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Lord Kuber's amazing story

The treasure is guarded by the infamous Kubera. Despite attempting to seize his temple, Lord Shiva bestowed upon him the superiority of being known as the "God of Wealth." We're all aware that people worship Lord Kubera and Goddess Lakshmi, and that this is considered auspicious.

Lakshmi is often misunderstood as the "Goddess of Wealth" in Indian mythology. On the other side, "Kuber" is really the God of Wealth, whereas Lakshmi is the "Goddess of Fortune." Because fortune is often connected with money, scepticism has grown.

Here is a fascinating tale of rags to riches (if we may call it that) or robber to demi-god.


Story of Lord Kuber

Shiva Puran says, a poor man named Gunnidhi lived millions of years ago. He couldn't even buy himself food because he didn't have any money. He would starve himself to sleep on days and rely on thievery on others.

He broke into a Shiva temple one night with the intention of stealing some food. However, he was perplexed by the abundance of costly gems, money, and other important items. He had a glint in his eyes and shivers down his spine all of a sudden. The diyas within the temple, however, went off like in a Bollywood film, and darkness descended in the blink of an eye. Gunnidhi attempted several times to ignite the Diya for light, but the wind always blew it away.

For a time, this went on. Finally, he removed his shirt and set fire to it, allowing him to escape. Lord Shiva admired his constancy and the fact that he revealed the truth in the midst of darkness. Hence, he blessed him to be the God of Wealth in his future life, demonstrating to us how readily Lord Shiva is delighted by his followers.


All about Lord Kubera

Kubera is sometimes portrayed as a dwarf with lotus-leaf complexion and large belly. He has three legs, just eight fangs, one eye, and is encrusted with diamonds, according to legend. On sometimes, he is portrayed riding a guy. Deformities like as broken teeth, three legs, three heads, and four limbs are only mentioned in later Puranic literature. In his hand, Kubera wields mace, a pomegranate, or a money bag. He may also be accompanied by a sheaf of diamonds or a mongoose. The mongoose is revered in Tibet as a sign of Kubera's victory against the wealth guards, the Ngas. In Buddhist imagery, Kubera is frequently portrayed with a mongoose.

Lord Kubera was a descendant of Lord Brahma's family in his next life. He was the son of Vishrava and Illavida when he was born. Vishrava also had four offspring with the demon princess Kaikesi: Ravana, Kumbhkarna, Vibhishana, and Surpanakha. According to legend, he was born in Sri Lanka, but his palace was taken from him by his half-brother, Ravana. Kubera's magical vehicle, Pushpaka Viman, was also taken away by him, and he was exiled from Lanka.

Lord Kubera is reported to have practised penance for thousands of years. Hence, the blessing from his previous life came into force, bestowing immortality on him and transforming him into the god of wealth and protector of all Earth's possessions.

In Hinduism, Lord Kuber is regarded as the deity of prosperity, and the Laughing Buddha is said to bring fortunate energy, money, and joyous benefits if put any place in the house, according to Feng Shui. To learn more about Feng Shui techniques for attracting prosperity and peace, go here.


Kuber Chalisa

Although there are particular Vedic mantras to summon the blessing of Lord Kuber, such as the Beeja or seed mantra, Shree Kuber Chalisa is one of the most simple and effective devotional songs to honour him. It includes forty (challis) hymns as well as the dohas (introductory and conclusive texts). Peace, prosperity, and ideal circumstances to create riches are the primary benefits of chanting or reciting Kuber Chalisa. Lord Kuber is mentioned in the Chalisa as one of the Dikpals protecting the northern direction and King Indra's doorway to Swarga (heaven).He is known as the lord of anna (food), water, and other necessities, as well as the governing deity of money as the treasurer. Kubera is the chief among Yakshas, serving his spiritual master, Lord Shiva, much as Parasurama is the chief among Rishis, Hanuman among the gods, and Bhima among humans. According to the Chalisa, anybody who meditates on Kubera with resolve comes out triumphant, has all of his blocked labour or duties untied, and never runs out of food grains.


Lord Kuber auspicious Puja to attract wealth

Kuber pooja is conducted on the festival of Dhanteras with the goal of acquiring genuine riches and prosperity. Those who are in business and seeking expansion, as well as those who are suffering financial difficulties or crises, must do the pooja in order to achieve success, riches, and happiness. Kuber Puja is performed just once a year, and Dhanteras is the most auspicious day for this Pooja.


9 avatar of Lord Kuber which brings Good Luck

  1. Ugra Kuber- removes adversaries, prosperity, and protection from one's life.
  2. Pushpa Kuber- assists in the formation of love relationships and marriages.
  3. Chandra Kuber- for the money and the chance to have a kid
  4. Peet Kuber- aids in financial matters and blessings in married life, as well as avoiding marital delays.
  5. Hans Kuber- assists in the resolution of legal and financial difficulties.
  6. Raag Kuber- for the advancement of cultural events, music, and education.
  7. Amrit Kuber- for health, wealth, and a cure for any ailment
  8. Praan Kuber- for debt relief and financial responsibilities.
  9. Dhan Kuber- He is the most powerful of Lord Kuber's incarnations.This Kuber grants the native's wishes, but only in accordance with their karma.


Yantra of Lord Kuber

Kuber Yanta is what you need in your life if you wish to attract riches, prosperity, and materialistic abundance. You may purchase it for yourself, a friend, or even a family member.

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