Ketu in Cancer

Ketu in Cancer

According to Vedic Astrology, Ketu is highly hostile to Cancer, which is controlled by the Moon. Cancer is a water sign, and the Moon, which rules over emotions and sentiments, rules this sign. Ketu in this position causes a lot of perplexity, which gives the native a negative personality. Such folks have a hard time comprehending their own feelings. They constantly consider the negative possibilities before the positive ones. All of their ideas and beliefs are tinged with uncertainty. As a shadow planet, Ketu in certain ways casts a shadow over the native's intellect, leading to misconceptions and obscurity.

People who are born with Ketu in Cancer are always filled with anxiety, doubt, and melancholy. These locals can occasionally develop phobias. They have an erratic and unstable intellect. In actuality, their thoughts are really vaporous. They are also vulnerable to stomach problems. Despite this, these people have compassion for other people. They have a mind that leans toward religion and are capable of going to extremes in terms of spirituality. They find it difficult to achieve mental tranquilly because of their excessively perplexing emotional identity. However, they have effective management abilities.


Traits of Personality for Ketu in Cancer

Because it causes so much confusion, Ketu in Cancer gives the native a negative personality. These folks struggle to comprehend their own emotions. Instead of being positive, their thoughts are perpetually negative. They have a feeling of uncertainty that skews all of their ideas and judgments. Given that Ketu is a shadow planet, it casts a shadow over the native's mind and causes confusion and misconceptions.

Individuals born with Ketu in Cancer experience grief, uncertainty, and fear. These locals can occasionally also develop phobias. Their thoughts are unpredictable and unwavering. In actuality, floaty ideas consume their minds. They might also experience stomach problems. However, these folks have compassion for other people. Their minds are attracted toward religion, and when it comes to spirituality, they can become very extreme. They struggle to obtain peace of mind because of their overly conflicted emotional personalities. They do, however, have strong management abilities. 


Positive traits of Ketu in Cancer 

Cancer controls emotions, thus it will make every effort to keep them under its control. But when Ketu is in Cancer, the native experiences all emotions in a healthy way. These locals don't tightly restrain their emotions.

The local would have a lot of success for his Guru and father with Ketu in Cancer. He or she is also more likely to have a son. However, this won't take place until the native's guru bestows his or her blessing. They expect a long life for their son. One is more likely to offer wise counsel while Ketu is in Cancer. He or she won't ever run out of cash.  


Negative traits of Ketu in Cancer 

The Moon rules over Cancer. Since Moon and Ketu are rivals, Ketu's influence in Cancer will primarily be detrimental to the native. The native will get more sensitive on the inside. He or she will always crave for emotional security, stability, and support. Natives with Ketu in Cancer struggle to trust others as a result. They will typically have a disconnected attitude toward their surroundings and the people in them. These folks are also more likely to have unstable minds and unstable lives.

Sometimes, people with Ketu in Cancer can become conceited. They might also envision living a nice and materialistic existence. The majority of them are dissatisfied with their lives as they currently stand. These people revere God and frequently base all of their choices in life on him.

The native will be in very poor health if Ketu is unfavourable in Cancer. It's possible that his or her mother will experience difficulties and lose their contentment. Diabetes can also affect someone like this.  


Effect of Ketu in Cancer for love and relationship

Those who have Ketu in Aries typically struggle with self-doubt. These folks typically don't show their entire selves to others. They just divulge what they choose to. People with Ketu in Aries frequently appear aloof and removed from others. Such people will always be fearful and anxious in relationships. In the long run, this can potentially end the relationship. These individuals need to interact with others and have conversations with them rather than remaining alone. They can achieve this by choosing hobbies they are skilled at and like so they can feel at ease with others. Another objective for these folks is to not hide and instead share of themselves.


Effect of Ketu in Cancer on Career

Ketu represents a terrible condition because of its detrimental effects in cancer. Moon is the planetary ruler of cancer. Moon and Ketu are seen to be natural rivals. The cancer locals become desirous of security and emotional support as a result. They have a volatile mind and struggle to trust others. They favour continuing to live a comfortable, materialistic life.



Generally speaking, Ketu in Cancer has a poor overall effect. Since Moon rules Cancer and Ketu and Moon are known to be fierce rivals, the overall impacts of Ketu's presence in Cancer are more adverse than advantageous. However, there are some benefits, such as the native with Ketu in Cancer giving wise counsel that is very beneficial to others. They are capable of experiencing all of their feelings, but in a sensible and healthy way. The natives may be blessed with a boy if Ketu is favourable in the sign of Cancer. However, they also require their guru's blessings for this. He will be quite fortunate for both his father and his guru. These folks also have compassion for other people. However, if Ketu is unfavourable in Cancer, it has a great deal of detrimental impacts on the native. There is a probability that the mother of the native will have difficulties and be unhappy. Additionally, they'll be in terrible condition and probably have diabetes. They aim to always lead a comfortable life filled with material goods.




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