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Kuldeep Kaushik
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Expertise : Taror Cards Reader & Motivational speaker

Experience : 5 years

Languages : English, Hindi



MON-SUN :: 10:00AM - 10:00PM

Hello!! Everyone, This is Tarot KK Astro I am a Tarot Card Reader, Angel Card reader, Currently I am learning Reiki healing and numerology, I have been in this profession of occult science from last many 5 years. I have given consultation to more than 500+ clients. I am a Tarot reader & a motivational coach.

I used to work as a stock trader and I have three years of experience in that and I took special training for stock trading from professionals and I also practice Martial arts and I have done theatre for 3 years with Asmita theatre Group, I assisted in some movies ,and I am also a yogi and a firm believer in spirituality and all these experiences made me realize that life may occur to us as a mystery but with the help of occult science this mystery can be solved.

I have strong psychic skills that make me a natural motivator to lead others into the spiritual journey. I have helped many people around the world to solve their problems by reading Tarot Cards and suggesting appropriate remedies that work. My  inquisitiveness made me pursue the subjects related to Spirituality, Tarot Card reading, Meditation, Healing people etc. I am very creative and passionate about life and have inner instincts and knowledge to help people manifest their true desires. 
Occult science has  transformed myself for improvement. I have seen magical changes in my day to day existence. That is the reason I became a Tarot reader. 

I am here to help you all by giving you the advantage of  occult science. I give extremely basic, powerful, and simple to-follow cures alongside the directions in the Tarot Reading Session. Before the completion of the meeting, my customers feel content and cheerful for what's to come.
If you feel that you are stuck in your love life, married life, perhaps your business isn't running well even after all the hard work, the results are not as per your expectations. I am here to help you and let the Cards show you the way. 


Nargish Nusrat

Can I chat with you online?

Rajendra Rane



Rajendra Rane

Abha Verma

Such a waste person he is. Never consult him. Very disappointing and very negative person. I m asking solution and he is advising me to do second marriage.

Manoj Sharma


Rajendra Rane

very precise & Accurate predictions

Rajendra Rane

Rajendra Rane

Aman k

Wonderful session, spot on precise prediction. Thoroughly answers all questions even those which are not directly asked.

Bishal Singh

Sir you're amazing! I just took your guidance and now I feel amazing everyday! That is the only change.