Lucky Colour According to Rashi

Lucky colour for Aries red, white, pink

Aries is the first zodiac sign ruled by the planet Mars and it is also a fire sign. Arians are fiery and brave because they are born under the fire sign.

Aries is connected with deep red because it best represents their passionate and energetic nature.

Arians, who are known for their high levels of energy, require something to help them relax. The colours white, pink, and yellow help them relax.



Lucky colour for Taurus pink pastel shades, earth design colours and white

Taurus is a fixed earth element sign with Venus as its ruling planet. Pink, cream, and white are good colours for this star sign since they go well with their calm and collected demeanor.

Green and earthy colours such as brown and beige are also regarded to be lucky for Taurians.

Red is a colour to stay away from.


Lucky colour of Gemini green and yellow

The planet Mercury rules Gemini, which is airy and dual in character. Geminis are creative people who value expansion, therefore the colour green is thought to bring them happiness and success.

Yellow, pink, and white are some fortunate colours that a Gemini could select.

Avoid these colours: Blue and red are complementary colours.



Lucky colour of Leo is gold, purple and reddish

Leo, once again, is a fire sign controlled by the sun. This zodiac sign is flamboyant, enjoys being in the spotlight, and has a royal status. As a result, the colour orange gives a touch of intrigue and charm to their image. Purple and red are other colours that are good for Leos.

Avoid the following colours: Pale, pastel colours


Lucky colour of Cancer sea green, blue, white and yellow

The Moon rules this Zodiac sign, which is connected with soothing and receptive colours such as blue, sea green, cream, and white.

Yellow is also seen to be a lucky colour for cancer patients who are creative, intelligent, and kind.

Black is a colour to stay away from.


Lucky colour of Scorpio black, maroon and dark purple

Scorpios are dominated by Mars and have a mysterious aura about them. They are also extremely emotional individuals. The cryptic and passionate essence of this sign is captured by the maroon colour.

Scorpios benefit from colours like purple, crimson, green, and black.

Avoid these colours: Colors that are pale and pastel


Lucky colour of Libra pink, blue, green

The planet Venus rules Libra, which is an air sign. Libras prefer things to be tidy and appealing to the eye. They get a kick out of balancing and harmonizing things.

The colour light blue is ideal for this peace-loving sign. A Libra should wear white, pink, or any bright colour.

Avoid these colours: Red


Lucky colour of Virgo green and pastel colours

Virgo is an earth sign, and its inhabitants are rational, humble, and perfectionist by nature. Virgos are drawn to pastel and neutral colours of all kinds, from mauve to blue and light pink.

Greens like moss green and bottle green are also complementary to the Virgo personality.

Red is a colour to stay away from.


Lucky colour of Aquarius blue, electric blue

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, thus psychedelic colours are more appealing to them.

Aquarius people are educated, self-reliant, and unorthodox. Purple, violet, and blue are the colours that best complement their amazing characteristics.

Aquarius is often associated with white and bright colours.

Green is a colour to stay away from.


Lucky colour of Capricorn brown, black and grey

Capricorn, the tenth zodiac sign, is a moveable earth element sign, so earthy colours like brown and khaki are fortunate for Capricorns.

Capricorns can also benefit from the colours black, purple, and dark green.

Avoid these colours: Yellow and red


Lucky colour of Sagittarius yellow and purple

People born under the sign of Sagittarius are the most enjoyable to be around. They're also intelligent, friendly, and upbeat. The colours dark yellow and orange are ideal for a Sagittarian since they complement their upbeat personality.

Cream, green, and white, as well as purple, are fortunate colours for Sagittarius.

Blue is a colour to stay away from. 


Lucky colour of Pisces light yellow and lavender, light sea green

Pisces has fire as its ruling sign, and Jupiter as its ruling planet. These are folks who are both emotional and determined. They're usually quite spiritual and have a lot of inquiries. To put it another way, they're givers.

Sea green and yellow are the auspicious colours for the zodiac sign Pisces, according to Vedic astrology.

Black and all strong, dramatic colours should be avoided.


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