North East Direction in Vastushastra

North east direction in Vastushastra for the home/ offices/ flat

According to Vastushastra, buildings or plots facing northeast are desirable. According to Vastu, those who live in a north east corner house have a lot of success in life. According to Vastu principles, the north east direction encourages creativity and new prospects.

The work desk should be facing south-west, and your working position should be facing northeast, with no obstructions such as a door, window, or balcony behind the workstation. This reduces tension while also improving a person's attentiveness.

Setting up your work desk towards the northeast direction is not suggested. However, if it's the only alternative, you can go ahead and put the work desk in the southwest corner of such a room. Furthermore, for individuals in creative vocations such as writing, design, and even accountants, the northern room of your home might be a productive location.


Significance of north east direction in Vastu

In Vaastu Shastra, the northeast direction is extremely important, and if used correctly, it can have a favourable impact on our life.

According to Vedic texts, the northeast denotes the Vaastu Purush's head, also known as 'Ishaanya Konya.' According to calculations, experiences, and research, everything placed in the northeast direction of any location begins to reflect its attributes in the tenants' brains. As a result, we refer to the North East as "The House's Brain."

Jupiter is also the ruling planet of the north-eastern hemisphere. As a result, it denotes good fortune, growth, and expansion. As a result, while analysing vastu for any home or plot, the north east orientation has traditionally been considered the most important.


What thing you should keep in north east direction in Vastushastra

Water bodies placed in north-eastern corner of your home symbolize the flow of the positive energy. A water feature, such as a small fountain, a water garden, or another water feature, could be added.


What things you should not keep in north east direction in Vastushastra

The north east corner of a house or office should never be dirty, and a dustbin should never be placed here. Also, make sure that your children do not deface the walls of this direction with their toys or by drawing on them with pencils or chalk. Maintaining a dirty path diminishes the positive energy in the house as well as the flow of money. As a result, cleaning the north-east direction is necessary to increase positive energy and maintain the house's success.


North east directions problems and their remedies

Toilet in North East

The vastu dosha of a north east vastu is the lack of a bathroom or toilet. Building up negative water energy in the deity's home is extremely unlucky. To counteract the negative consequences-

·  Elixer should be placed at this location.

·  Fill a bowl with sea salt and place it in the North East Toilet. Replace the salt once a week at the very least.

·  Keep a houseplant that can absorb a lot of negative energy, such as a spider plant or a money plant.

·  Keep an indoor plant or spray air freshener in the toilet to keep it fresh.

·  If you have two bathrooms, take bath exclusively in the toilet in the north east corner.


Kitchen in North East

Our daily meals are prepared in the kitchen. To protect our nutrition and health, it is critical to preserve it vastu-perfect. Having vastu dosh in this area can cause serious health problems. Follow the steps below to counteract these effects:

·  Yellow Jaisalmer Marble should be placed under the gas stove.

·  Fill a bowl with sea salt and place it in the North East Toilet. Replace the salt once a week at the very least.

·  Place a "Elixer".


Overhead Water tank in North East

The house's Earth element is represented by the overhead water tank. Follow-up is necessary to counteract the negative impacts of incorrect placement.

·  Paint water tank with the Blue color.

·  Move water tank in South West zone.


Septic Tank in North East

Septic tank, builds negative water energy. To eliminate its ill-effects, try-

·  Paint septic tank in the Blue color.

·  Move it away from north east corner as soon as possible.

·  Place a “Elixer”


 Cut in North East

Having a sharp edge or cut in north east can be fixed with these remedies-

·  Put a pyramid in the North East Vastu Zone.

·  Place 1 mirror on the North East outer wall, this way an illusion of extension of the North East corner is created.

·  Place a “Elixer”


These are some basic solutions that can help you get rid of your vastu doshas in the north east. It's important to realise, however, that these vastu cures only diminish the negative symptoms of vastu doshas, not the problem itself.

Let's imagine you're out strolling in broad daylight, the sun is shining brightly, and you're getting sunburn. You can only protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays with an umbrella or hat, but you can't make it go away.


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