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Green Jade Benefits

Green Jade is a prominent ornamental gemstone that the Chinese utilise for ornamentation as well as carving statues. This gemstone's soothing Green colour spans from dark Green Jade/Emerald Green Jade to light Green Jade, pale Green Jade, and translucent jade. The mineral variants of Green Jade are Nephrite, which is a calcium and magnesium silicate, and Jadeite, which is a sodium and aluminium silicate.

Simply told, the Jadeite Green Jade stone kind is harder, rarer, and more expensive than the Nephrite Green Jade variation. Both kinds of Green Jade are robust, strong, and tough, with Nephrite measuring 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale and Jadeite measuring 6.5 to 7 on the scale and being denser. The average person, on the other hand, may be unable to distinguish between the two sorts. Jade comes in a variety of colours as a gemstone, including Pink, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Red, Brown, Black, and Orange. China, Burma, Australia, Russia, Brazil, Canada, Zimbabwe, the United States, and New Zealand are the main sources of Green Jade Nephrite. Green jadeite is primarily found in Burma, but it is also found in Canada, Japan, Russia, and the United States.

The Emerald Green Imperial Jade, a rare semi-transparent to translucent Jadeite that is regarded to be the most expensive of all Green gemstones, is the most gorgeous Green Jade stone. Emerald Green Imperial Jade comes from Burma and contains elements of chromium, which gives it its colour. One of the most prominent Green Jade meanings is its inherent healing capabilities, for which it is valued and worn all over the world.

Green Jade is also a gemstone that represents the 12th wedding anniversary and is the birthstone for persons born in March.


History of Green Jade

Green Jade is thought to be one of the oldest gemstones on the planet. Jade was first used to produce tools, such as axe heads and other implements. Because of its toughness and hardness, Jade was an ideal choice for making tools because it could be manufactured to have a sharp edge. This gemstone was utilised as an amulet by the ancient Egyptians and Chinese. The Chinese have been carving sculptures, decorations, beads, other decorating artefacts out of Green Jade for thousands of years, and legend has it that the wealthy were buried in Jade suits. The medals of the athletes in the 2008 Beijing Olympics included carved Jade embedded in them. Jade ceramics was once quite popular in Korea. The mysterious Green Jade has been used to inscribe ancient manuscripts and was also employed in the Buddhist rites. However, the most prevalent and widespread application was the creation of beautifully carved ornaments from Jade gemstones, which were something that had really high demand not only in the China but also in the New Zealand along with the Latin America.


Green Jade Healing Properties

Green Jade gemstone has been utilised for physical, mental, and spiritual healing since the ancient times. Emerald Jade Green is also a colour that can be used in colour therapy. Green Jade is good to the person when worn as rings, bracelets, pendants, or necklaces.

·  Green Jade is a stone of tranquillity, peace, and serenity. Internally, it harmonises and balances.

·  It is a protective gemstone that aids in the expulsion of negative energies and irritation.

·  The Emerald Green Jade gemstone emanates love and compassion energies and aids in their harnessing. This gemstone is well-known for its nurturing properties.

·  It's a great stone for making new friends and healing existing relations.

·  Green Jade is known as a 'Dream Stone,' as it is said to bring important dreams.

·  It is considered to bring good fortune and to be a stone that extends one's life.

·  Green Jade encourages the wearer to come up with new and creative ideas. A stone of wisdom obtained via mental peace.

·  It aids in self-realization and connection with the spiritual realm. Green Jade encourages self-sufficiency.

·  Holding the Jadeite Jade and meditating can aid in the healing of health issues caused by disease or an accident.



Green Jade Physical Healing

·  Green Jade has cleansing properties, removing pollutants and aiding the body's filtration and elimination processes.

·  Fertility and delivery are aided by green jade.

·  It is supposed to help with kidney, spleen, liver, and adrenal gland problems. It aids in the regulation of bodily fluids.


Green Jade Gemstone in Astrology

According to the Vedic astrology, the gemstone Green Jade is ruled by the planet Mercury (Budha). This planet embodies ingenuity, intellect, wit, and humour. Mercury influences the native, making him or her a quick thinker with a natural anxiousness and indecisiveness. Green Jade should be worn by those who lack rationality, rational thought, and an optimistic outlook in order to counteract Mercury's malefic effects.



Healing of the Anahata (Heart) Chakra by the Green Jade

It is a well-known belief that when the heart heals, everything else heals with it. The Green Jade gemstone makes a significant contribution to this element.

Green Jade is thought to unblock the Anahata (Heart) Chakra when encrusted in gold or silver rings or as jewellery and kept in contact with the skin. The zone of forgiveness, trust, compassion, and love is represented by this Chakra. Grief, melancholy, loneliness, and fear are all symptoms of this Chakra being blocked. A disturbed person is dissatisfied with his or her daily routine. Green Jade Gemstones assist its wearer in being more compassionate as well as emotional towards the nature and the world. It relieves the wearer from all sorts of heart and lung problems and brings enjoyment into their life as well.


Method / Procedure of Wearing

After properly energizing the Green Jade gemstone according to the Vedic rites, it can be worn by the person on the appropriate right/left hand finger. The Green Jade gemstone can be worn on any auspicious day or any day, after a bath, in the morning. If necessary, repeat the seed (Beej) mantra "YAM" hundred and eight times before putting the Green Jade gemstone on.


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