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Combust Planet in Astrology

What is combustion of the planet?

In Vedic astrology, when a planet gets too close to the Sun, it is known as combustion. Since, the sun is the most powerful planet of the solar system, any planet moving close to the sun will lose its energy and influence. 

Sun is very powerful and gives so much energy that anything which is closer to the sun does not seem to appear. For instance, the planet venus is a symbol of love and romance and if your venus is strong, you will very soon find your life partner and get married. However, if Venus moves too close to the sun, it will lose its strength. This movement will eventually affect your love life. 

Sun is also symbolic of ego. Therefore, if ego rises, the person will start to think too good of themselves. They will start thinking that they are good at everything and they are too intelligent and no one is at par with them. This thought will negatively affect their reputation at work as well as relationships. 


What happens when a planet gets combust?

In the horoscope, if a planet is close to a sun within 8 degrees, then that planet is said to be combust. Different planets have different degrees for combustion and each has its own type of effects:

  • Mercury: Mercury gets combusted within the 12 degrees. It signifies to intellect. Therefore, during the combustion of mercury, the person’s intelligence declines and their ego overtakes their mind. 
  • Venus: The combustion of venus takes place within 8 degrees. Venus signifies to love and romantic relationships. Therefore, During this period of combustion when ego takes over the place in mind, the person tends to spend a lot of money, energy and efforts into relationships and love interest unnecessarily. 
  • Saturn: The combustion of Saturn takes place within 15 degrees. When Saturn gets combusted, the person starts thinking that they can achieve anything and anytime. Due to this ego, they do not put a lot of effort or even time into their work. 
  • Mars: Mars gets combusted within 17 degrees. During this time, they physically and mentally feel very strong. Due to this, they start living in a bubble where they can defeat anyone in this world. 
  • Jupiter: The combustion of Jupiter takes place within 11 degrees. When Saturn gets combusted, their ego overpowers their sanity so much that they start feeling like they can conquer this world without anyone’s help or guidance. 

Effect of combustion

During the period of combustion on the horoscope, the native person becomes fearful of losing and their self-esteem gets lowered a lot. People like these will have difficulty focusing on their work. This will eventually lead to failures in their tasks and they could not achieve their goals. Their success will go beyond their reach. 

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