10th house career astrology

10th House Of Astrology

10th House Of Astrology

In Vedic astrology, the 10th house of the horoscope represents or controls the career aspect of a person. This house is also known as ‘Karma Bhava’ since it signifies the deeds of a person and the results associated with it. Apart from career and deeds, the 10th house also stands for many other things like wisdom, knowledge, sacrifice, ability, maturity, etc. This house also controls your reputation in society and amongst the people.

 Tenth House Of The Horoscope

Although the 10th house is the house of career and karma, it also signifies areas such as reputation, knowledge, livelihood, religious studies, etc. Expert astrologers say that the tenth house influences the life of individuals very strongly and their results depend on the actions taken by them. It also represents the ups and downs a person faces in their life. 10th house represents the risk you take with respect to your career and the obstacles which you overcome in your karma. Along with all this, your financial status also depends on the 10th house. 

Features Of 10th House

The 10th house is the house of karma. If the lord of the 10th house is strong by positioning in a friendly sign or is exalted then the native achieve huge professional success. If an auspicious planet is positioned then it increases the chances of good career growth. Their work as well as their business will run smoothly.

However, if any weak or inauspicious planet is sitting in the 10th house, then the native has to work hard on everything to achieve anything. When the 10th house is influenced by a strong planet, Native grow in business or achieve a high status in the job. They gain the appreciation and are respected individuals. 

These strong positions in the 10th house help in boosting the reputation of the native in their circle as well as in society. Their actions affect other people and therefore, they are known to bring changes in society. They are family-oriented people and have strong traits of being a responsible person.

However, all these characteristics will change according to the positions of different planets and the range of influence they are having on the tenth house.

The tenth house also signifies to academics as well as adopted children in astrology. And since it is associated with business and entrepreneurship, if you are facing problems and or hurdles in these fields, the remedies to make the 10th house strong are suggested. 

10Th House And The Body Parts Associated With It 

10th house represents thighs in body parts. If the 10th house is strong then the native will have heavy thighs. Along with thighs, the influence of the 10th house extends to knees, bones, and joints too.

Therefore, if there is an influence of a weak planetary position in the 10th house, then the native has to face a lot of bone and joint-related problems like joint pain, severe aches, weak knee caps, bone-cracks, etc. 

10th House And Career

Since the tenth house in the horoscope represents the career aspect of a person, it has the power to provide success as well as failure to them. Therefore, if a native has strong and auspicious planets positioned in their tenth house, then they will have a successful professional life. They will achieve all their dreams and fulfil all the plans they have made for their life. The profession or career path the native will take depends upon the planet positioned in 10th house or planets aspecting the 10th house. 

However, to make final decisions of what profession you want to finally go, you should read your horoscope and study which profession suits you the best and in which field you will get the most success. When a native has a strong 10th house with auspicious planets transiting in it, they are bound to receive success in whatever field they choose to work in. Moreover, if they choose to start their own business, they will be successful in it too. The auspicious planets which make a person successful are Sun, Mercury, etc. Rahu wherever it is positioned make the person focus on that area. Native with Rahu in 10th house excels in their field due to their focus and determination. 


When the 10th house has a strong influence of Mars, the native will succeed in the areas of sports and engineering as Mars specifies technology and energy. When Venus is strong in the 10th house, then they will perform well in the field of arts. And the auspicious position of the Sun will grant the native higher government positions. 


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