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grahan yoga in vedic astrology

Many times we have heard astrologers mentioning Graha Yoga in Kundli. This articles explains all about the Grahan yoga formed in birth chart

 What is Grahan Yoga as per Vedic astrology?

 1. if Rahu is present within 7.5 degrees of Sun.

2. If Ketu is present within 3.2 degree of moon.

3. If Ketu is present within 7.5 degrees of Sun, it’s called partial grahan dosa.

4. If Rahu is present within 3.2 degrees of the moon it’s called partial grahan dosa.

Case1 and case 2 are considered as complete grahan dosa.


Scientific Explanation of Grahan Yoga

If a native-born in Solar or lunar eclipse then native would have Grahan dosa in his or her chart. I am going to mention a few effects of Grahan dosa from my experience.

 Case1: Native may face up and down with respect of his fame, year loss in study or gap in study, depression, lack of guidance from father (it may be in the form of money or father might be less educated and could not guide properly), Big changes in life, trouble to get baby, ill health of father.

Case2: Forgetfulness, Sometimes intelligent but sometimes idiot, Lack of guidance from mother, depression, trouble in the marriage, ill health of the mother.

There are many effects can be found in books where they have mentioned even with respect of all the 12 houses. This information is handy but I am not going to bore you.


Impact of Grahan Yoga

  Grahan yoga creates a lot of problems in the life of the natives. They will be having problems in choosing their career paths. They may also have physical and mental health problems that are tough to cure. Everything starts giving them stress and they constantly live in frustration.

The impact and intensity of Grahan yoga on the life of the native may differ according to the house this yoga is forming.

* Grahan in the first house will make the native irritated and stressed. A lot of misfortune events will follow native, which will go on for a long time. There will also be financial troubles for them.

*Grahan in the second house will not be as bad as usual. There will be space for their personality development for them. They will also earn finances. However, it will not be stable during bad times.

*Grahan in the third house will be very auspicious for the native. There will be arriving for good news during this time. However, Chandra grahan is not very good for females. It will bring impact their lives negatively. Something very bad might happen which will be irreversible.

*Grahan in the fourth house will be drastic for the native. During the period of Chandra grahan, the native may lose their mother or their spouse. There will also be trust issues of the native with other people. Sun grahan too will cause loss of companionship.

*Grahan in the fifth house will cause stress and tension in the younger people. The natives will have a bad personality due to its effects. They will be considered as lazy, arrogant, and irritable. They will also involve themselves in gossips which is very harmful to their reputation.

*Grahan in the sixth house will harm the health of the native. They will also find it hard to get proper consultation. The following schedules will also be hard for them. Baseless rumors may also start spreading about them because of which people will start maintaining distance from them.

*Grahan in the seventh house will also harm health. There are also chances of more than one marriage due to several issues with the spouse. Work-life will also not go smoothly.

*Grahan in the eighth house indicates that then native will live a short life. They will face problems in the earlier years of their life. There will also be a lot of stress due to marriage, finances as well as health.

*Grahan in the ninth house will affect the personality of the native negatively. They will have an explicit personality with no morals. They will also not any specific method of living.

*Grahan in the tenth house will cause trouble for the native. They will live a consistent life where they will not feel any major improvements. They will also not get any ancestral property.

*Grahan in the eleventh house will have health issues especially related to those of eyes and ears. There are also chances that they will get frequent transfers in the workplace.

*Grahan in the twelfth house will lead the native into spending on unworthy things. They are also not very consistent in their work and wander in their job often. 

Is it possible to get rid of from ill effect of Grahan dosa?

 The answer is BIG No. No astrologer can eradicate this from your chart.

Then what to do?

The effect of grahan dosa can be minimized by different remedies. The remedies can be in the form of puja, stone or donation as per Lal Kitab.

I have seen a few of my clients came to me with grahan dose but in a confusing state because he went to multiple astrologers and got different stone selections. STONE selection is a very important thing.

For Case1 it's highly recommended to wear Gomed because, within 7.5 degrees of Sun, Rahu will be powerless I.e native will not get any benefits of Rahu if Sun is comparatively powerful say it's in mulatrikona or exalted or in own house.

For Case2  it's better to select moon if Ketu is comparatively powerful because it will boost native's mother's health and reduce the problems.

Astrological remedies for Grahan Yoga

1. Grahan Dosa is given by God and he will surely show the right path.

2. We all are here to do some tasks and it's better to accept the truth.

3. Money is required but peace is more required.

4.Last but not least Please don't waste your money by getting afraid of these terms. There might be some other good combination present in your chart that will boost your life.

Remain happy and believe in yourself and believe in god.

Thanks for your time and patience for reading this post. Hope it's helpful to you. All the best and God bless you.


Written By :Debanshu Nag

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