Pisces Woman


Pisces Woman

Nobody can fully comprehend the inner workings of a Pisces woman's psyche. Women born under the sign of Pisces are secretive and seductive. They, too, are passionate and spiritual by nature. They're a lot of fun to see. Their dreams are vivid and have a depth to them that a human cannot comprehend.


The Basic Pisces Woman Traits and Characteristics

Despite the fact that she appears to be formed totally of flesh and blood, there is something mystical about the way she floats through space like a mythical goddess, always draped in flowing silks. Her air of knowledge gives you the feeling that you're dealing with a very ancient soul right away. Piscean women swim through rivers and oceans, with powerful sentiments and high personality undertakings.

This water sign, which is ruled by Neptune and symbolised by two swimming Fishes, has a strong, empathetic, and sensitive nature. Women of the fishes have spiritual or intuitive skills as well, and they frequently employ these abilities in their job. She pays a lot of attention to the unknown in her life, whether it's her own intuition, her ideas, or the domain of spirituality and faith.

Pisces ladies are known for their soft-hearted attitudes and are always battling for the underdogs. She is a deeply sensitive person who is moved to tears by tragic movies and even sentimental dog food commercials.

Piscean ladies treat their friends and strangers with respect. At any meeting, the Pisces lady would either be the quiet one in the corner listening to people's concerns or the outgoing greeter greeting everyone pleasantly. It all depends on how she's feeling!


Pisces Women Work Ethics

Pisces natives aspire to work in a field that allows them to follow their dreams. They are very sensitive and creative individuals. Such imaginative individuals have a vision of how they want to live and it is up to them to make it a reality. Pisces-born people are driven by their innate creative instinct; therefore, they should prioritize job fulfilment over monetary rewards at first.

Getting a sense of satisfaction from their employment is usually their first line of assault. As a result, a sensitive Pisces will frequently strive to strike a compromise between their financial goals and their desire to realise their aspirations.


Trusting Your Pisces Woman

She finds it difficult to tell the truth at times. The unpredictability of some people's emotions may be quite upsetting to her, and her introverted, frail character makes her fear that she won't be able to defend herself from someone's wrath or grief. As a result, she will frequently feel compelled to be dishonest, particularly if she has already been burnt by angry outbursts. The fundamental issue is that she has no confidence in anyone and hence cannot be trusted. She requires someone who will not pass judgement on her, shout at her, or respond emotionally to what she has to say. If she cannot find such a spouse, she will have to develop an inner feeling of security and be unafraid to expect anything from others.


Pisces Woman Likes and Dislikes

She is sweet, sympathetic, and intriguing, and when she is in love, she will go to any length for her lover. She will inspire and uplift, taking her loved ones with her as she soars above the sky. On the other side, she is unreliable, changes her mind at the slightest adversity, and can leave a relationship at any time if it no longer serves its purpose.


Pisces Women in Love

If a Pisces lady falls in love, she will resemble exalted Venus in Pisces, who is ecstatic, inspired, and fascinated. Her focus will be solely on object of her desire, and she will savour every instant of surge of emotions that flow through her veins. She begins to act like a small child as soon as she senses love, confident that this person is The One. When she is in love, her joy and beauty flow easily, and she will draw great power from her sentiments, as if world has finally made sense. Emotions will recharge her batteries no matter how long connection lasts since it is logical times in life that deplete her energy.

Magic and wonder, like the deep blue watery, amazing cosmos, are what a loving Pisces lady desires. She likes falling in love; it's a romantic ideal and a wistful reverie for her. Her senses are being seduced, and she would prefer not be anywhere else.

It's easy to fall under her spell and lose yourself in her company, but she's also deluded about her love life and has a habit of falling for utterly inappropriate men. Her specialty is star-crossed lovers, and she is a rabid fan of tragic love stories, even if it is her own.

Piscean lady and romance are like a summer storm, ranging from warmth of a welcome rain to thunder and lightning crashes, then to the calm tranquillity of its departure. She offers all when it comes to love.

She'll require a companion that can protect her and make her happy since her relationships are creative, delicate, and emotional. She is sympathetic in her relationships, recalling the richness of the seas, and she may be prone to over-giving.

Piscean ladies are very sensitive to the needs of others. They are givers in a world that is dominated by takers. These wonderful women are here to help us. This is their objective; nevertheless, please do not take advantage of them.


Pisces Woman Compatibility with Others Signs

When life becomes rough, Pisceans are introspective, timid, fragile, and introverted, often turning inward and requiring time alone, and even burying their heads entirely in the sand in the hopes that their troubles would just go away if they are ignored. They have a great proclivity for being spacious, lost, and ignored, therefore they must be always alert in order to maintain everything in order. Pisces, on the other hand, may be a very attractive and appealing sign.

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