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Head line in Palmistry

The wisdom line is another name for the headline. It is one of the most significant lines in palmistry for predicting current life occurrences and analyzing future chances.

Our thought process' type and direction are described in the headline. It starts where our psyche's tale begins, between our thumb and forefinger, and is related to our childhood at the base of our life line. The length of the headline reflects the range of our interests rather than our intelligence. Its arc and depth depict the mind's power and attitude.

A deep, powerful, and clear head line denotes a strong-willed individual who can remain on course despite hurdles, focus for extended periods of time, and see a project through to completion. A head line frequently deepens and strengthens over time as the person develops her personality and discovers a sense of purpose.

A level-headed individual has a straight and level head line, and is more interested in common sense and logical facts than theorizing or investigating alternatives. Science, an organized and practical career, or one that follows a time-honored tradition will pique this person's attention.


Location and Meaning

The head line is second most important line in palm reading. It begins with the thumb and fingers on the palm edge and extends across the palm within center, with life line below and therefore line of heart above.You can figure out where it is by looking at the right photo. The person's wisdom, belief, attitude, ability to think, strain capacity, creative ability, memory, self-control, and other talents are all indicated by the head line. A person's head line should be deep and narrow in general. It implies you are intelligent if you have such a line. The length, bending degree, chains, donuts, branches, crossing, and stars of the head line all have different meanings.


Types of Headlines


People with lengthy headlines have a clean mind and can think quickly. They are respectful to other people. Those with a long headline are more inclined to overthink, which may not always work in their favor.


If the headline reaches from the ring finger to the middle finger, it is considered medium length. Such folks are thought to be intelligent and clever. They are capable of doing tasks.


People are sluggish to respond if the headline barely stretches to the middle finger. They are irresponsible and rash. To prevent difficulties on both a personal and professional level, one should be more responsible and engaged.




People with straight headline are more likely to be cognitively robust and have excellent analytical skills. They are realistic and committed in all they do. Math, science, and technology are examples of subjects that excel at it.


A person with curved headline is renowned for being tolerant, realistic in situations, and has strong interpersonal abilities.


If the line goes downwards

The individual is thought to be extremely creative and artistic. Emotions may affect such people, and they are frequently in problems as a result.


If the Headline Crosses the Heart Line

If the cross appears at end of the line, the person possesses sound judgement. He or she may, unfortunately, have a lot of ups and downs in life.


Close to heart line at the end

People with such line are regarded to have good personal relationship if the headline is close to the heart line at the conclusion. They are excellent assistants who also receive excellent assistance and support in dealing with difficulties that arise.


Headline joins lifeline

If the headline includes the word "lifeline," the person is likely to be introverted and contemplative. You'll be more concerned if the overlap is longer.


Away from lifeline

People are regarded brave, outgoing, and successful if the headline is distant from the lifeline. They are self-assured and very independent. Unfortunately, they like to manage their affection, which makes love life difficult.


Double headline

The individual with such a headline has a high level of mental capacity as well as a dual personality. Women are successful, but their marriages are likely to have ups and downs.




With a downward fork in the headline, the individual is likely to be a strong problem solver and smart thinker. A guy who understands how to keep his turmoil under control.


People that have a headline like this have a lot of ability and are endowed with a lot of talent. In certain areas of life, they are astute, but they are also unrealistic. Many of them have a reputation for dominating others.


If the headline has tassels (a cluster of lines), you are likely to feel dizzy most of the time. You may suffer from frequent headaches and have a weak heart.


If an island appears in the headline, the person is likely to experience memory issues and dissatisfaction. If the island is larger than the average, it is more likely to grow.


If the title has a star made up of many lines, it may raise the risks of being harmed and developing ailments such as a persistent headache. Fortunately, it also exhibits a significant amount of wisdom.


The individual is quiet, weak-willed, and frightened, according to the headline crossings. It also indicates a significant likelihood of a major accident. Some people may have heart disease or coronary artery disease.


The headline's chained pattern is quite frequent. It demonstrates a lack of focus, thought, and recall. It's possible that the individual lacks determination. If the chain occurs many times in the headline, you are most likely to get brain illness. If the headline and the lifeline are linked, the individual can be readily persuaded to do anything.


If the head line is split into two halves, the person may have unexpected sickness and career disruptions. If the line has regular intervals, the individual is strong-willed, yet they are unable to live in harmony with their spouse and may be on the verge of breaking up.


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