Also, there should not be any malefic influence. Therefore, the more auspicious position Upapada Lagna Rashi will have, the more good and flourishing relationship native will have with their future spouse. Then, if there is even a slightest of affliction in the Upapada Lagna Rashi, then all the nature of the spouse as well as the relationship of the native with them will change. If there is any malefic effects or affliction on this Upapada Lagna Rashi, then the compatibility between the native and their spouse will be gradually affected. 


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