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IT Career in Astrology

Coming towards the topic of occupation under the astrological charts of the twelve astrological houses, the career choice a person is usually determined under the 10th house of the Chandra Kundli. However, it is not as easy to detect the exact potential and apt career of the native because there are only nine planets and twelve sun signs. The professions in the world are uncountable, hence one cannot know what career they might end up with or eventually choose, but it is highly possible to be aware of which field they hold the most potential in. 

Personal professions can be roughly figured by the native’s ruling planet since judging career options is one of the areas the faces a high amount of conundrums. 

However, one can try to follow the simple ideologies of Vedic astrology and try to determine the categorization of the cluster that has a vast number of professions embedded in them. 

In Hindu Astrology one can lay their hands on the prediction of the profession they can find success in by combining the charts of the twelve houses and the birth planet/s.


The planets that have the capability of bringing a successful career for that native in Information technology through astrology are- 

1.    Moon: It becomes the most important planet for the native to rule the occupation preferences through astrology because it controls the mind and decisions are made with the help and decisions of the mind. 

2.    Rahu: Rahu attracts all professions related to physics, science, and engineering. 

3.    Mercury: Mercury settles the language criteria and it is highly possible that if Mercury rules the native’s charts then he will be skilled with programming languages. 

4.    Mars: It is the planet for engineering and technology. 

5.    Venus: Venus again plays an important role in computer languages like Java and C++.

6.    Ketu: The native-born under Ketu has the capacity to engage the native into a profession that relates to science and research.

7.    Saturn: At last it is Saturn which rules the charts for a native who is highly likely to pursue careers like mechanical engineering, machines, motors, and stimulators. 

All these planets are in a chronological pattern keeping in mind the highest to lowest impact from the planet can hold the field of IT.

The houses that are most important for a native to find success in IT are 1st house, 3rd house, 5th house, 9th house and 10th house

The zodiac signs that portray the ability to pursue Information Technology within the realm of careers for it's native are Gemini, Aquarius, Aries, Virgo, Scorpio, and Capricorn. 

This was how one can help a native to determine his scope in Information Technology in Astrology.

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