Kajari Teej 2022

Kajari teej 2022 date

Sunday, 14 August

Kajari Teej 2022 in India


Why is kajari teej celebrated

Teej is a marriage-related event in India. Married women fast during the Teej festival, rigorously following the Kajari Teej vrat vidhi, for the longevity of their husbands and conjugal bliss. Unmarried girls and women also fast and pray for the fulfilment of their yearning for a suitable life partner. On the third day of the Bhadrapada's Krishna Paksha, the Kajli/Kajari Teej celebration is held. 'Kajli Teej' and 'Badi Teej' are other names for Kajari Teej. Married women worship Goddess Parvati in the form of Teej Mata at Kajari Teej (Kajari Teej).


Kajari teej vrat katha 2022

In a village lived a poor Brahmin whose wife was observing the Kajari Teej. Since his wife had no one from her maternal house who would provide her the Sattu (as per rituals) and as Sattu constitutes a crucial element of the Kajari Teej pooja, the wife of the Brahmin asked him to collect Sattu for her to complete pooja rites. The evening had already arrived, and the Brahmin told his wife that he didn't know where or how to procure the Sattu at that hour. His wife demanded that he buy it from someone since it was crucial. The Brahmin had no choice but to go out in search of Sattu, but he was unsuccessful. He saw a food store and decided to sneak into it, wondering how he could persuade Sattu to please his wife. When he couldn't find Sattu inside, he crushed up a quarter kilo of Chana (Gram), mixed it with Ghee and Sugar, and was ready to depart when he was caught by the business owner's servant, who mistook him for a thief. The business owner, who was also a moneylender, came to check what was going on after hearing the disturbance. He asked the terrified Brahmin what he had stolen when he saw him. The Brahmin admitted to being poor and explained why and what he had done. He went on to say that aside from that, he had stolen nothing else because he had no intention of stealing. When the shopkeeper's servant investigated what the Brahmin was carrying, it was discovered to be true.

The shopkeeper saw the Brahmin had gone to great lengths to gratify his wife. By that time, the Moon had already risen in the sky, and he needed to return home. The money leader/shop owner told the Brahmin that he would treat the Brahmin's wife as his sister from that point forward. So, in keeping with Kajari Teej tradition, the shop owner not only donated the Sattu, but also new garments, jewellery, Kajal, Mehendi, and a substantial sum of money. With the Sattu and everything else the shop owner had given him, the Brahmin returned home. His life had turned for the better, and he was now affluent and happy. The Kajari Teej observance can likewise transform the lives of those who participate into ones of prosperity and abundance.


Kajari teej kahani 2022

According to history and folklore surrounding Kajari Teej, there was once a great dense forest known as Kajali, controlled by King Dadurai, somewhere in central India. In honour of the gorgeous location, the inhabitants of his realm used to chant songs called Kajali. The death of King Dadurai was a watershed moment because the King's wife, Queen Nagamati, performed Sati. This awful turn of events grieved the people of Kajali. They wrote songs by improvising Raga Kajari, which were actually songs of separation and longing for the lover, and are still sung as popular folksongs by ladies who observe the Kajari Teej festival as part of the rituals.

Another legendary storey related with this festival is the storey of Goddess Parvati, who sought a marital and divine relationship with Lord Shiva (Kajari Teej ki Kahani). Goddess Parvati was so determined that she is supposed to have fasted for 108 years and underwent arduous penance. Despite the fact that Lord Shiva is said to be an ascetic, he was impressed with Goddess Parvati's determination and focus and accepted Divine union with her. This Divine marriage between Lord Shiva and Parvati Devi took place during the Krishna Paksha of the Bhadrapada month, afterwards known as Kajari Teej. On this day, it is regarded particularly auspicious to worship Goddess Parvati.


Kajari teej mahurat 2022

Tritiya Tithi Begins at 00:55:17 on August 14, 2022

Tritiya Tithi Ends at 22:37:32 on August 14, 2022


Kajari teej puja vidhi 2022

This important festival is related with Goddess Neemdi, also known as Neemdi Mata. On the day of Kajari Teej, Goddess Neemdi is venerated with great devotion. There is a custom of creating a pond-like structure utilising the support of a wall before performing the puja. The exterior borders of this building are strengthened and decorated with pure ghee and jaggery, and a twig of Neem is planted nearby. Inside the pond, raw milk and water are poured, and a lamp (diya) is lit and maintained nearby. Lemon, cucumber, bananas, apples, sattu, vermillion, sacred thread, whole rice, and other items adorn the Puja thali (plate). Raw milk is placed in a vase, and Goddess worship should be performed in the evening according to the rituals (Puja Vidhi) listed below:

·  Rice is offered to Goddess Neemdi in addition to water and sindoor.

·  13 dots are drawn on the wall behind the Goddess with henna, vermillion, and black eyeliner. The little finger is used to make the henna and vermillion dots, while the ring finger is used to make the 13 kohl dots.

·  Goddess Neemdi is also given henna, eyeliner, and garments after receiving the sacred thread. The sacred thread is decorated on the wall by using the dots marked on it.

·  Offer Goddess Neemdi fruits or other oblations. Apply a vermilion Tilak to the Puja Kalash (holy vessel) and wrap it in the sacred thread.

·  Look at the lemon, cucumber, neem twig, nosepin, and other plants in the light of the diya (lamp) beside the pond. Offer Arghya to the Moon God after that.


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