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Dr. Umesh Dwivedii
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Expertise : Vaastu, Vedic Astrology

Experience : 30 years

Languages : English, Hindi, Gujarati



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I am professionally practicing Astrology and Vastu from 1986 onward. I am qualified from 02 Universities, and having more than 30 years of experience.


My first Guru, my grandfather Shri Mukund Lal Dwivedi was the expert on Astrology, Palmistry, and Vastu. He has done many predictions. He was famous in all religions (in Dungarpur District in Rajasthan, India) and people use to take his advice for Health, Career, Marriage, Finance and Domestic related problems.


My Father Shri Purushottam Lal Dwivedi has also guided me in this direction. I got my interest in Astrology by seen all this. I have done the research in Mantra at Ladhak region from Feb 1998 to Sept 2000. I have done the research in Pyramid with Jain Muni Shri Kishan Ji Maharaj, in his Ashram in Delhi.


I have completed my Astrology from M. S. University in 2006 and attended classes for Astrology and Vastu from Shri Somnath Sanskrit University in 2010. I traveled many part in India like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharastra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Goa, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Utter Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, West Bangal, Jammu and Kashmir and so on. I also traveled out of India. China, Hong Kong, Shri Lanka, Nepal, Italy, Sudan and so on.

naveen khapra

highly appreciated

kelly duncanphillips


Sanket D

I must highlight his really good analytical ability to interpret by going through various planetory positions in the chart. I wish I could have continued discussion, unfortunately call got disconnected.

Gaurav Sharma

Very knowledgeable person. listens to your problems carefully and gives the solutions. thankyou sir for your time. warm regards

Nitin Firke

Good and straight forward - tells things which are facts - does not sigarcoat,

Ankur Nagpal

I will not recommend.

Supriya Singh

Listen your problems very carefully and reply very softly and push up your confidence. He will give his 100% effort to put positivity in your life.

Mayuri Nathan

Thank you

Muniba Younis

He was pretty accurate about my past and current life scenarios. However Future will be taken care of by the Divine Force.

Nishant Kumar

good I am stress free..thank you..nice counseling

Jagriti Singh

very straight forward and to the point person. helped understand my confusion and gave very good remedy


Very positive and knowledgeable


Thank you so much...Highly satisfied

Vikash Kumar

Very good analysis and very friendly approach. Gave me clear insights to my situation. Highly recommended!!!


I have facing many issues in life but cant able to do anything but guru umesh find a way to me how to deal with the time and problems.thank you so much .

Dasya mavi

Deep knowledge

Pramit Choudhary

I didn't find it effective and not that great predictions.

sunil pandey

Highly recommended joytishi. He has a lot of experience of the astrological world.


Jyotendra Patel

Sirji has a unique way of dealing with people. He never gives off, hat solutions. For every situation or question asked, he likes to take time and then give valuable inputs. Another good quality is that he gives satisfactory time each time I consult with him. Above everything, he has vivid knowledge across all fields. Whether it is business or disease related or it is matter of house hold or vaastu. Last but not the least, I would like to use this platform to say that he is not money minded at all.

ShaileshKumar Singh

My mother's health was not good since many years. We consulted him for my mother's heath issues and really got good and quick results. He will patiently ask your problems and give you suggestions based on that. We would suggest to consult him if anybody has any queries regarding your family and house issues, you will not be disappointed. We are very thankful for his help and support to make our life easy.

Jaydev Rathod

I consulted Sir for myself and later for my family members too. His predictions were on spot and helped us in gaining insight regarding the present and future. I would surely recommend his services to all. I often seek his help before doing any business or taking a new step.

Prahlad Patel

Excellent prediction. I like the way you analysis the horoscope and giving remedy. Sir, don't have word to describe your knowledge. Jai Shri Ganesh.


I have experienced very good prediction by guruji. Pranam.

Rajiv Pandya

Very accurate prediction and cost effective remedy. Sir, you are great!!!

namita Singh

Very accurate prediction..!!