Ashwini Nakshatra

 Ashwini Nakshatra



The first constellation of a zodiac belt, Ashwini Kumara is symbolic of golden Armored twins with horse heads. Just like a horse, the natives have power, strength, dignity, speed, courage and are also endowed with vitality and initiative. They are too quick and pioneers of ideas and activities. These untamed horses are the least likely to tell what needs to be done and always focus on self improvement.

 Very few of you would know that they are the doctors of God, the friends of the sick and unhappy. With Ketu, the South Node as the governor of Ashwini Nakshatra, this constellation reflects the dynamics of Ketu. It may not be wrong to call it spontaneous stars. No wonder Ashwini Kumaras are full of sincerity and active intelligence.


Ashwini Nakshatra Male Characteristics

Males born in Ashwini Nakshatra will almost always have a beautiful face and large, bright eyes. Their forehead will be wide and the nose tends to be large. However, he will be grateful to those who love him and will go to any lengths to do anything for them. Without a doubt, he is the best friend you can have when you desperately need him. Having patience even in times of great danger makes you special. But it will be a difficult task to control him when he leaves. Counting his strength, he can give you the best guide, but he fears criticism to the point of becoming paranoid; he feels that people may be up to dirty things against him.


 Ashwini Nakshatra Male: Occupation Related Field

Jack of all trades and master of none is the best choice for the natives of Ashwini Nakshatra. As natives they are good at almost all kinds of tasks, but they are not the master of any of them. He loves music and nurtures literary ambitions. However, you will have to fight until your 30s, but thereafter, you will experience continuous progress until 55. On the financial front, you are very tight-fisted, and yet somehow you are always running out of money.


Ashwini Nakshatra Male: Congeniality and Family Life

He loves his family with devotion, but may be subjected to humiliation from them because he is so inflexible. Furthermore, he fails to win the love and affection of his father. If he seeks help. It is likely that he comes from his maternal uncles. His friends will help you even more. He usually marries between the ages of 26 and 30 and will have more sons than daughters.


Ashwini Nakshatra Male: Wealth and Health

 Ashwini Nakshatra is generally in good health, except for normal ailments caused by seasonal changes, such as coughs, colds, or viral infections. In later years, he should watch out for bone pain, indigestion, or chest pain, as these can be symptoms of something. What does your zodiac sign say about you?


Ashwini Nakshatra Female Characteristics

Ashwini Nakshatra natives have the ability to attract anyone with their sweet words. Even though she may lead a modern life, she follows the traditional way of life and respects all elders by following things like touching her feet on all special occasions.


Ashwini Nakshatra Women : Occupation and Related Fields

She is likely to do a job where she can be given an administrative role. She will work hard until age 50, but she will quit her job after that. This is mainly because she will be comfortable financially and because she would like to do some social work. It will give your family more quality time.


Ashwini Nakshatra Women: Congeniality and Family Life

For Ashwini Nakshatra, native marriage is usually solemnized between the ages of 23 and 26. In case the marriage takes place outside of this time frame, troubles are seen to occur in abundance. In Ashwini nakshatra love life, either partner has to fight because such marriages end in divorce, separation or even the death of a Husband


Ashwini Nakshatra Women: Health and Wealth

 On the health front, no many problems are anticipated, but stay away from mental worry and anxiety. In case these things get out of control, it can have an adverse impact on the operation of the Also, you should be careful when cooking and not get too close to the fire. While driving, you also need to be careful and drive safely.


Dates of Ashwini Nakshatr


January 21, 2021.

February 17, 2021.

March 16, 2021.

April 17, 2021.

May 10, 2021.

June 6, 2021.


July 4 and 31, 2021.

August 27, 2021.

September 24, 2021.

October 21, 2021.

November 17, 2021.

December 14, 2021.


 Ashwini Nakshatra Padas


Ashwini Nakshatra 1st Pada

The first quarter of the Ashwini Nakshatra comes in Aries Navamsa, and is ruled by Mars. The pada is dominated by courage, vigorous activity, and an independent spirit. The quarter is blessed with energy, drive and initiative.


Ashwini Nakshatra 2nd Pada

 The second Pada of Ashwini Nakshatra falls in the bull Navamsa. It is ruled by Venus. It is resourceful and practical because it combines everything that is graceful and brilliant about the Ashvini Kumaras. All material ideas and thoughts become manifest in this Pada.


Ashwini Nakshatra 3rd Pada

The third Pada of Ashwini Nakshatra falls within the Gemini Navamsa. It is ruled by Mercury and is associated with the communicative and humorous aspect of Nakshatra. The pada gives the aspect of quick decision making and the native becomes an expert in various types of mental activities.


Ashwini Nakshatra 4th Pada

The fourth Pada of Ashwini Nakshatra comes in the Cancer Navamsa waterfalls. It is controlled by the moon. Mental and physical healing is the predominant factor here. The main aspect manifested in this pada is compassion.



The year 2021 is full of new hopes and perspectives for the natives of Ashwini Nakshatra. , Mars, the Moon and the Sun are transiting through Aries at a different time.Not only these transits but also Saturn in Capricorn, Rahu in Taurus, the ruling planet Ketu in Scorpio and the expanding planet Jupiter in Capricorn and Aquarius have Hay much reserved to serve the natives of Ashwini Nakshatra.

 According to your Nakshatra Predictions for 2021, the new year will bring new hope and a new beginning for you. The change of fortune in terms of career and work will be experienced by the native born Ashwini - Pada 2. The planetary events in these periods will bring you luck and will support you with their strong support. However, there are some challenges ahead in the months of January, March, July and October. You redesign your plans for time keeping in mind the effects of planetary transits on your nakshatra. Without further ado, let's dive into all of the upcoming events in career and business, love and relationship, finance and health.



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