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Manish D
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Expertise : Vedic astrology

Experience : 10 years

Languages : Hindi



MON-SUN :: 10:00AM - 10:00PM

I Manish have been working in the field of astrology and rituals for the last 10 years, the credit for teaching me astrology goes to my father, who himself is an astrologer. I was also an astrologer myself, I was taught by my father, and today I am working in the field of astrology.I also got the opportunity to learn astrology in my school, I was taught there also planets, constellations, zodiac etc. my grandfather was also an astrologer himself.

Apart from this, you can also contact me regarding Marriage Consultation, Career and Business, Love and Relationship, Wealth and Property, Career issues and much more. The remedies i provides are very easy and effective and are proven to be accurate most of the time. Moreover, my customers are always satisfied with my solutions and remedies. I treats all my customers on a personal level and tries to build a relationship with them.

Abhilipsa Behera

Actually my mother had a medicine reaction in the month of May 2023 and her condition was very serious and she recovered with great difficulty, now her treatment is still going on and due to that medicine she has developed TB in her spinal cord and there is also medicine for that It has just started yesterday. When will my mother's condition get better and will she get that skin condition again or will she get completely well?

pankaj lala

kuch samaj nahi arahaa background noise khub Jayda hain... time waste ho gaya...

Jagriti Singh

great reading


Very wonderful session with sir.. Sir is very fast and detailed... Hope his predictions will become true


very good advice from him.


He is the best person till now. He is very straight forward and to the point person. Highly recommended


thankyu apse bat karke ek ummid dikhi h mujhe


Very polite and knowledgeable.. always guide you on the right path.

Suman Bindu

Spoke to him twice. gave completely different predictions. 100% fake

Akash Soni

Extremely patient, helpful and answered all questions accurately and nicely. gave good guidance as well.

Deepak Kumar

Sir as always you are the best and besets astrologer. as you said, i got promotion. I always trust in your words. You are my best well wisher.

Anup Kumar

Had a great conversation with him. Felt positive after talking to him. Will definitely give him a call in future.

Shivansh Goyal

He is Frank, honest and not sugar coated which is a good thing. do try him once.

Jaya Bharti

Sir is very brilliant he have given solution of my problem and very accurate information.


So polite in nature and every prediction where true thank u for your guidance.

Khg Xxx

???? ?? ?????

Gyan Ranjan

not good experience

Malik Shahmeer

Extraordinary, fabulous person. he is soooo accurate when it comes to his reading. TQ for ur guidance.

Sonia Thakur

thank you so much you are very helpful and positive. whenever I need help I always come to you n you always support me and give me good advice


Excellent. Very quick and prompt. Super fast.

Navneet Tyagi

All predictions are so accurate & very satisfying section always he will give u clear image there is no fake in it thanks

Chaitanya Bharat

Thank you so much for guiding me. highly recommended. best on platform.

Sridhar Sree

Good prediction and one of the best astrologer in this platform. and very fast answering.

Bharath Kumar

Accurate predictions, the best one on this platform.

Lema Dantu

Highly recommended