Benefits of om chanting


Benefits of Om Chanting

It is believed that OM was emitted during the moment when the entire Universe was coming into being, due to a cosmic explosion. In other words, it is the universe's tremendous voice or the Supreme Lord himself. Om Sound is cosmic enough to vibrate and radiate on its own, unlike other sounds that require two objects to strike to generate them. When a person chants this mantra profoundly, the Om vibration from their body harmonises with their spirit, uniting them with the One who exists beyond this Universe.


OM –The Essence of ‘A’ ‘U’ ‘M’ Vibrations

The existence of this Vedic Mantra has been extensively documented in the ancient religious literature as well as modern sources. Om, they claim, is both a sound and a symbol "ॐ" both of which are deeply rooted and everlasting, and which lead to great understanding. When one correctly pronounces the Om Mantra, a hum spreads throughout their body and spirit as the vibration "AUM."

'A', 'U', and 'M' are three separate but united phonetic parts of "OM" that are linked to the Cosmic Energy created at the moment of Creation and symbolise the three essential principles of life: Creation, Preservation, and Destruction. When someone says the Om mantra, the AUM that comes out of their body correlates –

·      The letter 'A' represents the waking or conscious state of consciousness known as Jagrata.

·      The letter 'U' stands for Svapna, a dream or unconscious state of thought.

·      The letter 'M' stands for Sushupti, a type of deep or profound slumber.

·      After the Uchcharan of ‘A', ‘U', ‘M,' there is another element in the stillness, which is the Chaturth or pure consciousness, also known as Turiya. It is thought to be the state of freedom, or beyond profound slumber, as it surpasses the three stages of awareness.

Om chanting takes a person on a spiritual journey through the three levels of awareness to the ultimate realisation, which is Liberation.


OM - Astrological & Spiritual Significance

Om Mantra is said to have spiritual power, bringing a person a sense of enlightenment and consciousness, as well as being self-rejuvenating and reviving, according to Hindu holy literature. It is a medium for seeking one's soul as well as understanding the deeper meaning of life, and it may be recited by anybody. A person feels tranquil and peaceful when they are surrounded by its charm.


OM - Yoga and Chanting of Om Mantra

In Vedic scriptures and Upanishads, OM is referred to as Pranava or Omkara, where Pranava refers to the Sustainer of Life who breaths via one's Prana and Omkara refers to the beginning. It is a science in and of itself, recognised and approved by Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism. It's also used as a key component of meditation and yoga.

Om meditation, according to some astrologers and Yoga practitioners across the world, is a highly effective tool for improving focus, achieving mental quiet and serenity, reducing stress, and finding spiritual tranquillity. OM Mantra chanting is practised by millions of individuals across the world on a regular basis in order to benefit from its numerous advantages.

To benefit from the power of OM, chant the Om Mantra.

·      Close your eyes and sit straight with cross-legged.

·      Exhale after taking a long, deep breath.

·      Begin creating a "Ooo" sound with the following breath and lengthen it halfway.

·      Then, slowly press your lips together to produce the sound "Mmmmm," and hold it for as long as you can.

When you chant this mantra, it creates distinct vibrations in your body that extend from head to toe and resonate with different parts of your body.

·  The vibrations "AAA" generated by the pronunciation of "A" may be felt in the stomach and chest areas, as well as in the spinal region. The sound of this syllable also affects the lower half of the body.

·  The vibrations of "OOO" produced by chanting "U" reverberate throughout the chest, throat, and centre region of the body.

·  When chanting reaches the letter 'M,' a humming sound called "MMM" is produced in the nasal and brain regions, and it travels to the upper body.

Om Mantra's cosmic energy vibrates throughout a person's entire body, making them feel peaceful, invigorated, refreshed, and calmed, as well as bringing optimism into their lives.


OM - Benefits of OM Mantra

Because OM is linked to the Atman (Soul), Self-Knowledge, the Universe, the substance of life, and the ultimate truth of existence. As a result, many people have been inspired to recite this mantra in order to find solitude and achieve satisfaction, spirituality, and health. The following are some of the numerous Om meditation benefits:

·      It benefits the heart, mind, and body while also aiding focus.

·      When a person chants this mantra, they experience profound relaxation, which leads to lower blood pressure and a more regular pulse.

·      It aids in the regulation of one's emotions and sentiments, leading to more reasonable and logical thinking.

·      Om chanting produces vibrations that echo through the voice cords and sinuses, opening the sinuses and allowing you to breathe more clearly. Om Mantra also helps to strengthen your vocal chords and muscles.

·      Aside from the benefits listed above, reciting the Om Mantra takes a person on a spiritual journey to connect with the universal energy. It also makes people joyful and calm by instilling optimism in them and those around them.


OM - The Conclusion

"OM" is the foundation of all that exists and is a higher truth in and of itself. This mantra can be said by anybody, at any time and in any location, and according to their heart's desire. It's a way of purifying one's spirit and making one's conscience pure and healthy. Its pleasant vibes influence not just the one singing it, but also the people, the environment, and everything around him/her. So, just immerse yourself in this timeless phrase and discover what you havenot discovered yet!


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