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Dr Poonam Kamath
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Expertise : Tarot Card Reading

Experience : 12 years

Languages : English, Hindi, Konkani, Kannada


Order Report : Starting @ 250*


MON-SUN :: 06:00AM - 11:55PM

Tarot Poonam is a renowned Tarot Reader, Psychic & Energy Reader from having more than 8 years of experience in the same field. Moreover, she is a natural healer and emphatic. She is doctor by profession but whatever time she get from her job, she dedicates that to pursue her passion i.e Tarot card reading.


she utilizes her skills to enrich her Tarot card readings and to provide the best guidance possible to all her esteemed clients. Her Tarot card readings are experiences of discovery and growth for those seeking guidance in the same field. Over the years, she has studied and worked to enhance her divine knowledge about Tarot card reading and Occult Science.


She has been a professional Tarot Card Reader for years and potentially utilize her insights to guide others on their own life journeys. She aid people in dealing with their life issues including Love, Business, Job & Career, money matters, foreign settlement.

Moreover, she provides his clients with the most genuine Tarot card predictions and also personal future predictions in finding their love in life, the solution to marital issues, insight for business and career. Poonam Kamath loves when her clients put down the phone feeling uplifted, empowered and able to move forward no matter what is happening in their lives.



Got a good insite of myself.All question answered to the point.Conversation was full of positive energy.Thankyou so much

Tanya kumari


Vilas Koli

when good job of my son

Vilas Koli

Mere pas four-wheel kab hogi ( kauna sal me )

Vilas Koli

which is the education of My son

mahima naik

maam within 2 min phone is ended can you give me answer here

Reeshika A

Mam is excellent as always

Priyanka gautam

Thank you so much mam

Jagriti Singh



you are very helpful for people... the way u speak is just very humble and supporting..


thank you for being accurate for my situation.


very prompt and as per the query. satisfied


thank u mam its always wonderful talking to u. on point guidance always

Reeshika A

Mam is extremely good ! I recommend her highly

Jagriti Singh

great advisor


thanku so much ..feeling quite relieved after speaking to you..


She is truly amazing..such a caring and positive soul..thank you so much for your guidance and positivity :)


thanku soo much you are the bestest astrologer in this platform lot's of love


Very positive and encouraging! Thanks for your assistance

raju raju


Arun Sah



Thank you so much ma'am.

Jagriti Singh

good session


good experience


Good Knowledgeable Astrologer she is !!. Plz do connect her for any query.... she is best!! So all d best Mam


really intellectual , she knows her field very well


Thank you so much Mam

Jagriti Singh



She is an excellent tarot card reader . Highly recommended


I can't imagine what things would be like if I hadn't met you. Thanks for brightening my life.


very helpful very accurate and i. detail


You are my go to tarot card and psychic reader. Thank you so much. Your readings are always great!!!!!

Jagriti Singh

great session


Very accurate predictions, all her advice seems to be very motivating and helpful.


Ma'am is very helpful, very understanding and caring. She understands problems very easily and tries to give early solutions


Had a lovely talk balance got over, will surely consult you later


It is unbelievable, predictions made 2 months ago came out to be accurate, thanks a lot


Thanks a lot, very nice consultation, you have a very nice heart, thanks for guiding me.


Great lady, thank you so much for helping, I hope that everything will go on track one day


Very good, humble and accurate predictions


It was pleasure speaking to you, your advice means a lot to me

Jagriti Singh



Highly recommended, very honest and truthful.


Thanks for your suggestions, you are great motivation


Immensely knowledgeable and explained each and every thing in detail


She is so nice... highly recommended


excellent readings,...very polite ,great listener, n very knowledgeable, u r amazing .highly recommended


Best astrologer and a very empathetic counsellor. Highly recommended for perfect guidance. Thank you Mam

Jagriti Singh

too helpful


We had a long conversation, which was very fruitful, now I feel relaxed and relieved from stress


She was a great motivation for me for making proper decision


Had a great conversation, thanks a lot for your guidance


Had a great conversation, thanks a lot for your guidance.


I am very happy after speaking to her, her predictions have always helped me


She is very good listener and very helpful


Very friendly and humble person, was very confused earlier but after speaking to ma'am have gained confidence in making decision

Jagriti Singh



Thank you ma'am, have gained confidence after speaking to you.


Very good suggestion


Very positive and given hope for life


Had consulted ma'am previously her predictions came true, thanks a lot


Had a great experience, will surely follow your advice


Very good, no sugar coating, ma'am is honest and polite


Very polite and humble and down to earth, thank you ma'am


Beautiful reading. I am waiting for your prediction to come true




Truly an amazing astrologer whose every word is like said by God.Accurate,True,Worth full,Faithful and most important you are a humble person.


Highly recommended Talking to her almost felt like i was talking to an old friend. Very kind and prompt. Guided me very well

Jagriti Singh

super session


Kindness is so essential for humankind and I'm glad I connected with you. You have been so kind and patient. Thank you.




it was a lovely session with you ma'am ...u gave me a lot of positive vibes n hopes ......I was all depressed n feeling helpless but u changed my mind thankyou


as usual my best friend who guides me like a sister nd always thr to bring positivity nd love. Wondaful prediction as always


Thank you so much maam your prediction were accurate


Every word was true and relatable with my past. Waiting for future predictions.

Jagriti Singh



very accurate predictions.


she heals pain im feeling much better


Very happy with the response. Thank you so much for your time.


fast, accurate and talking to her gives positivity. Must consult her

Jagriti Singh

highly recommended


Thank you for guiding me and keeping me in right path. Her predictions are always true. i am consulting her from a year.My go to person


She is amazing at reading energies and a very positive person - No sugar coating, authentic reading


Good reading . Feels positive. please answer my last question here.


she is very sweet and good listener.. her predictions are very true and I always take advice from her for everything which has come to be true.


Thanks for all the positive vibes!!!!


very polite and friendly person who answers your queries well


wonderful, accurate prediction mam

Sanjay Nakhat

He'll My problem is my new home purchase but You can reply which time I am purchase new home...

Naresh B N

mam kelirodike answer helli medam


It was really a good experience..


Super honest and very intuitive. Thank you for your guidance


thank you mam.... alwys accurateeee.. last prediction came true. thank you mam


you are a charm that always works. I am going to sleep peacefully now.

Jagriti Singh


shweta singh

time limit was less

chandrakala v g

it was very nice talking to her

Jagriti Singh



you can't tell how someone feels without having felt what they feel and she is the person who understood me


What would I have done without you? Thank you for being with me always. love you too the moon and back


I am always astounded by her accurate readings .Her honest & straightforward approach is carefully balanced with her compassion for her client's emotional state.


she is genuine, no sugar coating. positive and friendly. thank you


Highly recommended...I toh always feel very positive after talking to mam


I have a great conversation with mam thanks for your guidance


Thank you so much for such an accurate prediction.


thanks mam for ur guidance I have recommended my brother for you. hope so soon i start earning well then I can talk to u more mam


She is the best in the platform

Ashmin S Kumar

i didnt chat with you... but took 40Rs

Sachin Choudhary

Good experience

Jagriti Singh



thank you ma'am.. I love to talk and share my feelings with.. will contact you soon till then take care.


Apart from her readings, she makes clear of what the universe trying to tell us.. Wonderful person.


thank you ma'am I will see now what will happen I will just go with the flow


I took mam's consultation earlier also her prediction made me little sad but that was bang on point . her predictions are accurate as per my personal experience


thanks madam for help and making me that much positive thankyou very much

chandrakala v g

very good predictions

Bloom Bella

Good reader.

Ritu Singh

Nice conversation. Highly accurate readings

rakhi bhati

time khatam ho gya or mera question kaa anw he nhi mela

Jagriti Singh

thank you so much for easing me.


Thank you for such beautiful predictions. I would work hard .


thanks mam


thank u mam for all your suggestions and predictions.i will do remedies u have suggested.thank u.

Shivangi Sahi

awsm, she always give positive ans, highly recommended

lakshmi yasho

she is very good , gives information both on past n future .....

Tannu Singh

she is a very nice person. thank you so much. thanks a lot. I felt happy after consulting with her.

Vaishnavi Singh

Mam is helping me reach my goal by not doing any mistakes. Excellent

Avinash Tyagi

explained everything in detail..and yes she is so humble and polite...thankyou mam

Sumit K

Good explanation by MA'AM

Himant Dubey

Excellent Astrologer I Only Consult Her She Is Very Accurate And Precise In Her Predictions Her Prediction Have Come True For Me Finally She Is THE BEST

Saumita Sinha

Very positive and brings in confidence

Arpit Mishra

She is a really knowledgeable astrologer. She was very precise as far as her readings are concerned.

Amrita Singh

Amrita Singh

excellent reading

Priya Singh

Beautiful Soul Highly Recommended The Best In this talktoastro , Always Accurate Prediction

Abhay Ranjan

thanks alot mam for ur beautiful reading as always

Heena Shukla

This was my second consultation with Ma'am. very precise and to the point as was my previous experience as well. Highly recommended.

Diana Cojocariu

Sorry, I clicked on something and closed it. Thank you, have a nice day :)

shweta bajpai

can u plz tell me wat are the cards now and what they mean

Reeshika A

Very good

Ritu Singh

You are source of all positive energies for me. Motherly nature, and highly knowledge in tarot reading.

Ritu Singh

I feel she is devine soul, highly accurat readings. She is doing her best to provide highly accurate information. Thanks a lot maam for all your efforts.

Jyoti Keswani

didn't got any answers.. not even for single question

rabia barnal

thankyou for your guidance.

Sonika Singhal

I was not able to connect and the amount has been deducted

Pritika Sharma

Thanks so much for the detailed analysis.. very helpful..

Vijay Arora

very good

Ritu Singh

Real healer...

Ritu Singh

As always highly accurate predictions. Maam your tarot reading are always highly accurate for me. Highly recommendated


Mam trying to connect on chat with u

Gurveen Kaur


Trying to connect with u mam on chat , it keeps refreshing

Gurveen Kaur

thank you maam.Will connect again

Snehal Kolte

Snehal Kolte

when will all my health problems go away and some tips for that

Nirmala Sen

Thank you for your support and guidance.... great experience talking to you Mam

Ritu Singh

Extremely helping, honest and real healer in this panel. Her tarot reading are highly accurate. Prediction failed only if you are not interested in answer and judging a card reader. All prediction was correct.

Atanu Roy

viivek Royy

It was lovely talking to you and it was genuine reading thank-you-ma'am

Rashi M

Very good, humble and accurate predictions...... Had a very nice session with you, thanks for the effort.

Rashi M

Very good, humble and accurate predictions...... Had a very nice session with you, thanks for the effort.

Rakesh Singh

Accurate as always.... Thank you Maam for your guidance, stay blessed always.


Her last reading failed completely

Bhavana Srivastava

Always accurate

Shalu Gupta

I want to know my problems by you through Tarot card reading

Sweta Singh

She is extremely dedicated and caring about her clients. I had a very great and pleasing experience with her. Hats off mam and best wishes

Jagriti Singh

wonderful human being! excellent astrologer! highly recommended!

Rashmi M

I have lost job exactly one year ago and now jobless.will I get job as software there any yoga of job in horoscope.what are the bad effects of debilitated Mercury in the chart

Bhavana Srivastava

Thanks a lot ma'am you are a healer.Accurate predictions.God bless you ma'am

Rohan vpd

she is much positive and predictions are really true ... wishing her good luck

Sadhana Sarkar

Glad to interact with u. u r such a mother figure. very positive nd humble. I just loved the way u guided me. plz bless me ma'am so dat all my dreams come true

srinivas sri

very good kind hearted person I felt very happy talking to u mam thank u mam for ur guidelines

Nikhita Patil

Nikhita Patil

Rishita Singh

You are very good at your job. Your prediction is also very good. Talking to you has created positive hope.

Ritu Singh

Expert in tarot reading. Her readings are highly accurate. Highly recommended

Bhavana Srivastava

Thanks mam, you are the best.You are a motivation for me.I trust you

Rashi M

Great Prediction....... Very good and humble person. Thank you mam for your kind words and meaningful insight.....Feeling uplifted. Will have one more session very soon.


Hmm I don't think she's accurate. sorry but I can't recommend her.



Anshu Vaardhaan

Thanks for readings and guidance

Dr Poonam Kamath

Dear Apurva thanks for your positive endorsement, but sorry can't answer your question in comment section as it is against the company's policy. Looking forward for more interaction with you.

Apu R

Thank you.. can you answer the second question..bal got over..

Sweta B

Had a nice session with her. She is very polite and answers all your queries. I am waiting for the predictions to come true for the 3rd card. Thank you...

Sitansu Mohanty

thank you madam. the call got disconnected due to less balance. have a nice hours

Kiran Kamath

Thank you so much ma'am. The call got cut. But it was a pleasure talking to you. Looking forward to another session.

Bhavana Srivastava

Thanks ma'am

ila p

Reeshika A

very good, humble and accurate predictions

sushmita choudhary

great lady thank u so much for helping me i hope that everything will go on a day

Bhavana Srivastava

Thanks so much mam, very nice consultation...balance got over hence was not able to talk much..You are very nice by heart mam.Thanks for guiding me

Rakesh Singh

Awesome predictions. It's amazing how you can be so accurate everytime. You have really converted a sceptic into w believer. Thank you mam for your guidance. Will keep seeking it in all important matters.

Ritu Singh

Simple, meaningful and very accurate reading. Your basic 3 card reading are awesome it has the answer of all questions. Thank you for your effort and time. May God Bless you.

Anuj Banger

Its just unbelievable. The prediction made 2 months ago turned out to be 100% accurate. I am following you from last 1 year and all predictions are always accurate. Thank you ma'am, God bless :)


Cards are unreliable.... Giving ambiguous answers of both yes and no

Bhavana Srivastava

Thanks ma'am..balance got over..thanks for was again nice talking to you.Bless us ma'am

Sumit Dalmia

Lovely speaking to you Poonam ji!!!Great Guidance.

Sujay Deshmukh

It's really good

Kanak Rastogi

Felt so good and motivated after talking to this astrologer

Bhavana Srivastava

Thanks a lot ma'am..I will keep patience...Please bless me and give me strength to face the problems.I will be in touch.Ma'am is perfect with readings.What she stated is true and she gives perfect predictions.God bless you

Ritu Singh

Highly recommended, nice person, real healer. Thank you maam for your help. May God always Bless you and your family.

Dr Poonam Kamath

Dear Rashmi, don't worry there is no harm to your husband and every thing will get settled down.


Can you please write me the last answer, I think my balance got deducted

Nishant Sharma

Perfect with her reading... not even for a single question i thought she gave a wrong reading.. doesnt sugarcoat the things.. and thats what we need

Divya S

very positive & given hope of life thank u mam

Divya S

Divya S

Divya S

very positive & given hope of life thank u mam

Divya S

very positive & given hope of life thank u mam

Divya S

very positive & given hope of life thank u mam

Sakshi Tomar

thanks for good Suggestion

Rakesh Singh

This is the second time I have consulted you and what an amazing experience, you have given me such insights on my problem, feeling so uplifted and positive after speaking to you.

Manu HR

Digisha Bhati

Mam plzz suggest some remedies jisse sab jaldi thik ho sake

Rutuja Pawar

maam my chat ended with you without any solution plz contact me my whole money got spent plz help

Rohith Kumar

samata h

Ritu Singh

Very polite, humble and down to earth person. She has replied all the queries with detailed analysis of past, present and future.

Mousumi Das

didn't reply to my queries ..

Khushi Srivastava

Very detailed explanation and good advice on remedies. Thanks a lot

Reeshika A

Very good

thank u very much mam

Roopa s

Aditya Negi

very quick response and great suggestions

Lakshmi Shrinivasan

Thank you Dr Poonam Kamath ji. Your kind suppot and advice helped me with more clarity. Godbless.

Ritu Singh

Highly recommended. She is humble, soft-spoken and pure soul.

Shruti Malani

She is humble and straight foward.

Debdutta Mitra

Parul Malhotra

Poor predictions

Jagriti Singh

Highly recommended.

Ritu Singh

Highly knowledgeable, pure by heart, very sweet voice and have great healing ability. Highly recommended. Thanks for all your effort ma'am

gaurav vashisht

very very very amazing experience,

Rakesh Singh

Thank you Mam for your accurate prediction. I called you 6 months back and at that time I thought that the prediction couldnt come true and that you are fake. God, I was so wrong about you. You prediction came so true for me though the timeline was a little off but i think that's acceptable in astrology and tarot reading. Thanks for your guidance mam, will continue seeking your help at crucial junctures in my life.

sachin kumar

Rashi M

Talking to you has been such a mood lifter and stress buster. You are of such good heart. All your predictions came very true for me. Thanks for your effort.

Ashok Sharma

Poor prediction

Reeshika A

Very good, detailed and nice sessions ! Highly recommend

Ritu Singh

She is divine soul, her predictions are highly accurate for me. Her last month prediction become true for me. May God bless you maam.

Rashi M

Very Nice talking to you Mam, Your predictions are so accurate, thank you so much.

Ritu Singh

She is an honest person. I am consulting with her for 1 year and found her predictions are highly accurate. Each and every event she has predicted has happened in my life. Highly recommended, God Bless you maam.

Arya Pillai

Prediction didn't came true as mentioned issue will be resolved in 6 month ,when I connected once again was informed to wait more 1 year .my real are comments are being deleted to make rating 5 ,not sure how many comments deleted earlier

Suyog Kumar

Thank you mam.. It was nice talking to u mam


Accurate. Highly Recommended

Ritu Singh

Nice person. Highly recomended

Anand Gaikwad


Keerthi L

Very accurate, explanation in detail. loads of positivity. Thank you so much for your time Mam

Radhika Rawal

Jagriti Singh


Jagriti Singh

Very accurate reading. Very good tips given

prema Joshi

She is the best in all terms.....

Anuj Banger

Anuj Banger

Amazing experience as always. I also talked a few months ago and all the predictions made at that time turned out to be True. Thanks

Shreedhar Ilapavuluri

Awesome. Simply superb. Thank you so much

Jagriti Singh

Nice Consultation & Guidence.

shruti Agarwal

very helpful and good consulatation. thanks ma''am

Jagriti Singh

nice talking with u mam.very positive and clear attitude. Thanks a lot.


Ritu Singh

The best thing I found in her is , she is very much pure by heart. I really surprised by the accuracy in her tarot readings. For my case her three card reading are awesome. Thanks for your true effort maam

Vikas M

akshatha shanbhag

akshatha shanbhag

very good response

Aarzoo Mirza

Dear mam,  Please consider my humble request. I want you to do my readings, i will be very greatful to you if you do this for me. I am suffering from anxiety, self doubts, i even do not have money to purchase your reading but i genuinely want you to give me  fovour. I know i am writing this to you but i am requesting you please do this for me i promise when i start doing good in my life i will pay each and every penny. Please mam please i request you please help me. I will never forget your favour, may god bless you..please mam do this for me.i have only 2 questions please help me.....i am not lying i am really stressed i want you to help me..please contact me mam..the person with whom i am in relationship , he is not giving me clear signs.....i want to ask when will he marry me and second about my career that will i become ias....please help me mam...please i beg you.


Thank u so much for your guidance

Katyayni Thaker

My ex will back in my life or not and when Please tell me in msg

Rajeev sharma

Good Listener

shruti Agarwal

THANK you so much

Gaurav Jain

Very relieved after taking to her! Very soft spoken and seem to be humble person! Fingers crossed for her prediction to come true!

Ritu Singh

She is nice, very soft spoken and huble person. Her simple readings are very much accurate. Highly recommended. Many thanks for your patience and hard work maam.


She is very polite and encouraging . Like a Affectionate life guide.regarding predictions will comment in future about the results. Thank you ma’am

Ritu Singh

Thank you so much for your efforts that you are doing for me.

Ritu Singh

Nice human being. Very spiritual soul,humble and soft spoken person. Highly recommended

Madhuri Kapoor

Thank you are really good..give detail explaination ..feeling positive after talking with you...Best astrologer...loads of love

Shirin Shirley

Hi Just wants to know about love marriage

Ritu Singh

Simple and highly accurate predictions maam. Thank you for giving me your valuable time.

Swa Joshi

Nice snd detailed reading.She even tell which card arises which most of the readers avoid to do so.

Dimple Gogoi

Best astrologer.... thank you so much mam.


Best astrologer and knowledgeable enough and he can guide and save life from distress with the help of her expertise knowledge ... We really need such a person who can guide you properly ... Thank you very much .

Ritu Singh

You have special healing power...your readings are simple and have deep meaningful.

ratan kashid

talks like a family member... good experience...

Ritu Singh

Highly recommended. Highly accurate predictions. She does her readings very calmly and patiently. There is no chance of failure of your readings.

Silpi Agarwal

Absolutely satisfied, Nice predictive ability. Nice person

Ritu Singh

She is extremely good tarot reader and very good person. Highly recommended. She does her very with calmly with full of determination.


I haven't come across many who would risk to mention existing characteristics and past occurrences and check with you. But she does it consistently with a fair level of accuracy. Very good suggestions and guidance

Ram Valmiki

This my first interaction and it was very positive. To the point and precise. Thank you very much for your insights on my situation.


I never seen such a knowledgeable astrologer like her ...all predictions come true ...highly recommended

Neeraj Sharma

she explains future positive events of life and gives suggestion and simple remedies if required. One good thing she never wastes a single moment.

Gagandeep kaur

uttama singh

uttama singh

jeya B

she is very friendly ..polite...very fast in her prediction....talks like a family member....was accurate in her predictions..happy to get connected with was good experience with you...she was awesome.

Vidushi mitra

Effective prediction and good astrology, thank you so much ma'am

Manoj Sharma

Very Positive feel through words itself, Nice experience

Vipul Gupta

Very politely handle....good experience

Priya singh


Overall experience was phenomenal.


It was wonderful experience.thank u so much

Anuj Banger

Again a great experience. Predictions are very accurate And fast

Anuj Banger

All predictions are very accurate. and very polite and good in nature. Thanks

Rakesh Kejriwal

correct prediction and very humble by nature.. thanks a lot

Neth S

Thank u mam.. I felt very releived after talking to u.. I have got confidence to look at d future.. U listened to my problem with patience and gave accurate past present predictions..

Rajendra Ranr

ok Predictions

Rajendra Ranr

ok Predictions


very good analysis, she was accurate

awanish mishra

Accurate prediction

Mallvika Sri

Feeling very calm after talking to her. She is a geninue person and good tarot card reader. Thank you Mam

Smiti K

Accurate prediction about my past. Soothing experience

saurav pal


Pratik Sankhe


uttama singh

Ritu Singh

I found your prediction about my career is correct, you told that there is no chance for going outside this year and I found it was correct. But things are better than previous. Thanks a wish for you. Hope your today prediction also come true.

Ritu Singh

The reading you made for my career found correct. Thanks for your effort.

Archana A

Thanks Mam for such clarity and accuracy in your answer

Archana A

Thanks Mam for such clarity and accuracy in your answer

Nilakshi Gohain

She is fantastic. Predictions I have to wait but she explained everything so nicely. Love her suggestions. Hope her predictions will come true

Partho Mukherjee

Sharad P

Excellent reading..truly impressed.. thanks

Abhinesh Samyal

Thanks Mam for you kind words and suggestions


nice to talk with...lets see if predictions come true.

vinaya prasad

vinaya prasad

Thank you Ma'am for ur kind was cut due to low balance.

Sneha Kumari

very much satisfied

kshitij bhalla

vinaya prasad

thank u

Bharti Mishra Mishra

She talks like a family member

Ritu Singh


Ritu Singh

Best in tarot reading

Ritu Singh


kiran hosur

Cheerful & an optimistic person to talk to.

Pratik Sankhe


vinaya prasad

Nice talk n great advice

vinaya prasad

vinaya prasad

I don't know about the predictions.Need to wait till they come true.But she is a sweet heart and tries to calm the people who talk to her. thanks for the support and the kind words. I really hope that your predictions will also come true soon,so that I can call and thank u

Gyan Ranjan

genuine reader. interprets the cards very well. best part is she shares the cards with us which is very rare.

Dipangkar Kalita


Antony Joseph

superb tarot reading. she is very experienced and she makes our confidence level high. i had a good experience. I recommend everyone to try.

Trishala Halder

she was so accurate with her reading ????


Will call her again

Suman R


Arya Pillai

Very nice .finger crossed.waiting for prediction to come true .thanks Mam

Yukta Sinha

Excellent.Hope her predictions come true.

Manju S

Have positive vides. Feeling good after talking to her.