difference between lagna and rashi

Difference between Lagna and Rashi

Lagna and Rashi, both hold a great significance in astrology. Their importance especially increases when they are considered before auspicious occasions such as marriage or starting a new business. But most people do not take Lagna and Rashi as two different terms. They consider them as one and therefore, do not read both of them during horoscope reading. 

If we study thoroughly, there are 12 houses as suggested in Vedic astrology. The 1st house is considered as Lagna and the Rashi is the sign-in in which the moon is situated. Laga ad Rashi both are influential factors in a person's life. 

In a person’s life, Lagna is basically considered while making any major decision in life like choosing a life partner, starting a new business or job. Whereas, Rashi is the moon sign. This means that the moon sign will determine how a person behaves in his life and what his personality will be like. 

Let’s dig deep into the subject to get a better understanding of how exactly Lagna and Rashi are different from each other and how do they influence a person’s life: 

What is Lagna?

Lagna and nakshatra is the exact position of the sun and the formation of the stars in the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. That is why a person’s entire birth chart is based on the Lagna period. Lagna can be better described as the very first moment of contact between the soul and its new life on the earth. It is considered as one of the most important aspects in major events of a person’s life. 

The Lagna changes every two hours. This means the ascendant at the time of the birth of a person remains only for two hours. On the other hand, the Sun remains on the horoscope for the whole one month whereas the moon remains there for two and a half days. That is why many people have common sun signs and moon signs but it is very least likely for them to have the same lagna or ascendant. 

What is Rashi?

Rashi is determined by the position of the moon at the time of birth. In short, Rashi is also called the moon sign. The action and behavior of a person are determined by the position of the moon at the time of their birth. In short, the moon sign determines the overall personality traits of a person.

Rashi, which is also known as ‘moon sign’ is the position of the moon at the time of your birth. The Rashi or the moon sign signifies what will be the behavior of the person and how they will react to the actions in their life. We can say that the personality traits of a person is determined by the rashi. 

Example: If a person has Meena Rashi at the time of birth, then their moon sign is Pisces since it represents Fish or Meena.

The Rashi of a person could be either of the following:














Difference between Lagna and Rashi:

The major difference between lagna and rashi is that lagna signifies to a person’s entire body whereas Rashi is the depiction of their soul and mind. Lagna of a person is read before all the major events in life. They help to determine if the events are going to be successful or a failure. For example, lagna is read specifically before marriages. This is because lagna will help us determine the success chances of married life, the relationship with the partner etc. It is also considered to determine parenthood, success in business, before making investments and so on. Whereas, if we talk about rashi, it depicts the mind and soul. Rashi controls our reactions to situations and circumstances in life.

Can Lagna and Rasi really make a difference? 

Well, we definitely cannot challenge the ancient astrological literature. However, the question which needs to be answered is that do these aspects actually help in deciding the important prospects in a person’s life? There are many people who may not believe in these concepts. Like for example, some people may not believe in the tradition of matching horoscopes before getting married to each other. If you consider the actual facts, these practices are followed only in India. In western countries, most people may not even consider matching their horoscopes before getting married. They believe that fate has brought them together, and not the positions of the Sun or the Moon at their time of birth. So the aspect which I am trying to explain here is that, whatever may be your Lagna or Rasi, enjoy every moment of life without bothering what every action could bring on you. 

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