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Suman Sharma
4.9   ( 1817)

Expertise : Tarot Reading, Palm Reading, Angles Card Reading.

Experience : 5 years

Languages : English, Hindi



MON-SUN :: 10:00AM - 06:00PM

I am Suman sharma. I am a tarot reader. I have 5 years of experience in tarot reading. I did my tarot reading in 2015. I do palm reading and angles card reading also. I believe in simple and easy remedies to solve my client problems. I believe in karma what you give you get back the same. I also do counseling while reading.

Meditation has been part of my daily routine from last many years. I meditate every day for one hour.
I am always inquisitive about spirituality and universe which creates natural connections with my clients, by the end of session they feel content and helpful for their future.

I love to motivate people this help me to grow in my life as well. I love to tell mysterious of the future with the divine tarot card. 

I always feel connected with universe. 

Bharti Mishra Mishra


Prabhu Nagpal

everything is very accurate and the explanation was so good to understand


Nothing as per prediction

Vishal Kumar

I am in love with one girl but she is in love with other boy since 6 years or more. can she come back to me

ganesh asrith eluri

nice predictions waiting for those to come true

Prabhu Nagpal

Mam is very honest helpful and patient. she understands the matter and gives quick response

saddam khan


Sathish Kumar


Jagriti Singh

reading was good

Komal Singh

Excellent prediction.Thank you

Payal Rastogi

very good prediction.


I liked the way she started the conversation by giving few ideas about me.. Good luck and thanks


She's an expert. Explained the things very well. Satisfied with her predictions.

Kavita Jain

Excellent as always . Have been following Madam for quite some time now . Please consult her .

Satish Jha

Excellent as always

Santosh Kumar Santosh Kumar

Santosh Kumar

Suman Sharma


vikram singh


Anuj Banger

Great experience

rahul rana rahul rana


Lokesh Reddy


Lokesh Reddy


Jagriti Singh



Very humbly spoke about my queries and very nicely and truthfully gave the answers with remedy! Thank you so much


I really admire mam


Detailed analysis. guided wonderfully on all queries. thank you


Thank you for guidance.

Madhusudan Lakhara

Madhusudan lakhara

Reeshika A

Very good and helpful

Saurabh Periwal

Excellent ma’am. You made me happy. Hope your predictions also come true

Suman Sharma

Dear plz call to support team

Venkatesh Gowda M

Y u didn't chat with me then y the 18 rupees has cutting mam

Suman Sharma

Thanku everyone

Jagriti Singh



thank you for your predictions. it was so helpful.


nice experience, and consultant suman was very polite and kind..thank you




she is so warm and makes me feel so comfortable.. whenever I feel low I call you.. as I fall my problems are yours.. thanks for beings there like a guiding angel


feeling very positive ..will surely follow what u have suggested... Thank you very much.. I really hope results are as per ur predictions....

Jagriti Singh

explained everything in an easy manner

Priya KM

thank u very much ma'am for your help and guidance. u r very supportive n caring.

Pallavi Sen

gave me direct and solid answers to all my questions. Will definitely come back to her for more sessions.

Amisha Rao

Thanks alot for this positive session.....I always get clarity whenever I have consulted you.....

Anamika singh

great session as always most lovable tarot reader on this app, must recommend

Bishal Singh

Thank you

Anjali Mehra

how to contact you for Palm reading????

Jagriti Singh

Good session with clarity and accuracy

Prabhu Nagpal

As always very satisfied after talking to her..she is clear and doesn't sugar false hope!!!

Amrita Singh

Thank you, mam - your reading was fantastic, and spot-on. I appreciate your help very, very much! God Bless.

Sanchit Sharma

Thank you for your time ma'am

Rajendra Rane

Prabhu Nagpal

I got all my answers. mam is very good counsellor. I'm feeling motivated after consulting her. highly recommend. thanks alot mam!!

doll bhatti

very polite astrologer and gives right guidance.

Rajendra Rane

A very good Tarot reader,very accurate & precise predictions

Rajendra Rane

the best astrologer

Jagriti Singh

thank you Mam once again...u r source of positivity for me


always awesome....words are not enough to describe her divine grace n accuracy


Job related

Jyoti Kapoor

her predicitions r so true

Soma S

Nicely done. Thank you.

Jyoti Kapoor

She is awesome

Sanchit Sharma

Thank you ma'am for make me feel that I also deserve everything what I want.

Sanchit Sharma

I really appreciate her reading. I follow her advice. After talking with her I feel very blessed and calm. She is very best in her job. She is not fake. She knows how to heal people from their problems. If anyone don't like her advice don't follow this but don't use that kind of words for a person.

ankit kumar

guys belive me these astrologogers are not qualified and they are giving their advice or suggestions as per their wish that has nothing to do with their lives ,they are fake only want to sympathesise clients . wtf

Sri Rekha R

thank u very much .

Alisha Alisha

apse baat karke bahut acha laga.....balance khatm hone ke bajah se phon kat gaya

Sree Kanthi

Suman ji is amazing Tarot card reader.Her prediction was almost true.I highly recommend suman ji reading.Thank you.

Sanchit Sharma

Love your reading. Happy to connect with you

akshay p

Bharti Mishra Mishra

Radha Sharma


Ma’am is amazing. She gives straight and clear cut answers. She has a positive aura. If you are confused in your life or feeling lost, please connect to Ma’am. It was lovely interacting with you. One thing I know for sure, in future if I get doubts or if I am confused and want a REALISTIC answer, I am going to connect to you, Ma’am :)

Jagritti Singh

I am glad I chose suman madam. She was very straight and very comfortable. She really was so fast, so that our money is not wasted. That shows her character there. God bless her. I shall keep her in my prayers. Just the way I wanted. She gave many simple remedies I could do. She values time and money as well as people. Thanks so much. I shall get back to you. Highly recommended. you should surely choose her.

Dipanshu Sharma

Do consult her as she is the most honest and amazing astrologer She talks very nicely and humbly She is to the point and clear all your doubts through her tarrot reading I recommend her.

Sanjiv Tyagi

It was lovely speaking to you, i am feeling positive alot! Povide very easy remedies. Thank you Ma’am :)

Sri Rekha R

Juhi sharma

Thanks for the positivity and remedy

Sanchit Sharma

Highly recommend so polite and spreads lots of positivity

Srivani Raptadu

Thanks for the solutions and positivity she speaks very good and tells us things in a good way.

Kavita Ashok

she is good in asking and replying the answers. Very respected and talented.

Anju juneja

Good knowledge and very practical advice to solve the problems... Highly recommended Also will get back to you again soon..