Moon in 3rd house

Moon in 3rd house

Moon in 3rd house


Moon in 3rd house For Aries ascendant

It’s an Aries ascendant chart where moon with cancer sign rules the 4th house and sits in Gemini in 3rd house. Native finds tranquility in talking to siblings and surrounding people. Native will possess hundreds of business ideas crossing his mind simultaneously. Natives will be expansive and may acquire teaching as profession and their mother might also be in teaching profession.


Moon in 3rd house For Taurus ascendant

It’s a Taurus ascendant chart where moon with Cancer sign is ruling the 3rd house and is sitting in 3rd house. In disparity the native will be having an emotive and delicate way of communication, which they inherit from their mother. They have an emotional relationship with siblings. They can be good author when it comes to emotional topics. Mother plays a very important role in their life.


Moon in 3rd house For Gemini ascendant

It’s a Gemini ascendant chart where moon with Cancer sign is ruling the 2nd house and sits in Leo in the 3rd house. Mother here dispenses resources and setup but yet she will face difficult times in her life. Moon in the 3rd house exhibits that the native’s mind will be occupied with skills, self-effort and hobbies. Natives will be good orators. Their way of communication with other people will be motherly and they will possess an emotional connection with people they communicate.


Moon in 3rd house For Cancer ascendant

It’s a Cancer ascendant chart where moon is ruling the 1st house while sitting in the 3rd house. Native shares an emotional bond with siblings. Native’s mother has to face difficult times in life but will possess a sibling like bond with the native. It exhibits that either mother or sibling will be in longtime ailment or healing field.


Moon in 3rd house For Leo ascendant

It’s a Leo ascendant chart where moon with Cancer sign rules the 12th house and sits in Libra in 3rd house. Since moon is in sign of balancing Libra native will desire to have a balanced communication with everyone. Mind will be occupied with relation with siblings which will be emotional and balanced. Their communication skills will be highly influenced by their mother.  Native may get involved in female or kids based product trading.


Moon in 3rd house For Virgo ascendant

It’s a Virgo ascendant chart where moon with Cancer sign rules the 11th house and sits in Scorpio in 3rd house, where it’s debilitated. Native will share transformative relation with siblings if the moon is closer to the exact debilitation degree. Relations with mother may suffer. It also exhibits a very intense mind that digs deep in every subject. Native may be earning using skills of occult, investigation, research and mysticism.


Moon in 3rd house For Libra ascendant

It’s a Libra Ascendant chart where moon with Cancer sign rules the 10th house and sits in Sagittarius in 3rd house. Natives work environment goes towards philosophy, religion and Law. And they are emotionally attached to the same. They may also become teacher and preachers.  They will be tender beings.


Moon in 3rd house For Scorpio ascendant

It’s a Scorpio ascendant chart where moon with Cancer sign rules the 9th house and sits in Capricorn in 3rd house. Native’s mother travels a lot and plays a disciplinary role, hence the naïve feels lack of care and nourishment from her. Person will be emotionally attached to religion and greater knowledge but till age 30, they won’t have access to real gurus and knowledge. This position of moon can make the person hardcore about religious stuff.


Moon in 3rd house For Sagittarius ascendant

It’s a Sagittarius ascendant chart where moon with Cancer sign rules the8th house and sits in Aquarius in 3rd house.  It exhibits that the natives have a scientific and rational mindset in relation to occult and mysticism. These people do the scientific analysis of issues related to the 8th house and try to find out how it can be used for the benefit of the world. It also that mother will be equally scientific. It also exhibits that the native may be involved in healing people at the times of emergency as a kind hearted nurse.


Moon in 3rd house For Capricorn ascendant

It’s a Capricorn ascendant chart where moon with Cancer sign rules the 7th house and sits in Pisces in 3rd house. This shows that the life partner they get will be very emotional and will take care of the native like mother does. It exhibits that the communication type of the native is transformed to emotional one because of their spouse. Native receives a lot of spiritual wisdom and creative imagination from the spouse. Spouse helps the native to improve their pursuits and communication skills and develop their own business.


Moon in 3rd house For Aquarius ascendant

Its Aquarius ascendant chart where moon with Cancer sign rules the 6th house an sits in Aries in the 3rd house. These natives can be healers who takes care of the under privileged people and nurtures them. Their mind will be inclined towards charity work and service to other and at the very same moment they will also possess a very aggressive and active mindset. When it comes to helping others they will be the originator of innovative ideas and will be the first to take initiatives. It also exhibits that the native’s mother was also a very communicative and active woman. 


Moon in 3rd house For Pisces ascendant

It’s a Pisces ascendant chart where moon with Cancer sign rules the 5th house and sits in Taurus in the 3rd house, where it’s exalted. This exhibits that the native will have a very good voice and may become a singer. They will have an emotional bond with their younger siblings and they will also be emotionally attached to education and hobbies. Whenever they study something they form an emotional connection with the subject. , if they pursue acting they will go for the emotional roles.


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