Benefits of Tiger Eye


Tiger Eye Stone Benefits

The best way to get the most out of Tiger Eye Stone is to wear a mix of Gemstone and Rudraksha. The Tiger's Eye Gemstone is known for being chatoyant gemstone. It has a unique optical feature that makes it glow in the dark like a cat's eye. It's a silica (silicon dioxide) crystal derivative that's frequently found in metamorphic rocks. Depending on the source and how it was cut, the stone might be red or dark yellow. The stone is polished as well, and when finished, it has a distinct sheen that can be seen and felt.


History of the Tigers Eye Gemstone

Tigers Eye gemstones have been utilised as a stone of prosperity and fortune in most parts of Africa throughout history. The stone, according to the natives, it shields one's resources from black energy and other jealous individuals. Tiger's Eye Gemstone is now employed in the creation of ornaments and jewellery. Bracelets, pendants, beads, and rings can all be made with the stone.


Powers, Healing Effects, Benefits and Properties of the Tigers Eye Gemstone

This magnificent stone is associated with knowledge and is said to protect the bearer from evil. The following is a list of the healing powers and advantages of Tiger's Eye:


  • Wearing the Tiger's Eye Gemstone is said to help with self-esteem and self-dignity.

  • It's also linked to traits like patience and tolerance, as well as other spiritual ideals.

  • When this stone comes into contact with the skin, it spreads joy and emphasises the value of inner serenity, as well as improving the wearer's health.

  • It encourages bravery and self-awareness.

  • It is a Manipur Chakra Gemstone that connects one to Mother Earth's rich vitality.


Tiger’s Eye Metaphysical Attributes

• It aids in the deepening of a person's meditative state. 

• It aids in the deepening of a person's meditative state. 

• It provides mental clarity and aids concentrate. 

• It provides insight into difficult situations. 

• It aids in the centering of personal energy and dispels fear.


Spiritual Meaning of Tiger Eye

Tiger's Eye Stone is associated with honesty and proper application of power. It is said to bring prosperity and protect the wearer from disaster. Its beneficial energies are supposed to improve willpower and alleviate anxiety. On a given day, the gemstone is energised with its precise seed mantra to empower it to eradicate all of the planet's malefic effects and reinforce its good effects.


What Does Tiger's Eye Do?

The lovely Tiger's Eye gemstone is said to protect those who wear it. It also aids in the balancing of the Manipura Chakra, which is linked to disorders such as indigestion, weight gain, arthritis, hypertension, and more.


Suggesting A Gemstone Based On RRST

The blocked Chakras that are causing the mental, emotional, and physical ailments are recognised during the consultation, and limiting beliefs are addressed. When confronted with difficult conditions in life, your chakras become unbalanced since your thoughts and attitude gravitate toward dread and pessimism. Chakra blockages can cause emotional and physical problems. You can only change your life of suffering, hurdles, and confusion into love, success, and happiness after your blocked Chakras are balanced and energised. A good combination of Gemstone and Rudraksha bead is recommended based on the client's Chakra condition and concerns. According to the cosmic colour they emit, the gemstones function on specific Chakras. So Tigers Eye acts on the Manipura Chakra, and the RRST Consultant determines the proper finger position to get the most energy out of the stone. Rudraksha and Gems are potent energy agents that operate to release negative energy trapped in the form of tension in blocked Chakras, activating and restoring them to their natural state.


Manipur Chakra

The name ‘Manipura' is derived from the Sanskrit roots ‘Mani', which means ‘jewel,' and ‘Pura,' which means ‘city.' It is the city of gem-like traits such as self-assurance, bliss, self-confidence, knowledge, wisdom, and the ability to make sound decisions. The Chakra is also where prana (life force) is stored before being distributed to other parts of the body. The native draws energy from the environment and the people they come into contact with through this Chakra. We attract positive or negative energy from others through this Chakra. This Chakra's dominant sense is Mind. As a result, it's critical to keep this Chakra in a state of balance and harmony. One can control and master their mind and sensory impressions with a balanced Manipura. All imaginations and illusions are examined and ruled out.

When this Chakra is blocked, however, you lose vigour and relinquish your power to others, believing that the relationship is more important. As a result, it's critical to keep this Chakra open, as it aids in the retention of your abilities and energies.


When or Which Day person should Wear?

It can be worn after a bath on Sunday morning. If necessary, 108 times the seed mantra "RAM" can be said before donning.


How to care for your Tigers Eye Gemstones?

Tigers Eye Gemstone can be cleaned with hot soapy water; however, detergents might cause irritation and allergic responses, so rinse carefully afterward. Enzyme cleansers should be avoided. To remove grime and grease, use an old toothbrush. Cleaning chemicals containing chlorine should be avoided because they can be harmful.


How to tell if the Tiger’s Eye stone is original?

The most essential evidence of the gemstone's authenticity is its hue, which should be golden or brown. Its chatoyancy is what distinguishes it, and you can see it by holding it up to a light. The sheen of the diamond will also reveal whether it is genuine, as a genuine Tiger's Eye stone has a glass-like lustre.


Who Can Wear the Tiger’s Eye?

  • Wear Tiger's Eye if you want courage, confidence, solidity, and grounding.


  • Best for individuals who want to master their mind and senses, as well as take command of their field.


Procedure/Method of Wearing

All the gemstones after energizing according to the Vedic rituals can be worn immediately, on the recommended specific right/left-hand finger.



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