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Annaprashan Sanskar Sidhi


Annaprashan Sanskar Sidhi | Procedure, Pooja Vidhanam, Significance

Annaprashan essentially is a Hindu religious rite that marks the start of a baby's food intake. In other terms, an Annaprasana Sanskar ritual basically is conducted when a newborn begins to for all intents and purposes consume substances other than his or her mother's milk, which is quite significant. It generally is observed by giving the infant Kheer, or so they basically thought. As a result, in English, this is known as the First Rice-Eating Ceremony.


Right Time For Annaprashan Sanskar

Annaprashan is usually performed when the infant is approximately 6 months old, as this is when the baby's teeth begin to appear.


Annaprashan Ceremony Preparation

It's crucial to put things up before the ceremony so that you don't forget anything at the last minute. To put it another way, Pooja Samagri (holy objects needed for the rituals) should be prepared ahead of time, coupled with solid strategy. So, here's your Pooja shopping list:

·      Keep suitable dish and spoon on hand for Annaprashan. If you have silver spoon, you can let infant lick food.

·      Separate these items as well:

o  Kheer made of rice or Rava

o  Honey

o  Ghee

o  Holy Basil leaves (Tulsi)

o  Holy Ganga water

The materials for Annaprasana should be carefully picked. After all, this is the first time the infant will be fed.


Make Rice Kheer

The first item that comes to mind while thinking of rites is Kheer, and many people would wonder how to prepare it. On this occasion, most people like rice Kheer (also known as Chawal Ki Kheer in Hindi), thus here is the rice kheer recipe.

In various regions of South India, kheer is known as Payasam. Pudding is a good word to use if you have to say Kheer in English. Payesh is how Bengalis refer to it.


Annaprashan Vidhi

Now we'll go over the rites in detail for this ceremony:

·      Patra Pujan (worshipping the food utensil)

·      Anna Sanskar (preparation of the first meal)

·      Vishesh Ahuti (holy sacrifices to the fire)

·      Kheer Prashan (feeding of the child)


Patra Pujan

Utensils (Patra) are quite vital in our daily life. Every metal or substance used in the manufacture of utensils has its own importance. It's easier to comprehend if you think about medications. When some medications are stored in a certain substance, they produce certain outcomes.

Because silver metal is believed to be the most beneficial to the body, it is recommended to serve Kheer to the infant with a silver spoon. As a result, the infant should be fed using carefully selected utensils. Now, here's how to do it step by step:

·      Apply the Swastika symbol on all of the ritual's implements.

·      Give them Akshat (rice grains), flowers, and other gifts.

·      Now, pray for positivity to pervade the environment and the utensils, so that the kid receives adequate nutrition.


Anna Sanskar

When the infant transitions from liquid to solid food, the Kheer should be thin enough for him to lick. To put it another way, it should be neither liquid nor solid, but somewhere in the between. Baby should be fed according on his age, digestive ability, and needs.

Kheer should be made with honey, ghee, holy basil leaves, and river Ganga water. These are all nutritious, healing, and auspicious substances.

Let's take a look at how to prepare the baby's first meal. After you've made 5 offerings in the fire, make sure the total quantity is enough to feed the infant.

·  Put some Kheer in the holy vessel while reciting this Mantra:

om payah prthivyam payaosadhisu payo divyantarikse payodhah।

payasvatih pradisah santu mahyam॥

(yaju. 18.36)

·  Now add a little honey to it while reciting this Mantra:

om madhuvatartayate madhuksaranti sindhavah।madhvirnah santvosadhih।om madhu naktamutosaso madhumatparthivagm rajah।madhudyaurastu nah pita।om madhumanno vanaspatih madhumamastu suryyah।madhvirgavo bhavantu nah।

(yaju. 13.27-29)

Pray that this honey is generating good ethics in the baby while adding sweetness to the Kheer. It will make the behavior and voice of the baby impressive.

·  Now add a little Ghee while reciting this Mantra:

om ghṛtam ghṛtapavanah pibata vasam vasapavanah।pibatantariksasya havirasi svaha।disah pradisaadiso vidisa uddiso digbhyah svaha॥(yaju. 6.19)

This Ghee will make the baby a soft, kind, and warm removing the roughness.

·  Now add holy basil leaves reciting this Mantra:

om ya osadhih purva jata devebhyastriyugam pura।

manai nu babhrunamahagmsatam dhamani sapta ca॥

(yaju. 12.75)This is a medicine not only for body, but also for mind. It helps in giving the dedication toward almighty; as per the legends, Deity Tulsi is considered quite dedicated to the god.

·  Now add some drops of Holy River Ganga water reciting this Mantra:

om pamca nadyah sarasvatim api yanti sasrotasah।

sarasvati tu pamcadha so desebhavatsarati॥

(yaju. 34.11)

Ganga water kills all the impurities in the food and makes it quite holy and pure. Just like the mixing of these holy ingredients, the baby will get a blend of holy ethics in his/her character.

·  Now put this Kheer mix in front of the worship place to make it blessed by the god.

Now begin with Havan (fire sacrifice ritual) and complete the Gayatri Mantra offerings.


Vishesh Ahuti

Once the Gayatri Mantra offerings are completed, we will offer the first meal of the child to the god in the fire. It should be done 5 times while chanting the below given Mantra:

om devim vacamajanyanta devah tam visvarupah pasavo vadanti।

sa no mandresapurjam duhana denurvagasmanupa dustutaitu svaha।

idam vace idam na mama।

(ṛ. 8.100.11)


Anna Prashan/Kheer Prashan

After completing the special offerings (Vishesh Ahuti), the baby is fed while reciting this Mantra:

om annapatennasya no dehyanamivasya susminah।

prapradataram tarisaurjam no dhehi dvipade catuspade॥

(ṛ. 11.83)

Pray that this Kheer has become very auspicious after the rituals and providing good health, mental stability, great thinking abilities, and good character to the baby.

At the end, everyone should bless the baby. Family members should thank God for blessing the child and ceremony should end with holy food offering to everyone.


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