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Astrological Remedies for malefic Sun

Astrological Remedies For Malefic Moon

Malefic Moon or ‘Chandra dosh’ refers to the wrong position of the moon in your horoscope. In Vedic astrology, moon signifies to mother, beauty, prosperity, charm, luxury and comfort. Therefore, the wrong position of the moon  on the horoscope will bring problems in these aspects of life. This will affect your physical and mental health and will give you headaches and anxiety. Hence, placement of the Moon in the birth chart is important. 

Significance of the moon in astrology is represented by the following points:

It is debilitated in Scorpio and exalted in Taurus . If the moon is in conjunction with Rahu, then the person takes a lot of stress over small matters and he/she has anxiety issues. Conjunction with Saturn or the Moon can give depression to native.

1. It represents the mother, home country, family life, and personal affairs.

2. Power of emotional activity and mental brilliance are governed by the moon.

3. In body parts, the moon represents the left eye, body fluid, lymph, and bladder. stomach, uterus, ovaries, 

 Signs for identifying the debilitated Moon in the birth chart:

1. Lack of concentration in studies.

2. Debilitated moons cause diseases related to cold and cough, chronicle diseases.

3. A weak moon in the horoscope represents a person feeling that he is trickled and betrayed by others.

4. Problems with mother, personal issue with mother. As the moon represents mother, you should care for your mother's wishes and never be rude to her.

5. The problem in the left eye, poor eyesight, headaches due to the eye-related issue.

6. A person who has a weak moon always feels stress in all the work they do.

7. Eccentric and criminal tendencies are also seen in the debilitated moon.

8. The person with the debilitated moon will also feel problems in traveling.In Travel, some unexpected difficulties occurring is also common for Weak moon natives.


Vedic remedies for Malefic moon in astrology:

  • Do fasting on Monday.

  • Do pooja of shiv linga made for panchdhatu

  • visit any shiva temple,Chant Shiv Chalisa and offer pure water or gangajal to shivling necessarily on Monday.

  • Bhagwati puja produces results for the malefic moon.

  • Offer water to the moon on Purina so that the moon energies become positive for natives. 

Lal Kitab remedies for the weak moon:

  • Switch off electronics and gadgets one hour before you sleep.

  • One should always drink water before starting any new job.

  • Offer green cloth to small girls continuously for 43 days.

  • Always keep silver thali in your room.

  • Avoid becoming greedy or selfish.

  • Serve milk to your father.

  • Never take milk during the night, take it in the day time.

  • Avoid marriage in the 24th year.

  • Respect to mother and keep her happy always.

  • Never sell milk and water for profit.

  • Worship of Lord Shiva helps in reducing the malefic impact of Moon.

Beej mantra for Moon:

Chanting of Beej mantra of Moon helps in giving a good result of moon “Om shram shreem shorm sahchanddraya Namah” 


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