Holi 2022

Holi 2022


This celebration, which is one of the most well-known in the country, is eagerly anticipated in most sections of the country. People join together with their loved ones, forgetting all their grudges and celebrating this "love festival." This festival begins on the eve of Purnima, the day of the full moon, in the month of Phalguna, and ends on the eve of Purnima, the day of the full moon, in the month of Phalguna. The evening is filled with celebrations surrounding the Holika Dahan, or Choti Holi as it is often called. The next day begins with a flurry of colours that drench people in many hues, much like our country's diversity, which makes us unique while remaining one and the same.

The bright colours bring a sense of joy and enthusiasm into our lives, allowing everyone to enjoy the fun events of the day. The nights are typically highlighted by get-togethers where people gather to savour wonderful dishes while creating lasting memories.

Holashtak 2022 begins on Thursday, March 10th, while Holika Dahan 2022 occurs on Thursday, March 17th.

The festival of Holi commemorates the end of the winter season. Holi is celebrated on the last full moon day, or Purnima, of the month of Falgun, according to the Hindu calendar. According to the English calendar, it occurs between the months of February and March.


Holi Puja Muhrat  

Festival Date and Muhurats
Holika Dahan 2022 Date & Muhurat 17th March 2022 - Thursday, 09:06 PM to 10:16 PM
Duration 1 Hour 10 Minutes
Bhadra Punchha 09:06 PM to 10:16 PM
Bhadra Mukha 10:16 PM to 12:13 AM, March 18
Dhuleti 2022 Date 18th March 2022 - Friday
Purnima Tithi Begins 1:29 PM on 17th March 2022
Purnima Tithi Ends 12:47 PM on 18th March 2022


Holi Puja Samagri

For Puja, the following Samagri or materials should be used: one bowl of water, cow dung beads, Roli, unbroken rice (also known as Akshat in Sanskrit), perfumes such as Agarbatti and Dhoop, flowers, raw cotton thread, turmeric bits, unbroken Moong lentil, Batasha, Gulal powder, and coconut. Puja items can also comprise fully grown grains of freshly farmed crops like wheat and gramme.


Importance of Holi Celebrations

Across the country and beyond, the festival of colours is celebrated with a lot of fun and frolic. There are numerous legends related with the celebration, which lasts two days. People visit their friends and relatives on this day, and it is said to be the finest time to resolve issues. People all across the world play with colours, provide cuisines, and hold music festivals.

The victory of Vishnu bhakta Prahlada over Hoolika, the sister of demon ruler Hiranyakashipu, is commemorated on the first day. On the fortnight, a big bonfire, also known as the Holika pyre, is burned. The following day is spent having a lot of fun with colours, water sprays, gulaal, and eating Holi specialties.


Holi Puja Vidhi

The puja rites are thought to ward off all evil and negativity from a person's life. It is stated that completing this puja allows one to overcome their anxieties and achieve money and success in order to live a happy and prosperous life. Take a look at this auspicious puja's vidhi:


·      To prepare for Holika Sthapana, clean the area with holy water and cow dung.

·      Place a wooden pole in the centre and encircle it with cow dung beads. Gulari is the name for this.

·      Make Holika and Prahalad idols out of cow dung and place them on a wood pile.

·      Make toys out of cow dung and place them on top of the pile.

·      Make four cow dung beads, one for each of your ancestors, Goddess Sheetala, God Hanumana, and your family, respectively. Set these aside at a later day.

·      Clean your puja thali with holy water and arrange all of the items on the dish while the fire is blazing. Bring a kettle of water and a plate with you.

·      Do a Sankalp with water, rice, flowers, and money in your right hand.

·      Invoke Lord Ganesha and make an offering of rice and flowers to him.

·      Invoke Lord Narsimha and Prahalad in the same way, and offer them rice and flowers.

·      Offer flowers, incense sticks, lentils, turmeric, coconut, and the Gulari made of cow dung in front of the Holika fire.

·      With a Kaleva yarn, walk three to five times around the burning pyre.

·      Pour the water into the pyre that is burning.

·      Put the auspicious Holi colours on your loved ones while also asking your elders for their blessings.

·      Offer freshly gathered crops to the newly formed campfire, and serve the roasted produce as prasad.


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