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Dattatreya mantra

Dattatreya is the combined form of Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma. 'Datta' means 'given,' and 'Atreya' means'son of sage Atri,' respectively. As a result, the name denotes "one who has revealed himself as the son of sage Atri." Anasuya and Atri's son was Lord Dattatreya. He has three heads, which represent the Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva trinity. Dattatreya is the personification of all gods, saints, prophets, and yogis in Hindu mythology. In addition, he is the Guru of all gurus. Dattatreya came to earth to liberate humanity from ignorance and to offer spiritual delight and wisdom. 

In life, people are frequently confronted with a variety of issues. Some of them are caused by Pitru dosha, or Pitru shaapam, the ancestor curse. Pitrus are the souls of our departed forefathers and mothers. Sometimes, like Martyaloka and Bhuvaloka, these souls become trapped in the intermediate world. This can happen if our sacrifices during Shraddha ceremonies, which are done to placate them, do not satisfy them. Failure to perform such ceremonies for them may also generate family troubles. Delays in marriage, a lack of progeny, a lack of marital peace, premature births, children with physical and mental illnesses, and so on are some of these issues. These issues can be resolved by properly chanting the Dattatreya Mantra with devotion and confidence.


Dattatreya worshiped

Lord Dattatreya is a highly potent form in blessing followers with riches, success, and happiness since he is the combined form of Lord Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva - the Hindu trinity.


How to chant his mantra properly

•   The number of people repeating the Dattatreya mantra is determined by the severity of the ancestral curse on their lives.

•   Begin chanting the mantra "Shri Gurudev Datta" for 30 minutes every day. Gradually increase the count to 2 hours every day as the days go by.

•   If you have severe issues, start chanting the mantra for 45 minutes and gradually build to roughly 4 hours every day.

•   If you're having trouble with Pitru dosh, repeat this mantra together with Narayana Nagbali, Nagbali, Kalsharp Shanti, and Tripindi Shradha. 


Dattatreya strotram lyrics

The most powerful Dattatreya mantra

“Shri Gurudev Datta”


Shri is the Hindu god of wealth and good fortune. The Lord, according to Gurudev, is the Master of the entire cosmos. Datta is Brahma's, Vishnu's, and Shiva's merged form.


Very popular Dattatreya mantra

‘Digambara Digambara ShrÄ«pad Vallabh Digambara’


The Lord wears the robes of the universe and has venerated feet. He roams the earth with supreme grace and splendour, bestowing happiness and wealth on everybody.


Guru Datta Mantra

“Hari Om Tat Sat Jai Guru Datta”


Lord Dattatreya, in my opinion, is the supreme reality and ruler of the entire universe.


Benefits of dattatreya strotram

Chanting the Mantra can provide you with a protective barrier at all times. It has numerous advantages.

·  The Dattatreya mantra acts as a protective shield surrounding the chanters, shielding us from the ancestors' concerns. When chanting this mantra, the effects of Pitrudosh and Pitru Shaap eventually fade.

·  The Dattatreya mantra can help ancestors whose souls have been struck in some heavenly planes and guide them on their way to the heavens. Because these souls are incapable of helping themselves, we can assist them by chanting the mantra on their behalf while remaining on Earth.

·  Lord Dattatreya is a highly potent form in blessing followers with riches, success, and happiness since he is the combined form of Lord Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva - the Hindu trinity. Chanting this mantra can assist a person in achieving all of his or her dreams.

·  In the family, there is harmony and contentment.

·  Mindfulness and affliction-free living

·  Children's well-being

·  Academic achievement of children has improved.

·  Confidence and a commanding voice

Another advantage of repeating the Dattatreya Mantra is that you don't have to stop worshipping your Ishta Devata (family deity). Chanting this Mantra can be used to start and end your regular Pooja, since it also benefits your Ishta Devta, bringing extra blessings.


Sri dattatreya strotram and kawach

Dattatreya Vajra Kavacham Dattatreya Vajra Kavacham Dattatreya Vaj (the diamond Armour of Dathathreya)

It is one of the most powerful prayers delivered to Lord Dathathreya, son of Sage Athri and Lady Anasooya.

The words "vajra" and "kavacha" denote "diamond" and "armour," respectively.

"He who reads this armour will have a body like diamond," Dattatreya Himself has declared.

It is not necessary to receive initiation from a Guru in order to learn this Kavacha.

Both men and women may learn it. This Kavacha covers every area of the body. The chanting of this Kavacha has aided millions of devotees.

It is a powerful strota with a lot of potential for good.

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