Analysis of Corona Pandemic

Analysis of Corona Pandemic

What is Corona?

As per WHO, it is an infectious disease. Most of the infected people are facing respiratory illness. Children, Older people, pregnant women and those with underlying medical problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, high blood pressure and cancer patients are more likely to develop serious illness.

What is the best way to prevent from medical perspective?

1. Protect yourself and others from infection by washing your hands or using an alcohol based liquid, rub hands frequently and not touching your face.

2. Maintain distance & always wear mask because its colloquial dieses. 

Reasons of Corona from astrological perspective :

1. Dragon Head or Rahu is responsible for poisoning & infection.

2.  For the impact of Dragon tail or Ketu, dieses can’t be identified or medicines can’t be found or medicine does not exist. 

3. Mercury indicates Mouth, Hand & Lung related dieses.

4. Jupiter is responsible for Diabetes & blood vessels related dieses.

Why Corona pandemic arose now?

1. Dragon Head & Dragon tail stay 1.5 years in one Rashi. From 6th November 2019 Dragon Head transit to Adra Nakshatra in Gemini which is rashi of Mercury & Dragon tail transit to Moola Nakshatra in Sagittarius which is rashi of Jupiter. Here Dragon Head & Dragon tail both is exhaled as per Vedic astrology. As there is impact of Dragon Tail so still our beautiful world don’t have any medicine against the virus. On the other hand, thank god as Dragon Head gives temporary things only, so there is hope that this virus will not be able to sustain for longer time.

2. As Gemini is airy sign so the dieses in spreading in huge speed. As Mercury is a child planet & lord of Gemini, so it’s affecting children.

3. From 10th January 2020 Jupiter & Dragon tail combusted & the good effect of Jupiter got reduced. As Jupiter has reduced its power so it’s affecting the people with Diabetes, high blood pressure etc dieses.

4. From 25th January 2020 Saturn moved to Capricorn which is 6th house from Gemini i.e. the house of dieses. As Saturn is senior most planets so it’s affecting senior most people. 

Who can be savoir?

1. Sun indicates immunity. From 13th April 2020 sun is going to become exhaled & will remain in exhaled state for around 23rd April 2020. In these time span there must be some turnaround.

2. From 30th March 2020 Jupiter is going to become debilitated, retrograde & will move to Capricorn. So Dragon tail will remain alone & from Gemini, Jupiter will be placed at 6th i.e. will create “Neech Vongo Raj Yoga”.

3. From 20th September 2020 Dragon tail is moving to Scorpio and Dragon Head is moving to Taurus i.e. Dragon Head is leaving Adra Nakshatra & Dragon Tail will leave Moola Nakshatra. 

So from above points we can expect better condition after 13th April 2020. Hope after 20th September 2020 the pandemic will slowly remove from world.

Astrological Remedies: 

1. Chant “Om Gan Ganpate Namo Namah” at least 7 times daily.

2. Pray to “Ma Kali & Lord Shiva”

Stay safe, Stay in home. Please follow all the instructions provided by Government. God bless you.

Astro Debangshu Nag

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