Bhakoot Dosha

Effect of Bhakoot Dosha

Bhakoot Dosha 

Bhakoot plays a very significant part while kundli matching during the time of marriage. Bhakoot is taken into consideration when the kundli of both bride and groom match with the help of ‘Ashtakoot Guna Milan’. It mainly has seven points and is positioned at 2nd place from the top and 7th place from the bottom. When the kundli is matched, gunas of both the parties are assigned and matched. That is why we must get rid of ‘Bhakoot Dosha’ if there is any in the kundli of any respective party. 

What is ‘Bhakoot’?

If we want to remove the ill-effects of the bhakoot dosha, we have to get into the root cause of the dosha. As the Vedic astrology says, Bhakoot Dosha is formed in the kundli of the marriageable couple when the moon signs form unfavourable combinations in the kundli like 6-8, 9-5, 12-2, etc. These negative positions will hinder the marriage and create problems for it. 

We can further break these unfavourable combinations as follows:

Let’s suppose the moon sign of the groom is Aries and of the bride is Virgo. Then the unfavourable combination of 6-8 is formed when the position of the moon of the boy is 8th from that of the girl and the position of the moon of the girl is 6th from the moon of the boy. This is how inauspicious combinations are formed.

  • The combination of 6-8: If this combination is formed in the kundli of the couple, then they will have to go through major health issues. In the worst case, scenario, they may have to undergo medical operations.

  • The combination of 9-5: When the Bhakoot 9-5 is formed with the kundli of the couple, then their marriage will bear problems related to childbearing. They will face problems in expanding their family. Moreover, their relationship with each other may not be as good as it should be.

  • The combination of 12-2: The Bhakoot combination of 12-2 will create problems related to finances and money for the couple. Not only that, but they will also have to face health-related issues.

  • Furthermore, if other malefic doshas are present in the kundlis of the couple along with Bhakoot, then it may cause the death of either of the partner. Moreover, their marriage will also not be very successful and they will conflict a lot. The situation may get very severe to even reach a divorcee. 

Ill-Effects Of Bhakoot Dosha

The presence of Bhakoot dosha will create a lot of problems in the life of the married couple. You may not be able to see them right away or it may not cause problems right away but gradually it will negatively impact the marriage. So, when the married life of a couple is under the influence of Bhakoot dosha, then they will go through the following effects:

Their financial status will never be healthy throughout their married life. The causes of this financial restrain may differ. It may be because the income is not enough for two people or a partner is not able to earn and has to depend on the other for their financial needs. There are also chances that investments made may incur losses or businesses go bankrupt.

The couple will find it extremely difficult to expand their family. Being unable to bear a child will create problems and dissatisfaction amongst the couple which will lead to an increase in fights between them.

Their sexual relationship will also not be good. It may lead to adultery which will become the crucial reason for their separation.

They get into conflicts and disagreements over petty things and issues and often avoid communicating with each other.

It will have a drastic negative influence with the presence of another malefic dosha. In this case, one of the partners may die. 

Remedies For Bhakoot Dosha

Everybody wants to have a loving and successful married life. But with the presence of Bhakoot dosha, it becomes really tough or nearly impossible to achieve that. Since the effects of this dosha are drastic and extreme, we have to eliminate its ill-effects. A peaceful married life can only be achieved only if bhakoot dosha is not present in the kundli of the married couple. If you or your children are going to get married, you should always check for the presence of this dosha in kundli since it affects slowly and may go unnoticeable at the starting of the married life. But problems will start creeping in as the time passes.

According to astrology, we cannot eliminate bhakoot dosha from our kundli. However, we can adopt several measures provided by expert astrologers to reduce its ill-effects on our lives. With the constant application of several remedies which are performed regularly, we can reduce its effects and make this dosha weak. After this, there won’t be any major drastic problem in the life of the couple and if any problem comes, it will only be minor and can easily be overcome. 

How To Reduce The Effects Of Bhakoot Dosha

According to Vedic Astrology, the malefic effects of bhakoot dosha can be reduced if the lord of the moon sign is similar in the kundli of both the partners.

For instance: If the bhakoot combination of 6-8 is present in the kundli, then its effects can be minimized with the pair of Aries-Scorpio. Similarly, the ill-effects of bhakoot combination of 12-2 can be reduced with the pair of Capricorn-Aries.

Therefore, a couple with this bhakoot dosha present in their kundli should not panic and adopt suitable measures that are suggested by expert astrologers. This way they can lead a happy married life. 


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