Ketu in Libra

Ketu in Libra

Libra is a balanced sign. Venus, the planet over which it is ruled, gets along well with Ketu. Both of these planets are also airy. One's capacity for management is enhanced when Ketu is in the sign that Venus rules. These folks are adept at maintaining balance. Since Libra is also a mutable sign, Ketu, the Dragon's tail, lends the native an inclination toward movement. People who have Ketu in this position in their horoscope have a great need for activity and change. Ketu also makes a lot of journeys here. Such individuals enjoy wandering and changing their locations frequently.

Additionally, the native's aggressive tendencies are enhanced by this Ketu placement. These people are frequently intelligent and diligent. They are gregarious and skilled in social situations. They are adept at responding in public. For these folks, the media industry turns out to be very lucrative. Additionally, Ketu in Libra causes its people to be irritable. These folks frequently exhibit stubbornness and dominance. Despite having a spiritual bent, they may become dishonest. Additionally, Ketu in Libra makes the native somewhat reliant on their family. Additionally, this positioning is frequently accompanied by skin issues. Ketu's placement in the Libra sign results in the shadow planet having a pleasant appearance and having some good effects on natives as a result of its friendly relationship with the Libra sign's ruling planet Venus. 

Natives with Ketu in Libra are thought-provoking individuals who benefit from Ketu's attitude by being more creative. On the other hand, their mental makeup would be erratic and unstable. These people are fundamentally kind and kind, yet their indecision occasionally prevents them from acting in those ways. People with Ketu in Libra tend to be very reliant on the relationships in their lives and lack personality diversity as a result of their high levels of sensitivity. In addition, the natives of Ketu in Libra placement struggle with proper expression.


Traits of Personality for Ketu in Libra

The native develops violent inclinations as a result of Ketu's placement in Libra. You tend to be intelligent and diligent. Because you like to chat, you're wonderful in public. You are adept at displaying your feelings in front of others. Ketu in Libra will occasionally force you to rely on your relatives. Despite having a spiritual bent, you occasionally wind up being dishonest. Given that Ketu causes a lot of travel, you will feel a great desire for activity and change when Ketu is in this position. You'll like going from one location to another.

At your core, you'll have compassion and generosity. You have a smart mentality and a creative imagination when Ketu is in Libra. In your previous existence, you were extremely fortunate and surrounded by comforts and extravagances. Your tendency to make sensations is strong in this life.


Positive traits of Ketu in Libra

Those who have Ketu in Libra have excellent prospects of increasing their wealth, particularly through their offspring. Venus and Ketu have amicable reciprocal relationships, therefore this placement may benefit the native in some ways.

You will have excellent management abilities as a result of this placement. You have a great lot of interpersonal and professional skills. In the media industry, you can achieve great success. You are perfectly aware of how to conduct oneself in public. Venus and Ketu have amicable reciprocal relationships, therefore this placement may benefit the native in some ways. 


Negative traits of Ketu in Libra

Ketu in Libra is not seen as a fortunate position and has detrimental effects on the native. Your reliance on your family symbolises a lack of independence as a result of this setting. You can also have an unstable and erratic mental makeup. Despite having a generous heart, you occasionally are unable to act on it because you lack judgement.

You could experience issues with your kidneys or intestines because Ketu is in Libra. Your partner or friends can possibly be putting you in risk. Drugs and prescription medications are also risky for you in this situation. There may be significant issues in your marriage. Your loss could be brought on by your partner. You have a propensity to switch jobs and friendships frequently when Ketu is in Libra.

This placement suggests that the native will feel humiliated. It's possible that you're friends with the wrong individuals. But you'll be a highly sociable person. Additionally, its positioning may make you irritable. Losses could also occur in your professional life. You may get discomfort in your lower abdomen if Ketu is in Libra. Additionally, internal sexual issues may exist. You're prone to experience issues with your skin. 


Effect of Ketu in Libra on Career

Land purchase and lucky family rituals are results of Ketu in Libra. The indigenous' belief that money cannot buy happiness makes now the ideal time for it. He gains the ability to make his own decisions. Natives of this combination dislike being alone and rely on others for assistance and advice. They favour spending time and money on expensive apparel, cosmetics, and other stuff. They adopt a considered approach to decision-making and believe in romance. These people frequently give generously. Since they are dependent on people, they lack individuality in their personalities.



Venus, which rules the astrological sign of Libra, is cordial with Ketu. Ketu's placement in Libra has both favourable and unfavourable consequences on the native. Despite being friendly with Venus, the native is more negatively affected by this placement than positively. Under this arrangement, you will grow reliant on your family, which also shows a lack of individuality.

You are more prone to experience issues with your stomach and lower abdomen as a result of this placement. Your digestive system will suffer, whether it's from constipation or indigestion. Disputes and unhappiness in your marriage are also likely to occur. Despite the fact that you have intense sexual fantasies, your placement prevents you from experiencing them. You will benefit from this employment by developing strong managerial skills and excellent public speaking abilities.


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