Mars in houses

Aries ascendant and Mars in different houses

Mars in the 1st house:

Mars in the 1st house for Aries ascendant makes the person courageous, ambitious and short-tempered. The native will be action-oriented and will try to complete his work as soon as possible. They are strong-headed and have good willpower. They have an athletic body and strong physique. Mars in 1st house gives long life. Due to Mars aspect on the 7th house, the native will have a difference of opinion with his wife. As Mars in its own house, a person reaches the highest position in service or business. Mars in ascendant gives leadership qualities. These person does not like interference and can’t take an order. Due to Mars lordship of 1st house and 8th house and Mars is in the 1st house means the person have to undergo many transformative events which will change their life but will be ultimately for the benefit of the person.

Mars in 2nd house: 

Mars is in the 2nd house in the Taurus sign for Aries Ascendant. The native will use all means to achieve wealth. They will also be boastful about their wealth. They are protective towards their family lineage and all will try to protect their family assets. As Mars represents brothers and is a fiery planet, the person can have a dispute with them due to family wealth. They are also chances of inheritance for Aries native due to mars presence in the 1st house. Mars is the 2nd house in Taurus sign indicates the harsh language. These native are also full of life and can work tirelessly.

Mars in 3rd house:

Due to the presence of Mars in this house, the person will be courageous and strong will powered. They will be victorious and dominating over their opponents. Mars in 3rd house made the person a self-made man. There can be some dispute with brothers depending on the position of Mercury in Horoscope. The person will have good verbal and written communication skills. He will be writing blogs and will also have good marketing skills. The native will achieve everything in life through self-efforts. This combination also gives long life.

Mars in 4th house:

Mars is in the 4th house in Cancer sign which is a debilitation sign for Mars. As Mars is debilitated in 4th house, it shows disputes with mother and harshness towards mother. There can be property disputes also and aggressiveness in the family. As Mars directly aspects the 10th house, native can have a difference of opinion with the father. 4th aspect of 7th house indicates arguments and dominance struggle with the spouse. As Mars is a lord of 1st house and 8th house is debilitated it is showing struggle in the mother’s life and sudden events causing disruption in native’s family and mother’s life. As mars are debilitated, the person might get losses or dispute in inheritance.

Mars in 5th house :

Its shows a person who is intelligent and active-minded. The native will have aggressive and competitive in studies. They will have an interest in sports activities and will also pursue some sport as a hobby. Mars in the 5th house shows a dominance battle in a love relationship. Mars aspect on the 11th house will make a person wealthy. Mars position in the 5th house in Leo shows that the person will be full of vitality and life. In the female horoscope, Mars in the 5th house shows some surgical involvement in childbirth. Mars being an 8th house lord indicates some sudden event disrupting education.

Mars in 6th house :

Mars in 6th house is in the sign of Virgo. Virgo being a sign of dispute it shows that the person can belong to the law profession were resolving the disputes will be native’s daily activity. The native will be highly competitive and will have an edge in competition. As Mars is a fiery planet, this combination also shows someone related to sports activity. 

Mars in 7th house :

Mars in the 7th house in Venus sign indicates dominance and aggression in marriage. The native will be argumentative in marriage. Unnecessary issues will create problems in marriage. The person is Manglik. In marriage the horoscope matching is important. The native should control its temper for a better-married life.

Mars in 8th house:

As the ascendant lord is situated in the 8th house in its own sign, it indicates that the person has to go through a lot of transformative events in life. However, the sudden events and challenges will initially be unsettling but the native will come out as a winner. Mars in the 8th house shows a person in research or a surgeon. If other combinations are favorable, then the person can be in a medical field. 

Mars in 9th house:

Jupiter is a friendly sign for Mars so it shows good fortune for the native. The person will be headstrong and will have strong willpower. He/she will have his set of beliefs and the native will be rigid about them. The person will love traveling and will try adventurous sports etc.

Mars in 10th house

Mars is exalted in Capricorn and the ascendant lord in 10th house will give good career success. This show a person with great leadership qualities and strength. The native will be action-oriented and try to achieve status in society through their actions. They will be highly ambitious. They will be law-abiding and will be disciplined.

Mars in 11th house 

Now in Aquarius sign, Mars is an enemy house. Mars being an independent is not very comfortable working in large organizations. The native will try to take action but circumstances will ask him to slow down and have patience. Although ascendant lord in 11th house will push native for entrepreneurship and his entrepreneur activities will give him gains.

Mars in 12th house 

Here the Mars is in friendly sign of Jupiter. This person will live away from their home and will reside in foreign lands. They will pursue spiritual activities. They can be work associated with foreign companies and can also be police in some jail settings.

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